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Ric Flair Feels His Daughter Charlotte Should Be A Heel

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Dec 19, 2017

Ric Flair Feels His Daughter Charlotte Should Be A Heel

Ric Flair was interviewed by the Daily Star in which he talked about his daughter Charlotte being the greatest but feels WWE need to use her as a heel.

"She (Charlotte) already is the greatest, by far. I don’t know who to compare her to. That’s just my opinion and I’m biased but I’m also a guy that’s qualified to make that remark so let’s say she’s not my daughter and I was the father of another girl I would say to the other girl you better push if you want to be like her. And I have tremendous respect. I think Sasha Banks is off the hook in terms of ability. What separates Ashley is her size and her athletic ability. Sasha Banks is every bit of a performer that Ashley is, make no mistake. As are a couple of the other girls – Natalya is fantastic. They’re all good. There’s a fine line between good and great and I just look at her and I’ve known them all."

On Charlotte Needing To Be a Heel:

"I wish they would use her on the other side. I like her when she’s bad. She’s really good at enhancing other people’s work. As a heel she’s really good at that, that’s art in itself."

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