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WWE 205 Live Results (11/5)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Dec 05, 2017

WWE 205 Live Results (11/5)

Welcome to 205 Live!

Replay of the Fatal 4-Way match from last night on Raw.

Noam Dar vs Cedric Alexander

Drew Gulak makes his way to the ring and now Alexander makes his way to the ring, Drew says the Alexander wont be facing him but Noam Dar who makes his way to the ring.

Dar with Alexander in the corner and a right hand and now Alexander with a drop kick and a 2 count. Dar kicks Alexander after propping him up with his feet on the ring apron and now a 2 count. Dar working on the arm of Alexander and he fights out but is met with a kick and now a uppercut. Alexander with a spinning back elbow to Dar and now a flying elbow off the top rope for a 2 count. Dar with a couple forearm shots and now a kick taking out the knee of Alexander. Alexander with the backslide cover for a 2 count and a neuralyzer into the Lumbar Check for the win.

Winner Cedric Alexander

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Brian Kendrick vs Gran Metalik 

Kendrick and Gallagher make their way to the ring and now Gran makes his way to the ring.

Kendrick off the bat with a kick and now Metalik with a deep arm drag off the top rope. Metalik off the top rope with a drop kick and now a suicide dive which misses Kendrick and hits Gallagher instead. Metalik with a drop kick off the top rope again and out on the floor with Metalik whipping Kendrick into the barrier. Metalik with a hurricanrana over the barricade. Kendrick smashes Metalik’s head into the electric boards on the side of the ring. Kendrick with chops in the corner. Metalik with different pinning combinations all for 2 counts. Kendrick with Captain’s Hook and the win.

Winner Brian Kendrick

Replay of Nia surprising Enzo from last night’s Raw.

Gulak backstage with the Zo Train with a hype speech.

Commercial break 

Vignette for the upcoming debut of Hideo Itami

Tony Nese vs Rich Swann

Nese with Gulak make their way to the ring and now Swann and Alexander make their way to the ring.

Nese with a kick and a forearm to Swann and now backing him into the corner with a couple chops. Nese with the double leg sweep to Swann on the apron. Swann with a massive kick and then a dive to Nese on the floor. Nese with the scissor lock on the midsection on Swann who tries a couple pin attempts. Nese hangs up Swann in the corner and hits repeated knees and now the bicycle kicks and a 2 count. Swann with clotheslines and then takes Nese off the top rope for a 2 count. Nese with a Pump Handle slam for a 2 count. Swann with a couple rights and now a boot, Swann with a couple kicks and now the Phoenix Splash for the win.

Winner Rich Swann 

After the match Drew calls for the rest of the Zo train and they surround the ring and get attacked by Ali, Tozawa, Alexander and Swann who take out the Zo Train.

-End of show- 

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