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WWE SmackDown Live Results (12/05): New Day vs. Rusev & Aiden English

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Dec 05, 2017

WWE SmackDown Live Results (12/05): New Day vs. Rusev & Aiden English


Engish with kicks and punches to Big E. Hammerlock on Big E and Big E reverses and throws Aiden to the mat. Kingston in and Aiden with an irish whip runs into a pair of boots. Crossbody by Kofi. Kingston off the ropes with a clothesline and Rusev pulls English out of the ring. Kingston feigns a dive through the ropes and New Day celebrates while an incensed Rusev and Aiden Englsih re-group on the outside.


We switch to split screen as they re-enter the ring. Rusev with a kick to Kingston and Rusev goes to work on Kofi's arm. Kingston with multiple kicks and it's Kingston now going to work on Rusev's arm. Kick and headbutt by Kingston. Rusev with a knee strike. Rusev runs into an elbow. Rusev with an irish whip and Aiden pulls the top rope down as Kingston is sent over the ropes to the floor. Kingston fighting his way out of the corner but English in control of the match. Rusev from the apron lands a kick to the head as Aiden stomps away. Chinlock by English as we switch back to full screen.

Jawbreaker by Kingston and Aiden prevents Kofi from making the tag as he drives Kingston into the corner. Rusev back in with a bear hug on Kingston. Kofi landing a series of headbutts trying to create separation but Rusev landa a spin kick and covers Kingston for a nearfall.

Irish whip into the corner and Rusev runs into a boot. Once again the team of English and Rusev prevent the tag. Kingston from the corner lands a double stomp and finally gets the tag to Big E who unloads with a series of belly to belly suplexes to Aiden English. Big splash onto English as the crowd starts a "New Day Rocks" chant. English rakes Big E's eyes and tags Rusev back in.

Again, English and Rusev slide out of the ring and Rusev pulls Big E out of the ring sending him into the ring steps. Kingston flies over the top rope taking out Rusev. Kingston with a kick to Aiden English but it's Rusev who lays Kingston out and covers him for the three count and the win

The winners of the match: Rusev and Aiden English

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