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WWE Raw Results (12/04): I.C. Title Match: Reigns vs. Jordan

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Dec 04, 2017

WWE Raw Results (12/04): I.C. Title Match: Reigns vs. Jordan

Roman Reigns vs Jason Jordan for the Intercontinental Title

Roman with Jordan in the corner with rights and lefts. Roman slings Jordan across the ring blasting into the corner and now out on the floor. Roman tosses Jordan into the barricade and now into the ring steps. Jordan with a couple rights and that backfires with Roman blasting him with a couple rights of his own and out onto the floor and then hits the Drive By and now a 2 count. Jordan with the shoulder into the corner repeatedly to Roman. Jordan sends Roman shoulder first into the ring post. 

Commercial break 

Roman with a couple clotheslines and now repeated clotheslines in the corner and a 2 count. Roman going for the Superman Punch gets hit with a drop kick and a 2 count. Reigns flies over the steps and is caught and is slammed into the steps and ring post and a 2 count. Jordan with a side slam and a 2 count. 

Commercial break 

Roman takes out the knee of Jordan and a 2 count. Reigns with the Half Crab to the injured knee after 2x dragging him away from the ropes going for a third Jordan reverses and gets a 2 count. Roman with the Superman Punch for a 2 count. Jordan with 2 Northern Lights Suplexes for a 2 count. Roman with a Superman Punch into a Spear for the win.

Winner Roman Reigns 

After the match Joe rushes the ring and both trade shots and Joe gets the upperhand with the Coquina Clutch until Jordan Side slams him and Joe rolls out of the ring and up the ramp. Roman Superman Punches Jordan. 

Please click here for more live coverage of tonight's WWE Raw.

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