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WWE Survivor Series Results (11/19): Men's Elimination Match

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Nov 19, 2017

WWE Survivor Series Results (11/19): Men's Elimination Match


Shane hits Braun from behind as the bell rings and Braun tosses Shane across the ring. Orton and Joe tag in after Hunter laughs at Shane. They lock up and Orton with a waist lock. Joe with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Orton with a side head lock and Joe with a shoulder tackle. Orton with a back elbow and European uppercuts in the corner. Joe with an Irish whp but Orton avoids a clothesline. Orton goes for an RKO and Joe escapes. Orton avoids the Kokina Clutch. Balor tags in.

Nakamura wants to tag in and Orton does it. Balor with a waist lock and Nakamura with a standing switch. Balor with a wrist lock. Nakamura with a reversal. Nakamura backs Balor into the ropes and Nakamura with the Nakamura break. Balor does a too sweet to the forehead. Balor lands on his feet on a snap mare. Nakamura misses a round kick and Balor misses a double stomp. They go to a standoff.

Hunter wants to tag in and Balor does it. Nakamura tells Hunter to bring it. They lock up and Hunter backs Nakamura into the corner. Hunter with a clean break but it is a ruse and he punches Nakamura. Nakamura sends Hunter into the corner and Nakamura with knees. Hunter pushes Nakamura away and Nakamura with a kick to the midsection. Hunter wtih a knee and Hunter with a facebuster.

Roode tags in and Hunter pushes him and Roode pushes back. Roode winds up for a GLORIOUS but Hunter with a punch. Roode with punches and chops. Hunter with an Irish whip and Roode with a clothesline out of the corner. Roode with punches but Hunter with a spinebuster. Hunter mocks Roode's wind up and he tells Roode to Suck It. Hunter tries for a Pedigree but Roode escapes and he hits a spinebuster. Roode connects with a GLORIOUS. Hunter and Roode go back and forth but Hunter backs Rood into the turnbuckles and Angle tags in.

Roode with punches but Angle with three rolling German suplexes. Roode avoids an Olympic Slam and hits an arm drag. Both men with clotheslines and both men are down. Nakamura and Hunter tag in and Nakamura with strikes. Nakamura with a kick to Angle and then he knocks Strowman off the apron. Nakamura with kicks to Angle. Nakamura with a kick to the head. Nakamura with an Irish whip and a running knee into the corner. Nakamura puts Angle on the top rope and Nakamura with a running knee. Joe avoids Nakamura and Nakamura with knees to Joe and Balor. Nakamura avoids a Pedigree and Nakamura with a kick. Nakamura with a running knee to Hunter.

Strowman tags in and Nakamura with a punch and kick. Nakamura with a knee off the turnbuckles but Strowman stays on his feet. Strowman with a power slam to pin Nakamura.

First Elimination: Shinsuke Nakamura

Strowman misses a splash into the corner and Roode with a blockbuster but Strowman kicks out. Strowman gets Roode up but Roode gets to his feet. Roode gets his feet up and Strowman swats away a blockbuster and Roode is given a power slam and he is pinned.

Second Elimination: Bobby Roode

Joe and Strowman push each other. Angle tries to play peacekeeper. Hunter calms them down as well. Hunter pushes Angle. Orton pushes Angle into Hunter. Orton hits an elevated DDT on Hunter and then he gives Joe a power slam. Cena and Orton double team Strowman and Strowman pushes them away. Strowman with a double sledge to Cena and Orton cannot hit an RKO. Strrowman is sent to the floor and Strowman punches Cena. Strowman adjusts the announce tables.

Cena and Orton go for a double suplex on Strowman but they cannot get him up so Nakamura, Roode, and Shane help send Strowman through the table. Shane goes into the ring and he goes up top but Joe stops Shane and he hits an overhead belly-to-belly superplex. Joe goes for the Kokina Clutch but Shane escapes and Cena tags in. Cena with splashes into the corner but Joe with a reverse atomic drop and running boot followed by a back senton. Joe gets a near fall. Joe punches Cena and then hits a running elbow into the corner. Joe misses an elbow but Joe with the STJoe and Balor tags in and then Joe tags back in. Joe yells at Finn and Finn yells back. Cena with an Attitude Adjustment to Joe and then Balor and Joe again to pin Joe.

Third Elimination: Samoa Joe

Cena waits for Hunter or Angle to enter the ring and Kurt does it. They lock up and Angle with a waist lock and take down. Angle holds on to the waist lock but Cena with a wrist lock. Angle with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. They lock up again and Cena with a side head lock. Cena with a shoulder tackle. Cena with a kick and punch but Angle punches back. They go back and forth with punches. Cena with a flying shoulder tackle and he hits a second one. Cena with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Cena looks around and sets for the five knuckle shuffle but Angle with a single leg take down into an ankle lock. Cena kicks Angle away.

Cena tries to get Angle up for an Attitude Adjustment but Cena cannot get Angle up. Angle with an Olympic Slam and Shane breaks up the cover. Balor with a Coup De Grace and Angle with an Olympic Slam to pin John Cena.

Fourth Elimination: John Cena

Orton kicks Angle and does the Garvin Stomp but he misses the knee drop. Balor makes the tag and he hits an enzuigiri and knocks Shane off the apron. Balor with kicks to Orton and then he hits a running drop kick that sends Shane into the ringside barrier. Balor with a rollup on Orton and follows with a running drop kick. Orton avoids the Coup de Grace and Orton hits an RKO to pin Balor.

Fifth Elimination: Finn Balor

Hunter attacks Orton from behind and kicks him. Angle goes up top and Orton pushes Hunter into the ropes and Angle is crotched. Orton with a back breaker to Hunter. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn pull Shane off the apron and attack him. They send Shane over the announce table. Shane hits Owens with a steel chair and then he hits Zayn. Orton with an RKO to Owens as Shane continues to hit Zayn with the steel chair.

Strowman tags in and Braun with a clothesline and the running power slam to pin Orton.

Sixth Elimination: Randy Orton

The referee tells Shane to put down the chair and Strowman waits to pounce. Hunter tags in when Shane gets back into the ring. Strowman gives Hunter a nasty look for making the tag but he goes to the apron. Angle tags himself in before Hunter and Shane lock up. Hunter and Angle argue and Shane with a rollup for a near fall. Shane with a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Shane with punches to Angle and then he hits a leaping back elbow for a near fall. Shane with a rollup for a near fall. Shane with a DDT for a near fall. Shane with a boot and Angle goes into the corner.

Angle with the Angle slam and then he applies the ankle lock. Shane fights through the pain and he rolls through but Angle turns it over and maintains the hold. Shane is close to the ropes but he turns away from the ropes. Shane thinks about tapping out and Angle pulls Shane into the center of the ring. Hunter pulls Angle off and hits a Pedigree. Hunter looks at Strowman and then Hunter puts Shane on top of Angle to pin him.

Seventh Elimination: Kurt Angle

Hunter stands next to Shane and Braun stands on the apron. Hunter picks up Shane and then kicks Shane and hits the Pedigree and pins Shane.

The winners of the match: Team Raw (Survivors Triple H and Braun Strowman)

Post Match: Hunter celebrates in the ring with Braun Strowman but Strowman is not too happy about what happened. Strowman listens to Hunter's comments after the match as he raises Strowman's hand.
Strowman grabs Hunter by the throat and he tells him if he ever does that again, he will never play this game again. Hunter gets up and he kicks Strowman but Strowman blocsk teh Pedigree and Strowman with a running power slam.

Hunter gets up and Strowman with a second running power slam. Strowman takes off his Raw red shirt and throws it on Hunter before leaving the ring.


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