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WWE Survivor Series Results (11/19): The Miz vs. Baron Corbin

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Nov 19, 2017

WWE Survivor Series Results (11/19): The Miz vs. Baron Corbin


Right hand blocked by Miz and Miz unloads with punches. Running clothesline by Corbin in the corner and a kick to the Miz. Miz with a dropkick as Corbin has words with the Miztourage. Corbin launches Miz into the barricade as Maryse looks on. Corbin taunting Maryse and Miz goes after Corbin connecting with a clothesline sending Corbin over the ropes. Miz drives Corbin spine first into the barricade. Corbin back in connects with a boot

Corbin drives Miz into the barricade once more. Miz gets thrown back into the ring and he pulls himself up to his feet. Corbin with right hands to Miz. Irish whip across the ring. We get a "Let's Go Corbin/Let's Go Miz" chant from the crowd and Corbin takes out the knee. Miz pulls the top rope down sending Corbin over the top rope to the outside. Right hand floors Miz as he keeps Curtis Axel at bay. Corbin climbing back into the ring but Bo Dallas takes out the knee and it's advantage Raw as Miz takes over.

Miz stomps away at Corbin. Miz continues to work on Corbin's knee looking for the Figure Four but Corbin counters and Miz takes the knee out again as he locks in the figure four. Corbin reaches the ropes forcing the break. Deep Six by Corbin and a nearfall on Miz. Miz off the second rope is caught by Corbin. Corbin takes out the Miztourage and levels Miz. End Of Days by Corbin and Miz sneaks in for a nearfall. Miz goes for the bad knee and hits a DDT

Miz with the Yes Kicks. Miz misses with the roundhouse. Dropkicks in the corner by Miz. Miz one too many times gets caught by Corbin who hits the End Of Days for the three countt

The winner of the match: Baron Corbin

Please click here for more live coverage of tonight's Survivor Series pay-per-view.

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