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WWE SmackdDown Live Results and Coverage (11/14)

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Nov 14, 2017

WWE SmackdDown Live Results and Coverage (11/14)

Welcome to Smackdown Live. We kick things off with Daniel Bryan in the ring and Bryan says SmackDown ransacking Raw is something he did not agree with because he knows how vindictive Stephanie McMahon can be. But if Raw shows up they are ready and he is proud of Smackdown and proud to lead Team Blue into Survivor Series to prove that Smackdown has the better performers than Raw. Bryan then introduces the new WWE Champion AJ Styles

Before Styles can say anything Bryan says on Raw their champion has his own personal advocate and volunteers to be the advocate for AJ Styles for tonight. Bryan reminds everyone of Paul Heyman's five reasons for ordering Survivor Series on the WWE Network this Sunday

He agrees with everything Heyman said except for point F5 where Styles would be brutalized, victimized and conquered. Bryan says the one thing about Lesnar is anytime he's in trouble or gets uncomfortable or is pushed into deep water, he quits. AJ Styles will push Brock Lesnar into deep water.

Heyman brags about Lesnar's size and weight but Bryan says when you're that big and pushed into deep water you last all but 10 minutes then you begin to drain. Lesnar is big and strong but can't keep up with the Phenomenal One

Heyman gave everyone five reasons to watch. Bryan is going to give only one. To see a beast be mentally defeated and mentally conquered. Styles says he agrees with Heyman he is the underdog but this isn't a Rocky movie this is an AJ Styles Production and at Survivor Series he will find a way to beat Brock Lesnar and prove that Smackdown is the A show and Smackdown is the house that AJ Styles built

Tonight: New Day vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Tonight: Smackdown Women's Championship: Charlotte vs Natalya

Up Next: US Championship: Baron Corbin vs Sin Cara


Backstage: AJ Styles is walking and runs into Jinder Mahal who tells Styles after Lesnar rips Styles apart the Modern Day Maharajah is coming for his WWE Championship


Sin Cara on the offense with kicks to Corbin and a springboard crossbody sends Corbin over the ropes to the outside as we switch to split screen


Sin Cara brings Corbin back into the ring but Corbin puts a stop to Sin Cara's offense sending him crashing off the apron to the floor. Corbin takes Sin Cara and launches him into the barricade. Corbin looking to bounce Sin Cara's head off the barricade, Sin Cara blocks it and it's Corbin's head that hits the barricade. Corrbin not fazed but back in the ring runs into a boot.

Clothesline by Corbin and a nearfall. Irish whip across the ring and Corbin connects with a clothesline. Elbows to the side of the head and Corbin has Sin Cara's arm locked up as we return to full screen

Corbin sends Sin Cara face first to the mat. Sin Cara fighting back with kicks and punches. Springboard elbow. Suicide dive to the outside by Sin Cara. Chokeslam-backbreaker countered by Sin Cara. Crossbody onto Corbin. Sin Cara ducks a clothesline but Corbin hits the Deep Six for a nearfall. Sin Cara using the top rope sending Corbin to the outside. Moonsault onto Corbin. Corbin back in, Sin Cara off the ropes is caught by Corbin who plants Sin Cara with the End Of Days for the three count

The winner of the match: Baron Corbin


Last Night: Kurt Angle-Stephanie McMahon segment

Backstage: Shane walks into Daniel's office and says this Sunday at Survivor Series the main goal is cohesion and Daniel says that's fine but after Sunday they're going to have a little talk because he was not consulted about Smackdown's raid and then he went to Raw to make peace and got chokeslammed



Lock up and a nearfall by Charlotte. Back to the lock up and Charlotte powers Natalya into the corner. Natalya shoves Charlotte and a brawl breaks out before Natalya can slide to the outside. Charlotte after her sends her into the barricade.

Another nearfall and a kick by Charlotte. Natalya back to the outside and a baseball slide by Charlotte as Smackdown goes to commercial


Back from break, Natalya with a surfboard on Charlotte. Charlotte unloading with chops but Natalya puts a stop to that scoring a nearfall. Chinlock on Charlotte. Charlotte gets to her feet but Natalya yanks Charlotte back to the mat by her hair. Charlotte with a spear. Figure eight countered as Natalya kicks Charlotte face first into the turnbuckle. Natalya with another nearfall. Natalya with a slap looking to lock in the Sharpshooter but Charlotte with a small package. Suplex into the corner by Charlotte

Natalya rolls to the outside. Charlotte from the apron connects with a boot. Charlotte climbs the barricade but Natalya picks Charlotte up and drives her spine first into the ringpost. Another slap before Natalya sends her back into the ring and Natalya locks the sharpshooter in. Charlotte crawls to the ropes but Natalya drags her back to the middle of the ring.

Charlotte gets to the ropes and forces the break and Natalya rains down with right hands on Charlotte. Natalya is sent to the outside. Natalya back in and Charlotte connects with a boot. Figure four locked in and Charlotte bridges up into the Figure eight for the submission

The winner of the match and new Smackdown Women's Champion: Charlotte Flair

Post Match: Charlotte says since the Superstar Shake-Up, the Smackdown Women's Championship and it took a lot longer than she thought and it feels great winning in her hometown and this Sunday she's going in to face Alexa Bliss and she's going to make Alexa bow down to the queen because there was a Queen Of Raw long before there was a goddess and she's winning for Team Blue. Charlotte begins to walk up the ramp and out comes Ric Flair to celebrate her win



Gable gets powered into the corner and sent to the outside. Gable taking control working over Jimmy. Gable pulls Jimmy out of the corner working on the left leg as we go to commercial and split screen


Jimmy kicks Gable away but Gable still in control. Gable stomping on the leg. Suplex to Jimmy into a nearfall. Jimmy creates separation, misses with a roundhouse. Kneebreaker by Gable. Snapmare by Gable as we switch back to fullscreen. Gable runs into a boot but grabs Jimmy's leg flipping him over as Gable goes airborne. Gable misses with a moonsault and Jimmy takes out Gable's knee. Samoan Drop by Jimmy Uso. Running backsplash in the corner by Jimmy. Gable goes after the leg again and sends Jimmy into face first into the ropes. Chad and Jey argue on the outside.

Shelton Benjamin gets laid out and Jimmy then connects with a superkick to Gable for the three count

The winner of the match: Jimmy Uso


Backstage: Kevin Owens walks into the locker room and Sami Zayn says they should be facing The Shield on Sunday and call New Day a circus act. Kevin says only reason theyre not on Team Smackdown is because Shane McMahon has a vendetta against them. After Sunday, they won't have to worry about the A show or B show because it's the Kevin and Sami Show


Woods and Zayn start things off and Zayn with a side head lock. Zayn with a shoulder tackle. Woods with a head scissors and Woods calls for the unicorn stampede as Woods and Big E kick Zayn in the corner. Big E Irish whips Woods into the corner for a drop kick on Zayn and Woods gets a near fall. Zayn runs Woods into the corner and Owens tags in and punches Woods. Owens with more punches. Woods with a drop toe hold that sends Owens into the ropes and Woods with a hesitation drop kick to the back. Big E with a shoulder in the corner and Woods with an Honor Roll. Big E gets a near fall.
Woods tags in and Big E drives Woods on top of Owens with a wheelbarrow slam. Zayn goes to the floor. Woods trips Owens and pulls him to the floor. Owens hits a back sentonand we go to commercial.


We are back and Zayn keeps Woods from making the tag and Owens tags in and kicks Woods. Owens with a reverse chin lock and Woods gets to his feet and he punches Owens. Owens with a kick and DDT for a near fall. Zayn tags back in and he punches Woods in the hip. Owens with a knee to the head. Owens kicks Woods in the head and chops Woods. Woods with a forearm to Owens on the apron and he tags in Big E. Big E with two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes and then Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E with a Warrior Splash. Woods with an enzuigiri to Owens and Big E sends Kevin to the floor. Woods with a plancha on Owens.

The music for the Shield plays and they are in the crowd with their mixed shirts.
Owens and Zayn stand with the New Day in the ring as the Shield make their way to the ring.
Owens and Zayn leave and the Shield attack The New Day.
The Usos come to the ring to help the New Day. More Raw wrestlers come to the ring in their red shirts. It is Sheamus and Cesaro so it is now five on five.
We see the Raw women go into the Smackdown women's locker room and the attack commences. Raw's women take down the Smackdown women.
They surround Charlotte and then Alexa nails Charlotte .
More Raw wrestlers make their way to the ring and they attack The New Day and The Usos.
Shane McMahon leads the Smackdown wrestlers to the ring and it is pandemonium in the ring.

Kurt Angle appears on the stage and Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring knocking out random Smackdown wrestlers. Strowman is kicked by Nakamura but Nakamura is sent to the floor. Shane hits Braun from behind and then Shane punches around Braun's aura. Braun takes Shane down. The Shield circles Shane while Braun sends Ziggler into the ringside barrier.

The Shield make Shane watch the carnage around the ring. Shane tries to fight back but the Shane is no Kane and then Sheamus gets in a few punches on Shane. Joe hits Big E in the back with Woods' trombone.

The Shield holds Shane as Kurt Angle enters the ring. Kurt asks Shane how does this feel.
Kurt gives The Shield the thumbs down and it is Cerberus Bomb Time.
Angle removes his jacket and then he gives Shane an Angle Slam.
Angle stands over Shane and they give him a second Power Bomb


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