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WWE 205 Live Results (10/10)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Oct 10, 2017

WWE 205 Live Results (10/10)

Welcome to 205 Live 

WWE signature

Replay of the match of Enzo and Kalisto for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship from last night

205 Live Signature video package

Rich Swann vs TJP in a 2 out of 3 falls match later on

Renee Young in the ring and Kalisto makes his way to the ring who congratulates Kalisto on his victory last night and ask him what it feels like to be champion. Enzo interrupts Kalisto with Ariya Daivari and says that even though he isn’t champion 205 Live is still the “Zo show.” Enzo calls the rest of the Cruiserweight division “loserweights” and says Mustafa cost him his title with his interference last night. Kalisto using Enzo’s words against him and is gloating about his win, Enzo wants his rematch for the Cruiserweight Championship at TLC in 2 weeks. Daivari gets beaten down by Kalisto and out comes Ali to help out Kalisto. 

Rich Swann vs TJP in a 2 out of 3 falls match next

Commercial break

Rich Swann Vs TJP 2 out of 3 Falls match 

Rich Swann makes his way to the entrance and says this match will be the end of their friendship and now TJP makes his entrance.

Rich goes flying over the top rope taking out TJP and then TJP chucks Swann into the barricade twice. TJP hitting Swann in the corner and TJP smashes Swann’s head into the announce table and then into the ring post. Rich Swann scores the first fall after bridging into a cover while into a TJP submission.  TJP with 3 2 counts. TJP standing on Swann’s head and now a kick to his shoulder. TJP with a drop kick and now showboating. Swann with a drop kick of his own and TJP out of the ring and hits a springboard forearm and now a 2 count. TJP with a straighjacket hold and now Swann fights out and hits a crossbody for a 1 count. TJP with a cloverleaf and Swann grabs the bottom rope for a break. TJP slings Swann into the corner ribs first. Swann with a kick and both men down. Swann with a couple clothesline’s and hits a Tiger Driver for a 2 count. Swann with a hurricarana to TJP who was on the top rope. TJP off the top rope with a splash for a 2 count and now a double clothesline both men down. TJP hoping up the ropes and over with a drop kick to Swann’s knees on the apron. Swann with a kick for a 2 count. TJP with the knee bar and Swann gets the bottom rope for a break. Swann with a michinoku driver and now the standing 450 for a 2 count. Swann with the Phoenix splash and the win.

Winner Rich Swann

Enzo and Ariya backstage calling both Kalisto and Mustafa dirtbags and now Gulak comes in and commends Enzo for what he had to say and cant stand Kalisto and his in ring style and chant. Enzo is confused about what Gulak had to say.

Breast Cancer vignette

Akira Tozawa vs Drew Gulak 

Akira Tozawa makes his entrance and Gulak comes out and beats him down before the match and sends Tozawa into the video board and runs him over with his “no chants” sign. Match never starts.

Mustafa Ali and Kalisto vs Enzo and Ariya Daivari next

Commercial break 

Replay of Cedric Alexander attacking Brian Kendrick and the match against Jack Gallagher

Cedric Alexander backstage talks about how he knows that Kendrick is just a fool and has Gallagher playing right into it.

Mustafa Ali and Kalisto vs Enzo and Ariya Daivari 

Mustafa Ali makes his entrance and now Kalisto makes his entrance and next out is Enzo and Ariya Daivari 

Ali and Daivari starting off the match and Daivari pushes Ali into the corner and Enzo tags in. Enzo takes advantage of the distraction. Ali with a pop up drop kick and then a kick to Enzo and Daivari takes out Ali. Enzo kicking Ali in the corner and now a 2 count. Enzo drags Ali to his corer area and punts him in the midsection. Daivari tagged in now and kicks Ali in the head and now a 2 count. Daivari with the bear hug to Ali. Spinebuster to Ali by Daivari for a 2 count. Daivari sends Ali flying into the corner and Enzo tags in. Enzo gets caught and hit by a spinning heel kick. Both men tag out. Kalisto with a kick to Daivari and a hurricarana. Kalisto and Ali go flying over the ropes taking out Enz and Daivari. Enzo sends Ali face first into the ring post. Kalisto with the Salina Del Sol for the win.

Winners Kalisto and Mustafa Ali 

-End of show- 

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