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WWE Smackdown Live Results (10/10)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Oct 10, 2017

WWE Smackdown Live Results (10/10)

Welcome to Smackdown Live 

WWE signature

Replay spots of the Shane Vs Owens HIAC match 

We will hear from both Owens and Zayn tonight 

Baron Corbin Vs AJ Styles for the US Championship tonight 

Usos start off the show and make their way to the ring and showing pictures from the Tag Title match at HIAC vs The New Day. Jimmy and Jey saying they have the whole Tag division on lock and “welcome to the Uso penitentiary” and request the New Day’s presence. New Day now make their way to the ring. Jey says that the Uso’s and The New Day are the best tag teams on the roster and the other teams suck. The Uso’s listing the toys both teams used to beat each other with and now talking about how they are feeling and that no one knows what they are going through except The New Day. Both Jimmy and Jey say they run the tag division and own the tag division. The New day is confused about if they are asking for a truce or not and the Uso’s only want respect. Hype Bros interrupt and Mojo isnt entirely happy that the Uso’s and New Day are the top dogs. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable interrupt and Gable tells Hype Bros to get in the back of the line and the Uso’s agree. Jey tells Gable hes the smart one by going out and getting Benjamin and then tells them “back of the line.” Breezango interrupt and now The Ascension interrupts before any words were said. The Ascension is angry they aren’t talked about ever and want to be. Jimmy and Jey tells all the teams out there to come and get it. Daniel Bryan comes out and and says tonight is not the night for this and thanks the New Day and Uso’s and tells them to get out of the ring and demands it. Bryan says there will be a Fatal 4-Way tag match to determine who gets to face the Uso’s for the Titles next.

Commercial break 

Hype Bros Vs The Ascension Vs Breezango Vs Benjamin and Gable

Mojo and Victor start off the match and now in is Zack with a face buster and Victor with a corkscrew. Gable in now with a 2 count and now wrenching the arm of Victor. Benjamin tags in and powerslams Victor and goes for a 2 count, Gable back in now. Gable with a spinning drop toe hold and now working on the arm of Victor. Konnor back in now and now everyone in the ring.

We are now in split screen mode with Konnor and Gable still in ring with Gable hanging up Konnor’s arm in the ropes, Zack is in now. Konnor off the ropes with a boot and a 2 count. Victor in now and the double team on Zack. Tyler tags in and goes for the 2 count on Zack. Benjamin tags in and hits a forearm on Zack. And Zack hits him with 2 of his own. Benjamin with a kick to Zack for a 2 count and Konnor back in and hits a leg drop for the ropes for a 2 count. Zack with a neckbreaker. Breeze back in now and so is Mojo. Mojo with the splash in the corner and again and a spinning powerslam and all hell breaks loose and now back to normal. Zack and Mojo butting heads and Breeze taking advantage of the distraction for a 2 count and Ryder misses the Broski Boot. Benjamin with Spinebusters to everyone. Breeze with a kick to Benjamin and now with the take 2 for the win.

Winners Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable 

Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton Vs Rusev and Aiden English later on tonight 

Commercial break 

WWE with a Breast Cancer vignette 

We are back with pictures from the WWE Women’s Championship match from HIAC

Natalya backstage with Lana and Tamina. Lana says that title would look much better on Tamina and then Carmella comes in gloating about her MITB briefcase. Charlotte pops up and beats down Natalya but is quickly pulled off by the ther girls but that doesnt last long. 

Renee Young is with Baron Corbin who is the new US Champion. Baron is happy about his win over AJ and Tye at HIAC and is confident that he will retain over AJ later on tonight.

Becky Lynch vs Carmella is up next

Commercial break 

Becky Lynch Vs Carmella with James Ellsworth 

Carmella is already in ring with Ellsworth tied to the ring post and now out comes Becky Lynch.

Becky with the double leg takedown and beatdown. Carmella with a slap to Becky and Becky drags Carmella back in the ring by her hair. Camellia using Ellsworth as a shield to kick Becky through his legs from the floor. Carmella tosses Lynch back into the ring and goes for the 2 count. Becky with a 2 count then a kick to Carmella and gets caught going to the corner for a splash by double knees. Becky with the Disarmer for the tap out win.

Winner Becky Lynch

Up next we will hear from Sami Zayn

Commercial break

We are back with Kevin Owens making his way to the ring. Owens gloats about his victory over Shane at HIAC. Owens says that Shane is gone and never coming back and that they almost lost him too. Owens says he saw the white light that everyone talks about and how his soul almost left his body and then standing in a line at the pearly gates referencing heaven and meeting St. Peter telling him they need him back on earth. Owens says when he returned back to his body and that he is now calling Kevin’s Heaven AKA the Kevin Owens show. Owen introducing his best friend and guardian angel Sami Zayn. Sami comes down to the ring and Owens wants him to tell the crowd that he had no idea any of what Sami did on Sunday and that he thanks him. Sami says his whole career has been about pleasing people and being the good guy and that it led to mediocrity and lists Owens’ accomplishments. Sami thought his ticket to Smackdown Live was finally going to be the chance to be something but it was all lies. Sami talking about how he wanted Shane to win and claims that Owens will always be his brother and that Shane didnt care about anyone else but himself so Sami claims he saved his brother because it was the right thing to do. Sami thanks Owens and they hug it out twice. Now they are going back and forth calling out each other’s names and raising one another’s arm in victory. 

Baron Corbin Vs AJ Styles for the US Title later on tonight as well as Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton vs Rusev and Aiden English which is next

Next week Braun Strowman Vs Roman Reigns inside a steel cage

Commercial break 

Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton Vs Rusev and Aiden English

We are back with Rusev and Aiden English already in the ring and now Randy Orton makes his entrance and last but not least Shinsuke Nakamura makes his entrance 

Rusev and Orton start off the match. Randy went for the RKO early but blocked by Rusev. Randy slams Rusev into the announcers table. Rusev with a kick to Orton’s head. 

We are on split screen coverage dueing the commercial with Aiden stomping down on randy and now a tag to Rusev and now back in is Aiden. Aiden in control over Randy with a chin lock and Randy powering out and Aiden hits a drop kick for a 2 count. Aiden tags in Rusev who kicks Orton whi then rolls out of the ring only to be met by Rusev on the outside. Rusev slams Ortons head into the announce table and slams him as well and then rolls him into the ring for a 2 count. Rusev with a bear hug to Orton who powers out and pays for it and now Aiden back in who goes for a 2 count on Orton. Aiden with a rear chin lock on Orton. Orton with the elbows to Aiden who then kicks Orton and now Orton with a scoop slam. Nakamura in now and taking out oth men. Nakamura with the series of kicks to Aiden and into the corner with a knee and now the running jump knee. Rusev gets hit with a kick and a RKO. Nakamura with the Kinshasa to Aiden for the win.

Winners Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura 

Renee Young backstage with AJ talking about his loss at HIAC and that he has no worry about his match with Corbin for the title later on. AJ says its the end of days for Baron Corbin’s title reign.

Commercial break 

We are back with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan with a cryptic message. 

Rich Swann will face TJP in a 2 out of 3 falls match on 205 Live after Smackdown

Bobby Roode makes his entrance and is happy that his first ppv match was “glorious” until 2 seconds after the match when Ziggler attacked him and said if he wants to fight then lets fight and out comes Ziggler. Ziggler takes credit for Roode’s win over him at HIAC. Ziggler shows a pic of the way Roode beat him which was by grabbing his tights. Ziggler demands a rematch as if it was a title match and Roode says that he doesn’t accept losing very well and tells him that he can have his rematch but and says that the rematch will go exactly like the first one went. Roode wants Ziggler to shut up and demands him to come to the ring and fight but Ziggler denies that request and says itll be when and where he wants but not tonight and then proceeds to walk off. 

Baron backstage walking towards the curtains and his match is next

Commercial break 

Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler next week

AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin for the United States Title

AJ Styles and Corbin in ring already 

AJ with a inziguri and a drop kick and Corbin goes out of the ring. AJ sends Corbin over the ropes onto the floor. AJ catches Corbin coming into the ring and backs him into the corner and Corbin exits the ring again.

Commercial break 

We are back with Corbin with a massive clothesline. Corbin taunting Styles and now with a right to Styles and again. Corbin with a kick to the midsection of Styles and misses with another and gets caught by Styles. Styles with a flurry of strikes and a baseball slide kick to Corbin to knock him off his feet. Styles with a baseball slide to Corbin who goes flying over the announcers table. Styles hits the Phenomenal forearm and a Ushi Guroshi for a 2 count. Corbin hits Deep Six but cant cover Styles. Styles sends Corbin into the ring post for a 2 count and now into the Calf Crusher and Corbin slams Styles’ head into the mat to break the hold. Corbin with the elbows to Styles who hits a Pele kick and Corbin rolls out of the ring. Corbin sends a running Styles off the ring apron who goes flying. Corbin hits the End of Days for the win.

Winner Baron Corbin

-End of show-

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