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Trevor Lee Speaks About GFW's Rebranding

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Sep 21, 2017

Trevor Lee Speaks About GFW's Rebranding

WrestlingInc recently interviewed Trevor Lee, and he commented on the GFW rebranding among many other things. Below is what he had to say. 

Obviously in the past year alone, the company has gone through several changes, and was recently rebranded as Global Force Wrestling. How have the performers reacted to the rebranding, and can you give us your thoughts on Dutch Mantell and Bruce Prichard coming in?

"I don't think anything - I don't know; the performers and performance wise, I don't think it has changed anything. The way we looked at it - a few of us at least have been through a couple of changes in the company, but that never changed the way we went out there and tried to perform, or the way we tried to carry ourselves in the back.

"As for people coming in, Bruce Prichard and Dutch Mantell - they're great. Dutch is great; he's a wild man, but he's got a lot of cool ideas. He helps us out a lot, just with verbiage, just with talking and stuff like that. So, I mean, it's always cool to have new people in the back, just because everybody thinks a different way. So if you can just see the way they're thinking, and use it (to) the way you think, then maybe it will be something different, or maybe the way they think doesn't work for you. So you know, it's good to know every aspect of it. "

He had also commented about the debut of Johnny Impact, and if it changes the mood in the locker room.

"Again, I think new people coming in doesn't change the mood in the locker room. We're just trying to keep us going, we're just trying to make sure things happen every week. We're just trying to see that people are happy. So more people coming in, that other people may enjoy, then good. It's great that we have Johnny Impact now. He's a star; he's easily a star."

Source: Wrestling Inc Tags: #impact wrestling #trevor lee

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