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Early Details Revealed Regarding Upcoming Biopic Focusing On WWE Superstar Paige

Posted By: Kenny Williams on Sep 16, 2017

Early Details Revealed Regarding Upcoming Biopic Focusing On WWE Superstar Paige

ProWrestlingSheet.com has posted a report that reveals some early details regarding the upcoming biopic that focuses on WWE Superstar Paige, which is titled "Fighting With My Family" and is scheduled to be released in 2018.

According to the report, some of the stars will include Florence Pugh, who will be playing the part of Paige; Lena Headey ("Cersei" from "Game of Thrones"), who will be playing the part of Paige's mother; and Vince Vaughn, whose role in the film has not yet been revealed. The Rock will also appear in the film, and it's said that his character will make "backstage interactions" with Paige at various WWE events. The report also states that he also has "some good one-liners" in the film as well. Other WWE Superstars are expected to appear in the film; however, according to the film's official IMDB.com page, the only ones officially listed as appearing thus far are Sheamus and Big Show.

According to the report, the acting in the film is also said to be strong, and the ending is also an emotional one as well.

The report further states that based on reviews from early screenings of the film, those who had the chance to view it said it "wasn't bad." According to the plot, it details Paige's journey in professional wrestling, from the independent scene in her native England all the way to NXT. Another big scene in the film features Paige winning the now-defunct WWE Divas Championship from AJ Lee. This scene was taped after an edition of Raw a few months ago.

Source: ProWrestlingSheet.com Tags: #wwe #paige

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