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WWE Battleground 2017 Results (7/23) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Jul 23, 2017

WWE Battleground 2017 Results (7/23) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Dillinger and English lock up. Side headlock by Aiden and Dillinger with an irish whip. English with a shoulderblock to Dillinger. English working over the wrist and Dillinger with a snapmare and a deep armdrag to the Mozart Of Melody as a look of surprise crosses English's face. Kicks to Dillinger who takes control of the match. Irish whip and Dillinger explodes with a clothesline out of the corner.

Dillinger putting the boots to English and Englsih on the apron connects with a headbutt to the jaw and a knee to the spine. Aiden putting the boots to Tye now and English picks Dillinger up connecting with a right hand and running back splash into the corner by English


English with a nearfall and a knee to the back. Chinlock on Dillinger who gets to his feet. Chinlock turned into a sleeper as Dillinger falls to a knee and Dillinger beginning to fade. Dillinger getting his second wind as he gets up to his knees and back to his feet.

Dillinger backs English into the corner creating separation but English still in control with a shot to the back. English off the top ropes gets caught with a dropkick. Dillinger off the ropes ith a clothesline and it's Tye with a clothesline as he takes over. Dillinger goes after the leg but English rolls out of the ring.

Dillinger follows and English with a kick. Back in the ring, spinebuster by Dillinger for a nearfall. Dillinger now seats English on the top turnbuckle and Dillinger hooks Aiden up for a superplex and both trading body blows. Aiden with a headbutt dropping Dillinger off the ropes. Crossbody by English but Dillinger rolls through. English counters a Tye Breaker. Back in the ring, English with a nearfall

English picks Tye up but Dillinger counters into a nearfall. Dillinger unloading with punches in the corner. English drops Dillinger face first with a full nelson slam and covers him for the three count

The winner of the match: Aiden English



Welcome to WWE Battleground and we are live from the Wells-Fargo Centre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and we kick things off with tag team action as The Usos defend their Smackdown Tag Team Championships against The New Day


Kingston with a dropkick out of the gate and a nearfall. Kneedrop to Jey and it's Woods in now. Jimmy with the distraction and Jey with a kick as Jimmy unloads with punches on Woods. Right hand by Jimmy and Jey connects with a punch in the corner.

Jey picks Xavier up and Woods connecting with punches but Jey with a kick to the side of the head and another nearfall. Headbutt by Jimmy and Jimmy putting the boots to Xavier. Running splash in the corner and a nearfall on Woods. Jey with a boot across the face as Jimmy holds him in place on the ropes. Backbreaker by Jey as Jimmy goes airborne delivering a shot to the chest. Jey seats Xavier on the turnbuckle landing a big right hand. Chop by Jey

Jey hooks Woods up but Woods blocks a superplex attempt connecting with a headbutt. A second headbutt sends Jey crashing to the mat. Missile dropkick by Woods. Kingston gets the tag and Kofi unloads on Jimmy with dropkicks and clotheslines. Boom Drop on Jimmy. jimmy avoids the Trouble In Paradise. Kingston on the apron. Kick to Jey's face and Jimmy gets sent over the ropes. Kingston on the top turnbuckle gets caught by The Usos who drop him on the floor. Woods goes airborne and gets caught with an uppercut

New Day laid out as Big E looks on and Jimmy goes up to the top misses with a splash but rolls through. Wheelbarrow countered by Woods into a nearfall. Honour Roll countered by Jimmy who sends Woods headfirst into the turnbuckle and executes a samoan drop

Jey with a right hands. Woods fighting back connecting with an enziguri. Woods off the top rope gets caught with a superkick for a nearfall as Woods kicks out. Jimmy with a single leg crab looking for the submission.

Woods gets to the ropes forcing the break. Kingston tags in and connects with the Midnight Hour but Jimmy kicks out. Jimmy with a superkick. Jey tags in and another nearfall as New Day stays alive.

Jey tags Jimmy and Jimmy goes to the top rope but misses with the big splash. Kingston with Trouble In Paradise and Woods off the ropes with an elbow for the three count

The winners of the match and new Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The New Day


Nakamura unloads with punches and Corbin turns it around with knees in the corner but Nakamura fights out of the corner with kicks and punches. Corbin rolls out of the ring. Nakamura goes after Corbin but Corbin slides back in.

Nakamura tries to pull Corbin out of the ring but Corbin blocks it as Nakamura slides back in and Corbin putting the boots to Nakamura. Knee by Corbin and he picks Shinsuke up in a backbreaker.

Nakamura with elbows to the head and another knee by Corbin who picks Nakamura up for a slam but Nakamura holds onto the left arm looking for a triangle. Big boot by Corbin connects

On the outside, Corbin drives Nakamura back first into the barricade. Right hand by Corbin and Corbin back to the bearhug. Corbin drives Nakamura into the turnbuckle and back to the bearhug. Nakamura fighting back and Corbin looking for a chokeslam but gets stunned momentarily and Corbin goes down to one knee after a kick.

Nakamura with series of kicks. Corbin catches the left leg but Shinsuke connects with the right and a dropkick knocks Corbin off his feet. Nakamura unloads in the corner.

Shinsuke with a nearfall. Kicks in the corner, irish whip reversed by Corbin who slides to the outside. Corbin back in explodes with a clothesline and a nearfall on Nakamura. Corbin unloads with punches. Corbin picks Nakamura up for a suplex but Nakamura counters driving knees into the shoulder

Nakamura hooks Corbin up and drops Baron face first. Kinshasa Strike countered into the Deep Six by Corbin. Corbin with punches and Nakamura fires back but Corbin still in the match. Headbutt by Nakamura. Chokeslam countered into a backstabber and a kick to the face as he connects with a scissor kick to the back of the neck. Nakamura looking for it again. Corbin not moving and Nakamura goes to pick him up but Corbin hits a low blow as the referee calls for the bell

The winner of the match by disqualification: Shinsuke Nakamura

Post Match: Corbin takes his MITB case and goes to leave but turns around and walks back towards the ring hitting Nakamura with the case and laying him out with the End Of Days


Lana goes aftere Charlotte. Tamina is paired off with Becky and Natalya looks for a sharpshooter but Charlotte kicks her away. Tamina with a nearfall on Becky. Irish whip by Tamina and Lana trips Becky pulling her to the outside sending her into the announce table.

Natalya looking for a sharpshooter on Tamina but Lana pulls her to the outside and now its Charlotte, Tamina and Lana. Tamina and Lana double teaming Charlotte. Tamina holds Charlotte in place as Lana connects with a kick. Charlotte counters a slam pulling Tamina to the mat and now its Charlotte and Lana. Tamina with a distraction as Lana with a kick to Charlotte and a nearfall. Suplex by Tamina

Kick to the back by Lana. Irish whip in the corner and a running elbow by Lana. Back to the double teaming on Charlotte and Becky back in unloading on Lana and Becky and Charlotte clear the ring. Nearfall by Charlotte on Becky. Becky runs into an elbow. Neckbreaker by Charlotte. Natalya bak in with a low dropkick. Another nearfall on Becky

Becky with an elbow to Natalya and she unloda on Natalya. Beck-sploder to Natalya. Beck-sploder to Lana and another one to Tamina but its fountered with a superkick. Charlotte back in with a clothesline. Charlotte looking for the figure eight on Natalya but Natalya rolls her up for a 2 count. Discus clothesline to Charlotte and Natalya locks the sharpshooter in. Lana back in drops Natalya face first looking for a nearfall on Charlotte. The Dis-arm her on Lana by Becky but its broken up by Tamina who connects with a samoan drop. Spear by Tamina to Charlotte. Lana stacks Becky up but Becky counters into the Dis-arm her but it's broken up by Tamina

Tamina looking for a Samoan Drop but Becky with the Dis-arm her on Tamina and Tamina taps out

Elimination 1: Tamina

Dis-arm her on Lana and Lana taps out for the second elimination

Elimination 2: Lana

Natalya with a roll up on Becky for the third elimination

Elimination 3: Becky Lynch

And we are down to Charlotte and Natalya and Natalya with a submssion but Charlotte counters picking Natalya off the mat. Charlotte with a powerbomb and yet another nearfall on Natalya. Charlotte goes up to the top rope and moonsault to Natalya but Natalya gets the knees up. Natalya with a roll up on Charlotte and Charlotte hits her head on the bottom rope as Natalya goes in for the three count

The winner of the match: Natalya


Owens unloads on Styles out of the gate. Side headlock brings Styles to his knees. Shoulderblock to Styles. Armdrag to Owens sends him rolling out of the ring. Waistlock by Styles countered by Owens. Styles turns it around again and Owens pulls Styles leg out from under him. Hurricanrana sends Owens rolling out of the ring again

Kick by Owens and German Suplex is blocked by Styles. Owens with an elbow to the side of the head. Styles with a dropkick and once again to the outside for Owens. Styles rolls out and goes after Owens with punches. Owens with an irish whip reversed by Styles sending Owens into the barricade.

Styles with a running clothesline misses and Owens sends Styles into the ring post. Owens rolls Styles back in connects with a senton. Owens with kicks to Styles and a right hand sends Styles crashing to the mat. Nearfall on Styles. Owens with a chinlock

Owens still has the headlock locked in on Styles yelling at Styles to give up. Styles back to his feet driving elbows to the midsection but Owens pulls him back down to the mat. Senton by Owens but Styles gets the knees up.

Right hands by AJ. Styles misses with a spinning back kick and Owens plants Styles with a DDT. Styles back to the headlock but Styles breaks the hold unloading with punches flooring Owens with a clothwsline. Flying forearm to Owens. Running clothesline in the corner. Styles picks Owens up on his shoulder but Owens counters with a right hand. Styles plants Owens face first for a nearfall

Styles one more time tries to pick Owens up on his shoulder. Series of counters between Styles and Owens. Superkick blocked. Styles Clash blocked. Firemarn's carry neckbreaker by Styles. 450 from the apron but Owens gets the knees up.

Cannonball in the corner by Styles. Owens seats Styles on the top turnbuckle. Owens climbs the turnbuckle looking for a superplexx but it's blocked by Styles. Series of headbutts by Styles and a sunset flip attempt by Styles but Owens holding on. Styles has Owens on his shoulders in the torture rack. Nearfall on Owens.

Styles looking to fly as he goes airborne and Owens up to his feet cuts Styles down. Right hand by Owens and Owens back up to the top turnbuckle hooking up for a superplex and Styles tries to fight him off but Owens has Styles hooked up. Styles slides out of the corner dropping Owens face first on the turnbuckle. Styles on the apron looking for the phenomenal forearm but Owens rolls to the outside taking Styles legs out from under him. Armbreaker by Owens

Pele kick to Owens and Styles again going for the Styles Clash but Owens sends him crashing into the referee. Superkick by Owens, pop up powerbomb countered by Styles and Styles locks the Calf Crusher in but Owens counters into a crossface. Styles breaks free and locks his own crossface in on Owens and Owens rolls Styles over with both shoulders on the mat for the three count

The winner and new US Champion: Kevin Owens


Rusev immediately goes after the flag but Cena stops him getting Rusev in a side headlock. Punch by Rusev as he goes back up but Cena back to the headlock..

Punches by Rusev flattens Cena and Rusev again looking to grab the flag. Cena up on the turnbuckle delivers a bulldog off the top rope. Cena going to his corner looking to grab the US Flag. Rusev from behind with the Electric Chair Drop. Right hand by Rusev and a series of kicks.

Punch after punch and series of kicks to Cena. Suplex to Cena. Rusev looking at his flag as he begins to climb the turnbuckle but Cena holding onto the leg and Rusev with a kick. Clothesline by Rusev. Rusev bounces Cena's head off the turnbuckle. Running clothesline in the corner and Rusev up to the top and Cena trying to get Rusev down and Rusev again floors Cena.

Rusev plants Cena with a DDT. Five moves of doom by Cena and the five knuckle shuffle connects. Cena picks Rusev up for the AA but Rusev counters with a spinebuster and Cena gets sent to the outside.

Rusev inches away from grabbing the flag and Cena stops him sending Rusev crashing to the mat. Legdrop countered into a powerbomb by Rusev. Rusev taking too much time to celebrate gets nailed with a dropkick and its Cena with an AA to Rusev. Cena goes for the flag but Rusev looking for a powerbomb and its countered by Cena into the STF and Rusev is tapping out as he passes out and it's Cena with the opportunity to climb up and grab the flag.

Cena unhooks the flag as Rusev gets to his feet. Superkick by Rusev. Rusev grabs his flag and rolls out of the ring walking around the ring. Double axehandle from the apron by Cena and an irish whip shoulder first into the ring steps.

Cena dives back in, grabs the flag and exits the ring. Cena makes his way up the ramp but Rusev from behind stops him and bounces his head off the stairs. Rusev with the ring steps bounces them off Cena's head. Rusev picks up his flag and begins to walk up the ramp but Cena grabs hold of Cena's leg and Rusev with a right hand but Cena unloads on Rusev sending him crashing into the LED board. Cena dives off the pedestal and Rusev with a fallaway slam.

Rusev sets up a table next to the american pedestal and yet a second table coming into play. Cena's head bounced off the podium by Rusev and he climbs the podium pulling Cena up

Rusev looks for the AA through the two tables but Cena sends him crashing to the floor and Cena with a second wind going for his flag but Rusev back to his feet as they both take each other out with with a clothesline and Cena crawls with flag in hand looking to plant the flag but Rusev grabs the flag base and clocks Cena. Rusev locks The Accolades in on Cena.

Rusev with flag in hand climbs the podium looking to plant the flag. Cena with an AA countered by Rusev who connects with a kick and The Accolades locked in again. Cena gets to his feet and delivers the AA through the two tables. Cena grabbing the US flag and he plants the flag to win the match

The winner of the match: John Cena

We found out that Ascension said that they were the ones that trashed Breezango's office. But they weren't. The lights went out and when they came back on someone laid out Breeze. Then someone laid out Dango and dragged his body away.


Zayn goes on the offense early on in the match. Irish whip to Mike and a clothesline sends Mike over the top ropes to the outside. Zayn looking to go airborne but Maria steps in front of Mike. Zayn goes to the outside and a right hand by Mike

Zayn gets rolled back into the ring and a clothesline floors Zayn. Nearfall as Mike puts the boots to Sami. Right hand to Sami. Nearfall on Sami. Zayn fights out of the corner. Irish whip by Kanellis and a big clothesline in the corner. Big boot connects

Kanellis unloads with punches on Zayn. Surfboard on Zayn. Zayn gets to his feet fighting out of it and Zayn with series of clotheslines. Irish whip and a back body drop by Zayn. Zayn sends Kanellis over the ropes and Zayn looking to fly takes Kanellis out. Crossbody by Zayn and a nearfall on Kanellis. Punches to the head by Kanellis.

DDT by Zayn. Maria with the distraction but the referee gets her out of the ring. Exploder by Zayn and the Helluva Kick for the three count

The winner of the match: Sami Zayn


Mahal called for a door to be opened early but neither got out so it's closed and locked. Three doors left. Jinder went to work on Randy's hurt arm. Jinder called for the second door to be opened by Randy stopped him with a Fall Away slam. Neither one got out of door two.

Jinder went to climb out. Randy went up and stopped him. Randy called for door three when he was across the ring. Jinder stopped him. One door left. Orton hit a DDT off of the ropes and called for the door. Instead of going out he went for the RKO but Jinder hit him in the face with a knee. But Randy hit an RKO. With 13 seconds left the Singhs came in and pulled Jinder out. They kept Randy in. He got locked in. He started to climb out while Jinder had to come to on the floor. Orton knocked Jinder off but the Singhs came and attacked Orton and dropped him to the ground. They threw Randy into Mahal and Randy ate a knee. Jinder climbed. The Singhs tried to hold Randy back but he laid them both out. He caught Jinder and dragged him back in.

The Singhs kept working on Randy until Jinder could get hold of him again. Jinder hit Orton with a kendo stick but Randy powered out and got a stick of his own. He pounded Orton with it. And then got the Singhs.

Samir just held Orton so he couldn't get out but Randy hit him with a right hand and he bumbped off of the top of the cage through a ringside announce table. Randy did a DDT off of the cage on the floor on Randy. Chairshots to Sanil and Jinder.

Randy goes to leave but Sanil tries to stop him. Randy kicked him off. The Great Khali walks out to the ring. As Randy went to climb over the structure Khali shook it and Randy fell down. Khali grabbed him by the throat and Jinder climbed up and out while Khali held Orton by the throat and won the match.

The winner of the match: Jinder Mahal







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