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Audio Released From Paige/Alberto El Patron Airport Altercation

Posted By: Kenny Williams on Jul 10, 2017

Audio Released From Paige/Alberto El Patron Airport Altercation

As previously reported, Unified GFW World Champion Alberto El Patron is currently under investigation for domestic battery after an incident arose at Orlando International Airport on Sunday involving what was reported at the time to be an unknown female companion. The report at the time stated that El Patron had allegedly "roughed up" this female companion following an argument which escalated in the airport's terminal building. This resulted in the police being called, to which a witness to the incident confirmed that an altercation had taken place. 

In an update, it has since been confirmed that the female involved in the situation was, in fact, WWE Superstar Paige, who is El Patron's fiancé. Paige later took to her official Twitter page to claim that she and El Patron were the ones who got the police involved and that she was crying due to finding out some bad news involving her family and that another woman tried taking her photo. Paige then claimed that the woman got angry and attempted to throw a drink on El Patron because he refused to take a photo with her before asking the fans to "please leave us alone."

However, new audio released by TMZ, which was recorded by a witness, appears to contradict Paige's story and makes it clear that no third party was involved in the incident between El Patron and Paige. 

The audio reveals Paige telling El Patron to "leave me the f*ck alone" and "stay out of my life" as the two were arguing. She can also be heard telling El Patron "I'm trying to get away from you. All the time." El Patron then responds by saying "I'm pressing charges against you."

TMZ Sports also quotes multiple witnesses to the incident who stated that it was clear that Paige and El Patron were arguing with one another, with Paige storming off at the conclusion.

TMZ also confirms that they have spoken to law enforcement regarding the incident, and they confirm that no reference was made to a third party being involved.

To check out TMZ's official story regarding the incident, which contains the audio, click here.

Source: TMZ.com Tags: #wwe #gfw #paige #alberto el patron

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