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Matt Hardy Believes A 'Broken Universe' Debut In The WWE Is Possible

Posted By: Randy V. Jean on Jun 12, 2017

Matt Hardy Believes A 'Broken Universe' Debut In The WWE Is Possible

WWE released a 14-minute interview with the WWE network which involved the Hardy Boyz who were joined by Corey Graves to discuss a litany of things, including the Broken gimmick and the possibility of it coming to the WWE. 

Matt Hardy on the "Broken gimmick" in the WWE:

“I definitely think there is a chance. It’s a work in progress. Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, I really can’t go into it right now but I find it very flattering and humbling that every time we come and wrestle in front of the WWE Universe, they chant and they address it and they acknowledge it. When it happens, and I’m not going to say if, when it happens, it’s going to be the most exciting thing to hit WWE programming in a long, long time. We’ve got to keep people guessing.”

Matt goes on to say how happy he is to return to the WWE and how mainstream the company has gotten since his last run years ago. He also goes on to mention how weird it was for him to go back to "regular Matt Hardy".

Both brothers acknowledge that single runs are inevitable for the future and that they both have goals they'd like to reach before closing the chapter on wrestling for good. 


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