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WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Results (6/4) Baltimore, Maryland

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Jun 04, 2017

WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Results (6/4) Baltimore, Maryland

Kick-Off Show


Waistlock takedown by Crews. Kalisto gets back to his feet. Irish whip by Crews, wheelbarrow to Kalisto countered with an armdrag. Waistlock by Kalisto reversed by Crews and Apollo takes Kalisto down.

Crews goes to work on the arm. Irish whip into the corner, legdrop by Crews and a dropkick sends Kalisto to the mat. Waistlock takedown on Kalisto once more. Kalisto up both feet now and an irish whip by Crews. Kalisto sends Crews flying with a hurricanrana and it's Crews sliding to the outside to re-group. Kalisto goes airborne with a seated senton onto Crews


Suplex by Crews. Kalisto with a nearfall and Crews floors Kalisto with a clothesline. Facelock by Crews and Kalisto fights back with kicks and punches. A nearfall on Crews and Apollo connects with an elbow. Titus shouting orders from ringside and Apollo picks Kalisto up

Kalisto fires back with kicks and a jawbreaker. Crews misses with a clothesline. Corkscew by Kalisto and a kick to Crews. Another nearfall. Apollo executes a standing shooting star and O'Neil up on the apron. Crews arguing with O'Neil asking what else he wants Apollo to do and Kalisto from behind executes the Salida Del Sol for the three count

The winner of the match: Kalisto



Extreme Rules IntroExtreme Rules Intro

Welcome to WWE Extreme Rules and we are live from The Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland and we have four championships being defended tonight with the main event being a Fatal Five Way #1 Contender's Match to determine who will face Bcock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. We kick things off with the Intercontinental Championship up for grabs in a match with the added stipulation being that should Dean Ambrose get himself disqualified he will lose his Intercontinental Championship


Waistlock by Ambrose as Miz turns it around going to work on the wrist. Side headlock takedown by Ambrose. Dean up to his feet and Miz with an irish whip and Ambrose with a big shoulder tackle sends Miz to the mat.

Miz begs off as the official backs Ambrose away. Kick by Ambrose back to work on the arm into a hammerlock. Series of reversals between Miz and Ambrose. Dean goes after the Miz but he uses the ropes for the break. Ambrose unloads with punches

Ambrose gets frustrated going after Miz again  but once more referee John Cone steps in to break it up. Miz misses with a clothesline and Ambrose lights Miz up with a series of chops. Spinning elbow by Ambrose and a clothesline sends Miz over the ropes to the floor
Suicide dive by Ambrose to the outside as he sends Miz crashing into the announce table. Miz is whipped into the barricade. Miz misses with another clothesline and Ambrose drives him into the apron rolling back into the ring to break the 10 count

Ambrose back to the outside grabs a steel chair and Miz with a kick. Miz goes to use the chair but Ambrose stops it and goes to use the chair but delivers forearms to Miz before tossing him back into the ring.

Miz spikes Ambrose with a DDT on the apron. Neckbreaker to Ambrose for a nearfall. Ambrose on the ropes and Miz with a knee to the back of the neck. Miz with a cravat locked in on Ambrose. Dean gets to his feet fighting back with a headbutt. Ambrose off the ropes and Miz connects with a knee to the midsection. Boot to the face by Miz

Series of punches by Miz and he has Ambrose on the ropes once more. Surfboard locked in by Miz as the crowd starts an "Ambrose" chant. Ambrose tries to fight back but Miz still in control. Mounted punches on Ambrose. Three Running dropkicks in a row by the challenger and running clothesline in the corner to Ambrose. Ambrose staggering as Miz is perched on the top rope. Axehandle countered into the Dirty Deeds but Miz counters looking for an SCF. Clothesline sends Miz to the floor and Ambrose goes to the top rope landing with an elbow to the Miz

Back in the ring, big clothesline by Ambrose. Dean hooks Miz up for a fisherman's suplex. Running forearm by Ambrose. Bulldog counterd by Miz. Ambrose with a swinging neckbreaker and a nearfall for Dean.

Ambrose going airborne once more and Miz rushes to cut him off as Ambrose lands on his feet looking like Dean tweaked his knee and Miz goes after the leg. Sunset flip countered by Miz who locks in the figure four

Ambrose reaches for the ropes and the official calls for the break. Ambrose unable to stand and Miz once more goes for the figure four leglock. Dean counters with a roll up. Ambrose with a punch as he goes to the top rope. Miz cuts him off.

Miz looking for a superplex but Ambrose blocks landing numerous body shots. Series of headbutts by the champion stuns the challenger. Ambrose picks Miz up as he rips off the turnbuckle padding. Miz goes to bounce Ambrose's head off the exposed steel turnbuckle but Ambrose blocks it as he connects with a knee to the jaw.

Miz with the Yes Kicks. The last kick is caught by Ambrose who grabs the leg and locks in a figure four of his own and Miz forces the break by grabbing the bottom rope

SCF countered by Ambrose. Naryse up on the apron and Dirty Deeds countered as he stops himself before crashing into Maryse. Miz almost crashes into Maryse and Maryse slaps Miz and the official ejects Maryse from ringside.

Ambrose from behind with a roll up for a count of 2. Miz slams Ambrose into the official as he gets knocked out of the ring and referee John Cone accuses Ambrose of pushing him. Ambrose argues and Miz from behind executes the SCF for the three count

The winner of the match and NEW! Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

Backstage: Bayley says Alexa Bliss thought that "This Is Your Life" segment was good but she's no Rock or Mick Foley. Bayley says Alexa doens't know her or how much the women's championship means to her. She saw Wonder Woman and that inspired her. She's not here to hurt but to be a role model and she's going to do whatever it takes to regain the women's champioship


Alicia and Sasha start out but Alicia quickly makes the tag and it's Swann and Dar in the ring. Clothesline by Swann and a chop and Swann bounces Dar's head off the turnbuckle. Arm wringer by Dar to Swann.

Dar with an elbow and kick to the face. Swann sends Dar flying and Swann to the top rope as Dar hugs Alicia signaling a tag and Sasha and Alicia lock up brawling and Alicia with a right hand. Bank Statement locked in by Sasha and Dar looking to help Alicia pulling her legs to the apron forcing the break.

Kick by Alicia and a nearfall. Alicia drives a knee into the back. Right forearm to Sasha. Alicia has Sasha on the ropes. Backbreaker by Alicia and a chinlock applied by Fox. Sasha gets to her feet. Irish whip in the corner and Alicia runs into an elbow. Alicia prevents the tag and Alicia gets caught on the top turnbuckle as Sasha tags in Swann

Swann unloads on Dar and gets a nearfall. Swann hooks Dar up but Dar with an excape and a roll up. Swann and Dar exchange right hands. Backslide by Swann, Dar rolls through and lands an uppercut. Swann with a kick. Alicia and Sasha back as they brawl to the outside

Sasha drives Alicia spine first into the apron. Dar sends Swann bouncing off the barricade. Sasha climbs to the top rope and Noam Dar moves her out of the way. Sasha lands the double knees to Dar as Swann rolls him back in going airborne with the Five Star Swann Splash for the three count

The winners of the match: Sasha Banks and Rich Swann


Elias Samson is in the ring and introduces himself asking the crowd who wants to walk with Elias Samson. Samson says he was walking along the harbour earlier today and it inspired him to write a song. He begins to sing


Alexa dares Bayley to go for the kendo stick but pulls her down to the mat. Alexa goes for the kendo stick but Bayley bounces Alexa off the turnbuckle. Slam by Bayley and a right hands sends Bayley to the floor as she climbs up the top rope.

Alexa and Bayley trade punches. Bayley grabs the kendo stick but it falls to the mat as both women fall to the floor. Alexa and Bayley eye the kendo stick but bot roll back to the outside and Bayley drives Alexa into the barricade

Belly to back suplex on the outside and Bayley looks at the kendo stick rolling into the ring and picks it up. Bayley chases Alexa. Bayley goes to use the stick but Alexa spears her as she drops the stick and Alexa goes to work unloading with the kendo stick

Alexa yells at Bayley to get up as she swings the stick and Bayley grabs Alexa delivering a Bayley to Belly. Alexa is sent back to the middle of the ring. Bayley's head bounces off the stick and Alexa with a DDT in the middle of the ring for the three count

The winner of the match and STILL Raw Women's Champion: Alexa Bliss


Sheamus and Cesaro try for the quick escape but The Hardys stop them and Cesaro at the top of the cage with one leg over but is pulled back down. Inverted atomic drop on Sheamus and Jeff with the double legdrop. Jeff launches Sheamus into the cage and Cesaro launches Matt into the cage

Jeff turns his attention to Cesaro. Sheamus with the Irish Curse and Cesaro and Sheamus throw Jeff into the cage. Matt is sent into the cage once more then proceed to scale the cage once more but are stopped

Right hand to Matt. Irish whip and Jeff and Cesaro collide. Matt and Sheamus make use of the cage but are stopped by their respective tag partners. Jeff unloading with right hands on Sheamus and both Hardys bounce Cesaro and Sheamus' skull off the cage. Dropkicks by The Hardys and the official opens the cage door. Poetry In Motion by Jeff to Sheamus and Cesaro. Matt and Jeff climb the corners of the cage.

Slam to Jeff from the top rope and Matt with an elbow drop. Matt close to escaping but Cesaro stops him as Matt holds on but is brought back in. Door open and Sheamus with one foot outside the door as Matt holds onto Sheamus' ankle. Cesaro through the ropes as Matt grabs his leg.

Irish whip to Matt and Cesaro and Sheamus launch him into the cage. Jeff is launched into the cage but scales the cage spiderman like only to be stopped by Cesaro. Sheamus with kicks and punches to Matt. Cesaro on top of the cage. Elbow to Matt by Sheamus. Jeff held in place as Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick but Jeff ducks. Matt with a tornado DDT.

Matt and Jeff scale the cage. Jeff is out but Matt has to get out of the cage as well. Matt with a side effect to Cesaro and one to Sheamus. Matt scales the cage. We have a tug of war between Jeff and Cesaro and Sheamus as Matt hangs in the middle but a headbutt sends Jeff to the floor. Double team by Cesaro and Sheamus to Matt. Cesaro not letting Jeff back into the ring and Jeff slams the door on Cesaro's head. Brogue Kick to Jeff and Sheamus tries to escape but Matt has Sheamus' leg

Matt drags Sheamus back in. Twist Of Fate by Matt as Cesaro scales the cage but is stopped by Matt. Matt climbs up the cage and gets both legs over. Uppercut by Cesaro and Matt hangs upside down from the top of the cage. Sheamus has Matt on his shoulders and delivers the White Noise from the top of the cage.

Jeff scales the outside of the cage. Jeff is perched on top of the cage and connects with a Whisper In the Wind. The crowd with a "This Is Awesome" chant. Sheamus and Cesaro both at the top of the cage and they are inches away as Matt tries to drag his brother out the door but it's Sheamus and Cesaro's feet hit the floor first signaling the end of the match and the crowning of new tag team champions

The winners of the match and NEW! WWE Raw Tag Team Champions: Sheamus and Cesaro


Neville and Aries lock up and Neville pushes Aries back into the ropes landing a kick. Aries with a series of kicks and Neville backs Aries in the corner going to work on the arm.

Aries and Neville with a series of wristlock reversals. Aries with a submission hold on Neville but reaches the ropes forcing the break. Aries taking time to celebrate since Neville wants to use stall tactics.

Aries with a forearm across the back and looks for the guillotine but Neville drives him into the corner. Irish whip, Aries leapfrogs. Duck under and cartwheel by Aries. Last Chancery countered as Neville slides out of the ring and Aries launches Neville into the barricade.

Aries has Neville on his shoulders and bounces him face first off the apron. Aries rolls Neville back in but Neville back to the outside as he avoides a baseball slide. Aries off the top rope not letting Neville get away that easily and Neville and Aries back in the ring as Neville goes after the leg.

Aries sends Neville crashing to the outside. Back in the ring, Aries with an elbow to the ear. Shinbreaker by Aries to Neville. Discus Five Arm blocked and Aries with a Dragon-Screw. Aries on the apron with a left hand and Neville takes out the bad knee as Aries crashes to the floor

Neville goes after Aries working over the left arm. Chops by Neville as he rolls Aries back in. Aries tries to fight back but Neville still in control and Neville goes airborne.

Aries catches Neville and locks in the figure four and Neville reaches for the ropes. Neckbreaker by Aries. Aries back to the top rope misses with a dropkick and Neville locks in the Rings Of Saturn and Neville gets his foot on the bottom rope. Neville drags a lifeless Aries back to the centre locking in the Rings Of Saturn but Aries counters and locks in a Rings Of Saturn of his own. Superkick by Neville

Neville sits Aries on the top rope and scales the ropes. Superplex blocked as Aries delivers body shots to Neville boxing Neville's ears. Neville back to the top rope and Aries with a guillotine as he executes a sunset powerbomb into the Last Chancery. Neville escapes the ring but Aries holds on as Neville taps. Aries picks Neville up rolling him back in

Aries picks Neville up but Neville goes after the left arm. Discus Five connects and a suicide dive misses its mark as Neville moves out of the way.  Neville connects with a Red Arrow and locks in the Rings Of Saturn forcing Aries to tap

The winner of the match and still Cruiserweight champion: Adrian Neville


Bray Wyatt is out first followed by Seth Rollins. Both got great reactions. Samoa Joe then made his way out. The lights go down and out comes Finn Balor. Roman Reigns is out next and the match begins

At the bell, all locked up but Reigns. He waited for them to come to him. They would come, and he would lay them out. As Rollins was about to face off, everyone else came in and they never did.

Joe and Bray formed an alliance to take out Balor, Rollins and Reigns. Balor made a comeback as the question lingered how long would this alliance between Joe and Bray last? But then the Big Dog came in and turned the tide. Joe even ran into Bray. Reigns took them both out

It turned into every man for himself, except for Balor who is left for dead at the moment. Finally, Joe and Bray had enough and went to work on each other. Joe got a two on Bray. Joe put the Kokina on Bray Finn came in with a chair. He took out both heels. He laid Bray on the ringside table and looked to the top rope but Joe liked on the Clutch. Reigns came out of nowhere and blasted them through the barricade. Seth said What the hell and went to the top and did a frog splash on Bray on the table.

Back in the ring, Rollins faced off with Reigns. And it's on. Roman gets a Superman for a two. Rollins got a two with a kick. They got near falls on each other. Rollins is selling his right leg as he is fighting to get to the top rope. He did and did a Phoenix Splash. But Bray came in. Sister Abigail? No, Reigns then speared him. Rollins hit a Buckle Bomb on Reigns but ate a Superman Punch. Balor gets nailed with a Superman Punch as well. Finn hit Sling Blade and Coup de Grace but Joe locks in the Kokina Clutch and Balor fades.

The winner of the match and #1 Contender for the WWE Universal Championship: Samoa Joe



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