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Adam "Hangman" Page Reveals How He Came Up With The Gimmick

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on May 14, 2017

Adam "Hangman" Page Reveals How He Came Up With The Gimmick

Adam "Hangman" Page spoke to Channel Guide Magazine on a number of wrestling topics, one is about how he came up with the origin of this gimmick.

It should be noted he used to be a teacher and is currently working with New Japan Pro Wrestling. 

On the origin of the "Hangman" gimmick

"I knew Adam Cole was joining Bullet Club followed by myself. We both would have the same first name and four letter last names, as well as starting to show up frequently in Japan in Bullet Club. So to avoid confusion, I knew I wanted to change up my name. I also knew my character in Bullet Club would have to be a little bit different because in my time in Ring of Honor I hadn't been a very playful or fun character by any means. Since I was more of a serious character I kind of adopted the noose from Luke Gallows and put my own spin on it."

 For those curious about his teacher life, he does talk about that as well.

"With one phone call I was told I would be in Bullet Club and I was going to Japan for three weeks, then continually after that. It was pretty cool and life-changing. At the time I was a high school teacher. I taught graphic design, multimedia and journalism. I would take sick days and wrestle on the weekends. At that point I knew if I was doing three week tours of Japan I couldn't keep teaching because I couldn't be "sick" that long. I could also afford not to teach anymore because I would be more in-demand so to speak. I quit teaching and became a full-time wrestler. That more than anything in my whole career changed my life."

Source: Channel Guide Magazine Tags: #njpw #adam page

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