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WWE Raw Results (4/17)

WWE Raw Results (4/17)

Welcome to Monday Night Raw, coming to you from Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio. We kick things off with a recap of Braun Strowman's brutal attack on Roman Reigns that saw Strowman tip an entire ambulance in it with Reigns still inside. Strowman then makes his way to the ring to a strong reaction. He says he's proud that he broke Reigns in half, and that he left in an ambulance. He reveals that Roman will not be here tonight, and that now that Reigns is out of the way he will tear through the locker room. GM Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring, and asks Strowman what he's trying to prove, telling him he's done enough. He announces Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman for Payback, but tells Strowman he's lucky he isn't suspended. He tells Strowman to take the night off but he refuses, saying Angle better find him competition "or else". Angle asks "or else what", which prompts Strowman to walk away.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Fatal 4 way for #1 contender spot for the Women's Championship, as well as Miz TV with Dean Ambrose as a special guest.

Seth Rollins comes out for commentary as Chris Jericho vs. Samoa Joe is set to take place.

SINGLES MATCH: Chris Jericho vs. Samoa Joe

Joe charges Jericho into the corner immediately and grounds him with strikes. He rams his boot into Jericho's face and then goes for a charge, but is caught by a drop kick. Jericho attempts a Walls of Jericho but Joe escapes to the outside. Joe tries to re-enter but is taken down by a springboard dropkick as we head to break.

We return from break with Joe handily in control of Jericho, grounding him with locks and strikes. Jericho attempts to fight out and get's some good kicks in and a charge before being thrown over the top rope. Jericho uses the momentum to climb the turnbuckle and hit an ace handle for a near fall. Jericho charges again but is hit with a powerslam. Joe misses a elbow drop and eats a Lionsault for a near fall. Jericho attempts a Codebreaker in the corner buit takes a hard side slam. Joe tries to connect a senton from the top but Jericho manages to roll out of the way, cinching in the Walls of Jericho. Joe fights out with his leg strength, spinning Jericho in mid air. Joe locks in the Kokida Clutch standing, wearing down Jericho. Jericho pushes Joe over while in the lock attempting to use the leverage to pin Joe, but this puts Jericho on the ground further locking in the clutch. This causes Jericho to tap out, giving Joe the win.


Joe mocks Rollins after the match, asking if he remembers the sound when he debuted. He lists them off, including the sounds of his ligaments snapping and his cries of agony. He says he cares about his clients, and that he will pay for what he did to Triple H. Rollins responds to Joe, saying that Payback will be "a bitch".

BACKSTAGE: The Golden Truth are shown backstage before they are attacked by Strowman, who vows to attack everyone. 

Gallows and Anderson are in the ring, wondering where their competition are at after Strowman attacked them. They ask for a fight, and Enzo and Cass oblige. 

TAG TEAM MATCH: Enzo and Big Cass vs. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

Karl and Cass start things out with Cass getting the early upper hand with big strikes. He corners Karl and unleashes more strikes, tagging in Enzo. Cass throws Enzo into Karl and the two trade tags, teaming up on Karl. Cass takes over and whips Karl, taking him down with a hard shoulder check followed my a forearm over the top rope onto the floor. Cass gives chase and throws Enzo in Karl again. Gallows attempts to help but catches an Enzo as well as we head to break.

We return from break with Enzo cornered in enemy territory, taking a big kick from Karl for a near fall. He grounds Enzo with an armbar who tries to fight out, but is ran hard into the corner as Gallows tags in. He locks in a wristlock, but Enzo manages to get to his feet before eating a flatliner. Gallows puts Enzo in another armbar and corners him again, tagging in Karl who drops a big knee. Enzo is put in another arm bar before fighting out and running off the ropes, only to take a huge spinbuster. Gallows tags in and picks up the scraps, cornering Enzo again. Gallows whips him to the opposite corner and charges, but gets countered into a tornado DDT. He is inches away from a tag but gets caught by Karl, who tags it and tries to kick Enzo in the corner. Enzo dodges and gets the tag. Cass cleans house before Enzo tags back in. Cass boots Gallows over the rope and follows him to the outside leaving Karl and Enzo alone. Enzo attempts a big DDT but is thrown hard on top of the turnbuckle and  pinned for the three.


Miz and Maryse make there way to the ring for Miz TV. Miz attempts to brag about the two's life but Dean Ambrose quicly interrupts and makes his way to the ring as well. Dean says he's been looking forward to this and says he's a big fan, but Miz says he jumped the gun. Dean calls for a truce considering they're from the same state, except for Maryse because she's Canadian. Miz asks if this is a joke, to which Ambrose replies by saying his maroon suit is a joke. Miz says he walks and talks the part because he is the part, but Ambrose on the other hand makes them look like "wrasslers". He says the fans loves Ambrose, and it's the only reason he's given opportunities. Miz says even so, he wastes every bit of momentum he's given. He says Dean isn't successful not because he isn't talented, it's because he's lazy and complacent. Dean says some people care about their image, but he doesn't. He only wrestles because he loves it, and would do it for 30 or 30,000. He says he does it as his duty as IC Champ, and says Miz should know considering he beat him for it. Maryse calls him a dirty street rat, and that wearing the belt doesn't make you a champ. Miz piggybacks on that, saying he made it prestigious until Ambrose won it and made the title a joke. Ambrose takes down Miz and begins to brawl with him until Maryse throws a shoe at him. Miz takes advantage of the distraction and tries to connect a Skull Crushing Finale, but is reversed into a Dirty Deed that he nearly takes but manages to escape with Maryse.

BACKSTAGE: Strowman is shown dragging Kalisto and tosses him in the trash. Out of nowhere, Big Show shoves Strowman hard into the wall, telling him to pick on someone his own size before walking away.

SINGLES MATCH: TJ Perkins vs. Jack Gallagher

Neville comes out for "the special appearance", and joins them in the ring. He confronts both of them before leaving and watching from the outside. Before the match can start Austin Aries comes out to join Neville, and offers him a banana. This causes Neville to move to the other side of the ring as the match starts. Jack gets in a quick headlock and steps up the turnbuckle for a headlock takedown. TJ brings the two to their feet and gets Jack in an armbars. Jack contemplates how to get out, and then spins around several times to completely reverse the hold onto TJ. He brings Perkins to the ground and rolls him up for a near fall. Jack puts TJ in a dual wristlock but gets reversed into a corkscrew leg scissors. The two trade takedowns with Jack getting the better of TJ. TJ grabs Jack's umbrella which gets a bunch of heat when tosses the umbrella to the ground.  Jack charges but misses and is thrown to the outside hard as we head to break.

TJ is in control with an armbar. Jack gets out and lands to hard kicks and an uppercut. He throws TJ and whips him to the corner, planting him with a powerslam afterwards. Jack tries to tie up TJ but is elbowed and then takes a springboard elbow. TJ tries to take advantage but eats a big headbutt taking him to the outside. Jack follows and takes his umbrella, climbing the turnbuckle and connecting the Mary Poppins. TJ tries to escape to the ring but is chased to the opposite side. TJ shoves Jack into Austin, prompting him to climb the apron angrily. Neville takes out Aries which distract Jack. TJ takes advantage by kicking the rope into Jacks face and landing a Detonation Kick for the pinfall victory.


BACKSTAGE: Titus O'Neil is shown trying to get Apollo Crews on the Titus Brand. 

BACKSTAGE: The Hardy Boyz are being interviewed, and Matt is excited to be back. Cesaro and Sheamus enter and give a formal welcome to Raw. Sheamus praises them for what he saw on he television as a fan. Then he says it will be and honor to take their titles.

FATAL FOUR WAY FOR #1 CONTENDER OF THE RAW WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP: Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James

Alexa tries to leave but Mickie and Sasha grab her and run her into Nia. She rolls to the outside and the two team on Nia who overpowers them both. Nia charges into Mickie in the corner and goes for the pin and  is broken up by Alexa. Nia grabs her by the hair but take s a huge slap. Alexa realizes what she just did and runs away, but is caught by  her hair on the apron. Mickie and Sasha dump her over the rope and the two go at it in the ring. Mickie gets the upper hand momentarily but Sasha fights back. Mickie lands and big dropkick which Sasha responds with a leg scissors. Mickie goes for a neck breaker but is pulled out by Nia. Sasha dives onto both of the on the outside as we head to break.

We return from break with Bliss in charge of James. Alexa slams her to the mat with a hand full of hair for a near fall. She runs the ropes but is caught by Nia and slammed to the matt. The other two follow suit and are also slammed down. Bayley is shown looking on as Nia puts Mickie in a Cobra Clutch and grounds her. Mickie fights back up but is overpowered and cornered. Nia turns her focus to Bliss and throws her across the ring. Sasha tries to mount some offense but gets caught in a bear hug. Sasha tries to counter with a guillotine but Nia readjusts into a vertical suplex and a nearfall. Mickie gets involved. She's put into a double handed suspended choke, but Mickie reverses into an armbar. Nia picks her up and throws her into Sasha in the corner. She turns around to find Bliss attempting a top rope maneuver, and she timidly gets down. Nia charges Sasha and Mickie and they both dodge, bringing Nia to the outside. The three remaining women trade offense with Sasha getting the upperhand before getting yanked out of the ring by Jax. Nia climbs the apron but is taken down by Mickie. This leaves Bliss and Sasha, and the two brawl in the ring. Banks applies the Bank Statement on Bliss but Mickie James breaks it up and beats down Sasha. She grounds her with strikes and then climbs the turnbuckle. Sasha catches her and tries for e superplex but is caught by Nia who hits her with a big Samoan Drop. Out of nowhere Alexa pushes out Nia and covers Sasha for the pinfall victory.


BACKSTAGE: Big Show is interviewed and vows to give  Strowman a taste of his own medicine.

Curt Hawkins comes out and complains about Big Show trying to be a hero. He challenges any wrestler in the back to a match, to which Finn Balor answers.

SINGLES MATCH: Curt Hawkins vs. Finn Balor

Hawkins goes right for a big strike but is dodged. He's hit with a few strikes and taken down with a slingblade. He's then dropkicked into the turnbuckle and hit with the Coup de Gra for the quick win.


BACKSTAGE: Jericho is interviewed backstage about Joe, and he says that he's distracted by his upcoming match with Owens. He reveals if he wins he goes to Smackdown Live, but that he doesn't care where he goes because he has the fans. He then teases the interviewer Mike before Elias Samson randomly walks past playing the guitar. He was going to put Mike on the list but replaces him with Samson.  

Bray Wyatt delivers a "Sermon for the Snake". He asks Randy what he is afraid of. He tells him all his fears will come to life in the House of Horrors. While he talks disturbing imagery is shown displaying torture and corpses. He says his fear will fuel him and his screams will sound like a symphony. He says he will leave with the title before he tells him to run, as the screen jumps to black.

Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox are shown looking at a video of stuff blowing up in her face, and Emma comes in to say that she was showing that video to everyone and mocking her. This upsets Fox who storms off as Emma walks of grinning.

SINGLES MATCH: Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro

Cesaro and Jeff tie up with Jeff putting Cesaro in a wrist lock. Cesaro jumps out and grounds Jeff. He gets back up and applies a headlock. Cesaro whips him but Jeff catches himself, drop kicking Cesaro through the ropes. Jeff runs off the apron onto Cesaro. The two enter the ring and Jeff covers for a near fall. Cesaro overpowers Jeff and seemingly injures Jeff. He escapes to the outside and Cesaro gives chase, planting him with a big uppercut. Cesaro throws Jeff in and eats a jawbreaker. Jeff goes for an early Swanton Bomb but Cesaro escapes as we head to break.

We return with Jeff being thrown from the ring hard by Cesaro. He's pulled back in as Cesaro wears Jeff down on the ground. Cesaro goes for a whip but is caught with a modified slingblade. He tries to take advantage but Cesaro plants Hardy with a massive running uppercut. Cesaro connects a few strikes while Jeff attempts to fight back. He succeeds and grounds Cesaro with a clothesline and a groin leg drop. He attempts a Twist of Fate but takes another huge uppercut. Cesaro tries to swing Jeff but is kicked off. Jeff gets to his feet but is immediately taken down by a springboard uppercut. He again goes for the swing but is countered with a kick. Jeff takes to the turnbuckle but Cesaro uppercuts him yet again. He then tries for a superplex but gets hung up by Jeff, who sends him crashing to the outside with a dropkick. Cesaro is put back in the ring and hits a Whisper in the Wind for a near fall. Cesaro strikes Jeff and tries for the Neutralizer but is reversed with a Twist of Fate and then a Swanton Bomb for the win.


BACKSTAGE: Heath Slater and the Rhyno interrupt an interviewer and boast about how they are on Raw. They quickly shut up as Braun Strowman walks past them for his match with the Big Show.

MAIN EVENT SINGLES MATCH: Braun Strowman vs. Big Show

Strowman attacks Show before he can even enter the ring and the two brawl on the outside. Braun shoves him into the barricade ut Show fights back with punches. He rams him into the steps and then into the barricade. Strowman is thrown into the ring as the match officially starts. The two bounce of the ropes and trade hip toss reversals before Show throws him over the top. He then delivers a baseball slide to Strowman and then drags him onto the apron but catches a big forearm. Braun runs the rope and hits a missile dropkick to Show for a nearfall. Show grounds Strowman with a wristlock but Strowman amazingly kicks up to his fit and delivers a unique armdrag. Braun tries to lift Show but he fights out. Braun fights back but the two stalemate each other as they both try to slam the other. Show manages to get the better of the exchange with a powerslam. He goes for the chokeslam but gets swatted off as Strowman lands a big vertical suplex. Braun keeps him grounded with strikes and taunts the crowd saying he is the real giant. Big Show gets to his feet and almost gets slammed but fights out, landing a splash in the corner onto Strowman. He lifts Strowman onto the turnbuckle and show tries for a superplex but is fought off by Braun. He goes for an axe handle but eats a chokeslam for a nearfall. The two struggle to feet and Show tries for the knock out punch but misses wildly. Strowman gets Show up and  delivers a powerslam for another nearfall. Strowman climbs the turnbuckle and goes for a move on the top but is caught by Show. He tries for another superplex but fails again leaving Braun perched on the turnbuckle. He jumps off the top fr another axe handle but takes a big knock out punch. Show goes for the cover but Strowman manages to kick out. Show wobbles to his feet and takes to the turnbuckle himself. Strowman catches Show this time and delivers a massive suplex big enough to collapse the entire ring under the weight. Several officials and refs makes there way to the ring to check on the two. Strowman somehow makes his way to his feet, and while the match had to end he manages to be the last one standing. Show is left in the ring a heap, and Strowman walks to the back feeling victorious.

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