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WWE Isn't Going To Punish Anyone Over Leaked Photos and Videos

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Mar 21, 2017

WWE Isn't Going To Punish Anyone Over Leaked Photos and Videos

Dave Metlzer noted on the most recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE isn't going to punish anyone involved in the recent leaked photo and video hacking scandal, which preliminary involved Paige, Xavier Woods and former WWE Superstar Brad Maddox, although a number of other male and female talent have photos circulating. 

The company is hoping it will all blow over, much like what went down with Seth Rollins and more recently Tom Phillips. In addition, Meltzer noted that none of WWE's sponsors have demanded anything to be done, of course if they change their tune the company will have to act accordingly.

Also, WWE officials are not keen to punish The New Day given they are so over and a top seller of merchandise, in fact on last night's Raw there was a brief and humorous reference to the scandal from The New Day which you can watch below. 

In regards to Paige WWE view her as victim in all this and also they want a Hulk Hogan return down the line, so it would be hypocritical of them to let Paige go given that Hogan has been the victim of a similar situation.

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