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Jerry Lawler Will Never Wrestle In WWE Again, Jim Ross Praises Monday's Raw Ending,

Jerry Lawler Will Never Wrestle In WWE Again, Jim Ross Praises Monday's Raw Ending,

Jerry Lawler Will Never Wrestle In WWE Again

On the second episode of Dinner With The King, hosted by Jerry “The King” Lawler and Glenn Moore, The King states he feels WWE will never clear him to wrestle again. This even after the fact he’s been wrestling on the independent scene for the past few years. He also states WWE doctors have never done an in-depth exam to clear him.

He goes on to talk about having a final WrestleMania match and stating his ideal opponent would be Dolph Ziggler. Of course, this all ties in the heart attack and recent interaction between the two on Smackdown Live.

The King also talks about working his lone WrestleMania match with Michael Cole, including chipping Cole’s teeth showing him a dropkick while preparing for the match. For more information about the show, go to www.podavenue.com/king.

You can listen to the latest episode by clicking on the player below.

Jim Ross Has High Praise For Raw Ending

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry over at his website in which he discusses a number of topics from the world of professional wrestling. One of the key points J.R. mentioned was the conclusion of Monday's WWE Raw which featured Seth Rollins and Triple H:

"The close of the show was memorable and well done by all involved. The villains, HHH and Stephanie, were spot on and Foley showed everyone how a babyface sells with their facial expressions especially the eyes and body English. Brilliantly done piece of business.

It felt like the fans accepted Seth Rollins as the protagonist that he is being positioned to be in WWE as Rollins' courage and SELLING appealed to the fans in Detroit. No, the suicidal, career threatening dives didn't do it but, instead, it was crowd psychology and the fundamental application of the genre's most viable dramatic weapon, selling and convincing one's audiece come along for the journey.

For those wondering, I fully expect Rollins vs HHH at WM Orlando where Rollins needs a career defining victory vs a future HOFER on the biggest stage of them all."

You can read the full blog here.

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