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WWE Raw Results (3/13)

WWE Raw Results (3/13)

Welcome to WWE Raw, coming to you live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI. We are a weeks removed from an altercation between the Undertaker and the Big Dog, Roman Reigns. WWE has announce that the two will collide in a match at Wrestlemania 33. Will the two meet again face to face in the middle of the ring? Also, Jericho and Owens will fight for the U.S. title at Mania, a match that was made the night after Jericho cost Owens the Universal title. Could the two come to blows before the big show? In addition, could a certain Demon make his long awaited return to Raw after an injury took him out of action, and if so what plans does he have? All this and more on tonight's show, be sure to keep tuned here for all your live coverage needs! 

We kick of Raw with a recap of the Fastlane main event and Goldberg's promo to the Chicago crowd the night after which included a beat down at the hands of Brock Lesnar. After the video package Lesnar makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman in tow. Heyman fawns over the fact that Lesnar F-5d Goldberg. He says that his "vision" of the future at Wrestlemania can be bestowed upon all of them, and tells them that future is "down goes Goldberg". Goldverg chants break out, to which Heyman replies by telling them he is not here and that they should "shut the hell up". Heyman then says they have been having the same problem with Goldberg, but not last week. He says last week Goldberg went down at the hands of Lesnar, and to the most effective finisher in WWE history. He has there will be the biggest comeback in Wrestlemania history with Goldberg's defeat, and the two leave the ring.

BACKSTAGE: Mick Foley is seen looking angrily at the TV as Stephanie joins him. She says she's happy the two are being nicer to each other, and that the two shouldn't take things personally for the sake of the business. She says she picked him because hse knows he has the the superstars best interest at heart. She tells Mick that because of his shortcomings in business she is willing to teach him in order to help him out, and that his first lesson is that by the end of the night he needs to pick one person to fire. She tells him trimming the fat will show his leadership, and that the business will be better off.

WE return from break to see Sasha Banks and Bayley making their way to the ring, and it appears Sasha will be taking on Dana Brooke.

SINGLES MATCH: Dana Brooke vs. Sasha Banks

Dana and Sasha tie up and Dana hits her with some big strikes and bashes her head on the corner. Sasha gains the upper hand with some strikes of her own and a knee drop to a near fall. She rolls up Dana from the back and grabs the tights for a pinfall.


Charlotte says Dana is a disgrace, and that she is done riding her coattails. Dana gives her a big forearm to the face and starts beating her down. Charlotte tries to escape but Dana gives chase. She manages to get away, and Dana stands tall in the middle of the ring to "Dana" chants.

VIDEO: A Package plays announcing the Warrior Award recipient, Eric LeGrand, a Rutgers football player who suffered severe paralysis and overcame a 0-5% chance to live.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Chris Jericho will team with Sami Zayn to take on Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens.

ANNOUNCEMENT: 205 Live will host a fatal 5-way against Akira Tazawa, Austin Aries, Tony Neese, TJ Perkins, and Brian Kendrick.

TAG TEAM MATCH: TJ Perkins and Akira Tazawa vs. Brian Kendrick and Tony Neese

Tazawa and Kendrick start of, until Neese takes Akira out from behind. He then tags in Brian, and Akira mounts some offense, including a big Huricanrana, and big forearm on the apron and a suicide headbutt. Neese tries to take out Akira from the back but Perkins makes the save as we head to break.

WE return from break with Kendrick in control with a deep chicken wing. Akira is put in the enemy corner and is double teamed but manages to escape with a huge forearm to Neese. He misses a tag thanks to Kendrick, and Neese's team regains control. Neese puts in a leg scissors submission on Akira, he manages to elbow his way out. He tries to force his way to a tag but Neese blocks him from doing so. Neese attempts a back suplex but Akira reverses into a tag to Perkins. Perkins unloads offense on Neese, Kendrick tries to make the save but Akira deals with him. Neese tries to take advantage but Perkins uses his quickness to connect a springboard DDT for a nearfall broken up by Kendrick. Perkins puts Neese in a fireman's carry but Kendrick interferes. Akira makes the save by pusning out Kendrick but Perkins is distracted by the help, helping Neese take advantage for the win.


INTERVIEW: The tag champs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are asked who they would rather face. They voice they're concerns with how the teams competing tonight are getting more attention then themselves. They said they'll do what they usually do, and take that attention.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic. Before he can speak "Y2J" chants break out. He says one month ago he took the spotlight and put it right back where it belongs. A video package plays recapping the Festival of Friendship beat down. He tells all the people who are upset that they were never best friends, and that Jericho didn't think so either. He said Jericho only wanted to get close to his championship. He says he stabbed Jericho in the back before he could do the same. Owens says Jericho beat him at Fastlane, not Goldberg. He says he will take Jericho's title at Mania returning the favor, and that the only thing that will be left is the tears of Jericho (Cry it out, maaaaaaan). He says him and Zayn will get a lesson: Who needs best friends when you got a destroyer. Samoa Joe comes out on cue.

TAG TEAM MATCH: Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn and Chris Jericho

 Jericho and Owens start the match, Owens tags Joe in immediately. Jericho starts with a dropkick and some quick offense, but Joe takes control with strikes of his own and a senton. He strikes Jericho in the corner, Jericho reverses a whip to the opposite and tags in Zayn. Joe strikes Zayn into the corner and whips him to the ropes. Zayn reverses with a leap frog and head scissors. Zayn whips Joe to the corner, Joe reverses. Joe hits a big enziguri. Owens tags in and stomps on Zayn. He does Jerichos flexing pin and superkicks him off the apron. Owens brings him tot he team corner but Zayn fights back both. They both escape to the outside, and Zayn connects with a dive overt the top. Zayn throws in Joe who is the legal man, Zayn strikes Joe but Owens come behind with a chop block and the two beat him down. The ref calls for the DQ as Joe locks in the Kokida clutch. Jericho makes the save and throws Joe out of the ring, and Jericho and Owens go at it. Joe comes in from behind to equalize the situation, holding Jericho back as Owens. Multiple refs come out as Owens delivers a final pop up powerbomb and the two leave Jericho in a heap.

BACKSTAGE: Foley and Steph discuss the person they should fire, Nia jax comes in wanting justice for the Wrestlemania situation. She says she has beaten Sasha multiple times but is getting overlooked. Steph announces she will face Bayley tonight.

BACKSTAGE: Jinder approaches Foley telling him he better not be getting fired, and wants an opportunity. Foley says he will face Roman Reigns tonight. 

BACKSTAGE: The New Day talk about being the Wrestlemania hosts, debuting the new talk show New Day Talks. Their first guest is the Big Show. The New Day basically just announced that Big Show will be in the Andre Battle Royal (no Shaq). They then talk about the new Jetsons movie, and continually interrupt him. Titus comes in to interrupt, saying that the Titus brand should be the focus of the Jetsons movie, and shoves the Big Show. Yeah.

TAG TEAM MATCH: Enzo and Big Cass vs. Cesaro and Sheamus

Cass and Enzo come out first and cut the usual promo. They introduce a mug, a "cuppa hater" if you will, and that its for a couple of haters. Cass says tonight they punch their ticket to Wrestlemania. Ceasaro and Sheamus then make their way to the ring. Cesaro and Cass start things, Cesaro starts with a big dropkick before the bell. Cass gains control with a big back slam. Sheamus tags in and unloads on Cass. Cass reverses in the corner and unloads his own strikes. Sheamus regains control shortly with a knee, but Cass comes back with some offense and tags in Enzo, and the two do the friendly powerslam to Sheamus. Cesaro comes in to even the score as we go to break.

We come back to break with Cesaro in control of Enzo. Enzo is fighting out and Cesaro plants him with a clothesline for a near fall. Sheamus tags in and delivers a double team powerslam. Cass saves the pinfall, Sheamus retaliates. Cass gets mad which distracts the ref, allowing for a double team on Enzo. Sheamus locks in a deep headlock, Enzo tries to fight out and manages to escape the ring by dodging a ram to the corner. Cesero tags in and catches Enzo bvefore he could make a tag. Enzo catches Cesaro with a kick and tags in Cass. Cass unloads on Cesaro with strikes, a fall away slam, and big corner splash and another fall away. Sheamus sneaks in a tag, Cass boots Cesaro thinking he's the legal man. Sheamus strikes him from behind. The two take the fight tot eh outside of the ring where Anderson and Gallows beat them both down for the DQ. Cesaro tries to save his partner but gets destroyed in the middle of the ring. Enzo climbs up to the apron but is immediately taken down by a superkick from Gallows. They bring their focus back to Cesaro and deliver the Magic Killer.


VIDEO: They recap Taker's return to Raw after Braun called out Roman, and the altercation between the Deadman and the Big Dog.

BACKSTAGE: Foley approaches the tag champs and says he's tempted to fire both of them, but will instead put the both of them in a triple threat match Mania.

SINGLES MATCH: Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal

The two tie up, Roman pushes Jinder to the corner. Jinder takes a cheap shot and unloads shots. Misses a clothesline, Roman lands a big back suplex. Roman lands big clotheslines in the corner on Jinder as the bell hits. Jinder uses the distraction to land a huge knee and back slam for a near fall. Jinder doesn't let up and strikes Roman with force. Roman is pushed into the corner and Jinder stomps on him relentlessly. Roman uses a moment of arrogance as an advantage and strikes Jinder hard. He lands a Superman Punch on Jinder for the pinfall.


 Roman calls out the Undertaker and tells him to come out like a man. We go to break with Roman pacing in the ring. Shockingly Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring to a huge pop. Roman says he didn't call out Shawn. HBK says he is unfocused and distracted. He says Undertaker will eat Roman alive. A big "yes" chant breaks out, but Roman syas he'll let them down by beating the Undertaker to a big boo. HBK says that Roman may be the Big Dog, but that he is Mr. Wrestlemania. He says he's walked in Roman's shoes, and is on his side but is trying to give him advice. Roman says that Undertaker retired Shawn so he won't be taking advice from him. Roman leaves the ring, and but is blindsided by Braun Strowman. He threatens HBK from afar, as "Thank you Strowman" chants break out.

BACKSTAGE: Steph is fawning over Strowman's intensity, while Foley is trying to convince her plan to fire someone. Steph is sticking to it, saying it's best for business. She says he has one hour, and if he doesn't decide by then she will make the decision for him.

VIDEO: A recap is played of Austin Aries and Neville's confrontation last week on Raw. Tonight Aries will be facing Ariya Divari.

SINGLES MATCH: Austin Aries vs. Ariya Divari

Aries takes a kick from Divari and a whip, Aries reverses into a big forearm. Both trade whips, Aries hits two deep arm drags and a big drop kick. Divari tries to take advantage while Aries taunts but gets caught with a forearm. Divari takes Aries outside with a back drop. Aries is taken back to the ring and hit with a massive clothesline for a near fall. Divari rakes the eyes and focuses on the injured orbital bone. Aries is whipped and reverses into a clap strike and two big clotheslines. He takes Divari down with a gutbuster and a spinning elbow drop. Divari gains the upper hand and attempts a whip to the outside but is reversed, and Aries connects with a suicide dive. Divari is thrown back in, and Aries connects with a knee breaker into a back throw. Divari makes it to his feet but is quickly knocked out with a spinning forearm for the pinfall.


SINGLES MATCH: Big Show vs. Titus O'Neil

Big Show locks up and unloads big strikes on Titus in the corner. Titus reverses shortly with some strikes of his own but Show reverses with a shoulder block. Show lights up Titus with slaps and attempts a power slam but Titus counters with a strike and big boot. Show gains the upper hand when he makes it back top his feet and connects three chokeslams for a pinfall win.


BACKSTAGE: Sasha and Bayley talk about Nia, and Sasha tells Bayley to not worry about all the haters, which confuses Bayley. Sasha says she means all the people that don't think she's worthy of being champions, which seems to hurt Bayley.

INTERVIEW: Jericho is asked how to respond to Owens's attack. Jericho says he wants to expose the real Kevin Owens, and that he will have the real Owens on the Highlight Reel next week.

SINGLES MATCH: Bayley vs. Nia Jax

Bayley looks pretty scared as the bell rings, but dodges a strike by Nia. Nia rams her into the corner, Bayley tries to rush her but Nia is too strong. Nia throws Bayley by her head across the ring and she lands outside. Nia throws her back in and Bayley manages to sneak in a couple of kicks which angers Nia, causing her to throw the steel steps around as we head to break.

We come back from break with Nia wracking the back of Bayley over her knee. Bayley tries to kick her way out but is slammed to the mat. Bayley is brought back to her feet and manages to hit a jawbreaker slowing Nia down a bit. Nia tries to kcik Bayley on the ropes but misses, getting herslef hung up. Bayley uses the opportunity to kick Nia outside the ring, but Nia regains control. Bayley tries to create some distance with some kicks and a crossbody but Nia catches her and takes control yet again. Nia unloads offense and a rough slam onto the tope rope, whiplashing Bayley. Nia unloads shoulders into the corner and for some reason a DQ is called. The ref steps in to keep Bayley from getting injured. Nia goes around and pulls Bayley to the outside and throws her into the barricade.


Foley makes his way to the ring for the big decision. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Braun Strowman will take on Roman Reigns next week.

Steph is in the ring after the break and introduces Foley to the ring. Steph asks who he decided to pick and Foley responds by saying that he thought this was an exercise in cruelty, but he then thought of someone: Stephanie McMahon. Steph says it isn't within his power, and Foley says she deserves to go because she treats her superstars like cattle. He calls her a really good liar and a really bad person, and said he stuck by her when Triple H interfered in the Universal title match months ago. Triple H makes his way out to the ring to a big pop. He tells Foley to say it to his face, to which he is surprised he even exists since he hides in the shadows. He says he doesn't beat the crap out of him because he doesn't want a law suit. Foley says he wouldn't do it but Samoa Joe would. Triple H calls Foley a novelty act, a has been. He says if it was up to him he wouldn't have brought him back, but Steph wanted him back. He tells Foley not to mistaken her kindness for weakness, and that he's dangerously close to going back to traveling around telling his stories. Foley says he doesn't need this company, but Triple H retorts with what his kids might think. Noelle wants to be a superstar and Dewey works for the writing staff, and says maybe his dad can give them a ride to the unemployment line. Triple H tells him to waddle to the back and have an epiphany that he loves his job, and that when Steph tells him to jump he better jump. Foley walks to the corner and reaches for something in his wasteband. Triple H goes to turn him around and gets caught by Mr. Socko. Steph comes up from behind with a low blow, and Triple H takes of his suit angrily. As he goes to beat up Foley, Seth Rollins comes down to the ring, crutch and all. He gets to the ring and throws away the crutch revealing he's completely healed. He slides into the ring and delivers a beatdown to Triple H. He points to the Wrestlemania sign and kicks Triple to the floor. Rollins stands tall in the ring. Triple H re-enter with the crutch and beats Rollins down with it, striking the bad knee. Triple H continues to hurt the knee and puts him in a modified Figure 4 lock. Refs come in to stop Triple H as he gives one final blow to the bad knee as the show comes to a close.

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