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Kurt Angle Reveals He Met Vince McMahon For The First Time In Eleven Years Last Week

Kurt Angle Reveals He Met Vince McMahon For The First Time In Eleven Years Last Week

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle discussed during a recent Reddit Q&A how he recently met up with Vince McMahon for the first time in eleven years last week. Below is his account of what went down:

“I love Vince. It was great to see him last week. I finally got to see him after eleven years. It was like we picked up right where we left off before the horrible meeting I had with him back in 2006. Vince was always great to me. He treated me very well. He went above and beyond for me in many ways. He tried to help me in so many ways. He even tried to check me into rehab when I quit in 2006. Talking to Vince again, I just had to tell him why I was so angry, why I was lashing out at him and the company back then. It was just, when you’re knee deep in addiction, you always blame others for everything that’s going on. So I apologized to him and he didn’t even let me finish apologizing. He just hugged me. Vince is a really loving individual. He always will be. There are a lot of things. I believe he needs to have filters around his life. He’s not gullible because he’s very intelligent, very smart. But, he also likes to please people and make them feel special. You don’t want people to take advantage of him around him all the time because they can take his, like I said he’s not gullible and he’s not dumb, he just, once he’s emotionally invested in you, he’s such a good guy. I really believe he needs people around him to filter out the people that have bad intentions because Vince is a good guy. He’ll try to make you happy and give you what you want. He’s not one of those people that play hardball. He just is a guy that will talk at your level, even though he’s more sophisticated, smarter and more intelligent. He doesn’t talk to people like he is above them. He talks at their level. That is why he is always able to communicate with anybody.”


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