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WWE SmackDown Results (3/7)

WWE SmackDown Results (3/7)

Welcome to WWE Smackdown, coming to you from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Last week Randy Orton shocked the WWE Universe by turning on Bray Wyatt, burning the Wyatt compound and everything in it including Sister Abigail's remains. What condition will Bray Wyatt be in tonight, if he shows up at all? Also, for the first time ever John Cena and Nikki Bella will team up to face the team of James Elseworth and Carmella. All this and more, follow us live for play by play coverage!

We kick things off with a recap if Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt's alliance up to last weeks episode, where Orton betrayed Bray by burning down the compound and leaving Wyatt mentally destroyed. Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring after the recap with Daniel Bryan following shortly after to address the Wrestlemania 33 WWE Championship situation. They say that they thought long and hard, with Bryan wanting Orton and Shane wanting AJ Styles to go on to face Bray Wyatt for the title. Shane makes the case that Orton gave up his opportunity, and that his change of heart put things up in the air. He says that AJ earned his shot after defeating Luke Harper. Bryan says that Randy turning on Wyatt put things up in the air yet again, and that even though he doesn't agree with his actions at the end of the day he is the Royal Rumble winner. They announce AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton for the Wrestlemania 33 Championship spot tonight, which was previously announced on social media.

BACKSTAGE: AJ Styles approaches Shane and Bryan backstage upset, calling the whole situation an anti-AJ conspiracy. He says he'll still make the best out of a bad situation, and that he's not afraid of Orton nor is he afraid of the two of them.

James Elseworth is in the ring with a mic and says they're about to see a match they have never seen before. He calls himself the Mack Daddy of Smackdown and says he'll whip the floor with John Cena. He then introduces Carmella and she comes to down to the ring. John Cena and Nikki Bella make their entrance afterwards. 

MIXED TAG MATCH: John Cena and Nikki Bella vs. James Elseworth and Carmella

The ladies start the match off but are immediately interrupted by The Miz and Maryse. Carmella takes advantage of the distraction and takes out Nikki with a huge kick as we go to break.

We return from the break with Carmella on top of Nikki in a headlock. Nikki makes it to her freet and attempts a tag but fails. Carmella tries to throw her out of the ring but reverses, sending Carmella to the floor. Nikki makes the tag and Cena comes in, Elseworth is terrified and slowly gets in the ring. He makes it in but turns around to escape. Carmella stops him and pushes him to Cena, where Cena hits a spinning bakdrop. Carmella gets in his face, but Nikki takes her out with a forearm. The both do double Five Knuckle shuffles, double AAs and double STFs for the submission victory.


The Miz and Maryse pull the two out of the ring and take them down on the outside. He calls Nikki's and Cena's relationship a lie, saying that they signed a contract to be in a relationship. Miz says that his and Maryse's relationship is true love. He calls Cena emotionless, Robo Cena, that he does everything only to help his brand. He calls Nikki as attention seeking as Cena is, and that their relationship spits in the face of people who actually love each other. Maryse tells Nikki to "Break that bitch" and she and Miz share a kiss.

BACKSTAGE: Randy asks Renee that if he's capable of what he did last night, what would he be capable of tonight against Styles. He tells Styles that he should run.

Curt Hawkins is in the ring after the break and calls Dean Ambrose out, telling him to "face the facts". Hawkins comes right at Ambrose outside of the ring, and Ambrose quickly takes him out with a clothesline. Ambrose then takes the mic and says he was going to call out Baron Corbin but knows he won't come out. He says he's not the Lone Wolf but the Neutered Wolf, or else he'd come out. Corbin shows up on the titantron and reminds him that he doesn't come out whenever someone says his name, and wonders why Ambrose is trying to rush his beating. Ambrose says that if he won't come out he'll go find him himself. Hawkins tries to get in a cheap shot but is quickly taken out again. After a recap of the Women's History Month package celebrating Trish Stratus and Lita Ambrose is seen backstage asking where the Lone Wolf is.

After the break Ambrose is still looking backstage as we go to an interview with Mojo Rawley. He announces that at Wrestlemania 33 he will the first entrant into the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Dolph Ziggler comes in clapping, and tells Mojo he's seen people like him come and go, and that he needs to earn his Wrestlemania moment. Mojo asks why Ziggler doesn't have his yet, and he tells Mojo not to hurt himself reaching for the brass ring, and that someone will get it for him.

Ambrose is still looking, but Corbin sneaks up and hits him with a bar. He lays into Ambrose with a beating, and when he tries to get the last word Corbin places him under a fork lift and drops the fork on his throat. Officials try to help Dean as Corbin walks away with a smile on his face.

Mikki James and Smackdown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss make their way to the ring as we go to break.

When we come back from the break Alexa thanks the audience for being there for her "Blissertation". She says she's going to announce her opponent for Wrestlemania 33 and runs down the list of people it won't be, which is basically the entire female roster. She calls Becky Chucky because she keeps coming back, and on cue here she comes. She says she has an announcement of her own, and it's that she will defeat her at Mania for the title. Natalya makes her way to the ring. Natalya said her and Alkexa came to an understanding, and that they are in a different league than Becky. Alexa asks Natalya if she's been into the catnip, and that she's not getting a title shot. She teels Natalya she's "the worst there is, the worst there was, and the worst there ever will be". Mickie says they're all being rude and that she is the one versing Alexa. Alexa questions where she said that, and Mickie said they had a deal. Becky and Natalya tease her and all three of them bicker until Daniel Bryan comes out. He says it's interesting that she calls herself the best on the Smackdown Women's roster. To help her prove herself, he's going to have her face every available women on the roster. He announces that tonight the four of them will compete in a tag team match. 

TAG TEAM MATCH: Becky Lynch and Natalya vs. Mickie James and Alexa Bliss

Natalya and Bliss start the match, Natalya gains the upper hand with a headlock. The two trade shoves with Natalya getting the slight advantage. Natalya attempts a power slam but misses. Alexa tries to take advantage but Natalya gets it back with a reversal of her own. Mickie and Lynch tag in and the two tie up. The trade back tie ups, Lynch takes Mickie to the ground. Mickie reverses as the two get up, Mickie whips Lynch to the corner. Lynch reverses and connects multiple arms drags. Mickie manages to sneak in a kick and tags in Bliss and connects some of her own. Bliss stands on top of Lynch, stomping her head into the mat. Lynch gets up and lands some strikes but Alexa takes control with a take down. Bliss whips Lynch, Lynch reverses and connects a Dragon Screw. She lands a spinning leg drop for a near fall. Bliss escapes to the outside where Lynch hits her with a flying forearm. Bliss is thrown to the inside where Mickie takes down Lynch from behind. Bliss attempts to take advantage but only gets a near fall.

We return from the break with Mickie in control of Lynch. Lynch makes it to her feet and connects some strikes. She whips Mickie but is caught with a kick and a leg scissors. Bliss tags in and keeps control, chocking her on the ropes and flinging her off for a near fall. Bliss rams Lynch's head into the turnbuckle and Mickie tags in. She lands a strike Lynch connects with a flurry of her own. Mickie responds in kind, taking her down. She cinches in a tight headlock stretch but Becky makes it to her feet. Mickie manages to keep control as Bliss tags in. Lynch fights both of them of and puts Bliss in a roll up for a near falls. Both struggle for a tag, Mickie tags in to keep her from getting the tag. Becky fires up and hits Mickie with multiple strikes and a forearm into the corner. Natalya comes in a launches Becky with a German suplex in revenge for not tagging her in. Bliss picks up the scraps and gets the pinfall victory, tagging herself in behind Mickie's back.


Mickie hits a huge kick on Alexa Bliss, and leaves vowing she'll win at Mania.

They replay the backstage altercation with Baron Corbin and Dean Ambrose. They give an update on his condition, saying that he's at the local medical center coughing up blood. AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton is next.

205 LIVE: Austin Aries will answer question about his future.

TALKING SMACK: Apollo Crews, Alexa Bliss, and the Miz with Maryse will guest star.

AJ styles comes to the ring for the main event, and takes the mic to say a few words. He says he deserves a shot for all he's done making Smackdown must see, not burning down someone's house. He says he's built for the main event of Wrestlemania, and nobody will keep him from it. Orton makes his way to the ring next.


We come back rom break and the match starts. The two eye each other as the crowd breaks into dueling chants. Styles tries to end things quick but Orton attempts the RKO. Styles ducks it and escapes. He re enters the ring and the two tie-up. Orton rams Styles into the corner and the two neutralize. Styles gets Orton in a quick headlock, Orton tries to whip but it's in too tight. Orton counters with a back suplex, but it still doesn't get him off. Orton finally gets a whip in and connects a shoulder block to Styles. The two try a test of strength which AJ refuses with a kick. Styles whips Orton but Orton reverses with a nasty whip of his own flooring Styles. He hangs Styles up on the top rope and tries for a pin but they're too close to the ropes. Orton corners Styles again and delivers a big upper cut. He trades him to a different corner which gives Styles enough time to capitalize with a strike that injures Orton's leg. The two trade whip reversals, Orton gets the upper hand with an exploder suplex. They both go to the outside, where Orton does a back suplex onto the barricade to Styles. Styles escapes to the inside of the ring, Orton gives chase. Styles sneaks in a chop block to the injured leg as we head to break.

We return with Styles in control, wrenching on Orton's injured leg. Orton manages to get out with some heavy strikes. Styles corners him, but Orton reverses, and sprawls Styles out. AJ tries to go for the leg again but fails. The two trade strikes, but Styles manages to get one on the injured leg, grounding Orton. Styles cinches in a tight sleeper. Orton makes it to his feet and gets out with some strikes, Styles tried to regain the upper hand but Orton delivers multiple clotheslines and a snap powerslam. Orton tried the RKO but Styles reverses, Orton quickly counters with a full nelson slam. Styles escapes to the corner, Orton connects with stomps. Orton plants Styles on the turnbuckle and tries for a superplex. Styles reverses and drops Orton onto the turnbuckle. Styles delivers a fireman's neckbreaker for a near fall. Styles calls for the Styles Clash, but Orton reverses with a dump over the top rope. Styles climbs back up but is caught by Orton. Orton misses the rope DDT and Styles capitalizes with a calf crusher on the injured leg. Orton get's a rope break, Styles misses a big corner splash. Orton gets the rope DDT after Styles fails to do the Phenomenal Forearm. Orton calls for the RKO and goes for it, but eats a Pele kick. Styles runs to the corner again and is dumped, and tries for the forearm again, Radny attempts an RKO but Styles cleverly fakes the springboard. Orton lands on his back, Styles misses the springboard 450. Orton capitalizes with a pop-up RKO for the pinfall win.


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