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WWE Raw Results (3/6)

WWE Raw Results (3/6)

Welcome to WWE Raw, coming to you from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL so expect a ruckus crowd! We are hot of the tails of Fastlane where a new Universal Champion was crowned in Goldberg. Will Brock Lesnar confront the champ ahead of their huge main event at Wrestlemania 33? What about Kevin Owens, who lost his title to Goldberg in humiliating fashion thanks to a distraction from Chris Jericho, returning the favor from the beat down he received at the hands of Owens at the Festival of Friendship. Will we see the two come face to face again tonight? Charlotte might also be looking for revenge after having her undefeated PPV streak was broken by Bayley thanks to interference Sasha Banks, so expect Charlotte to want some answers tonight. Also, we could see Braun Strowman in a fowl mood after suffering a loss to Roman Reigns, Enzo and Cass could be eager for a rematch, The New Day could be telling us what exactly their ice cream looks like, a Demon and a Deadman could make a shocking appearance. All this and more, make sure to tune in and refresh every five minutes for live coverage!


We kick off Raw with a recap of last nights Fastlane PPV. The video package shows the main event where Kevin Owens lost the Universal Championship to Goldberg due to a distraction from Chirs Jericho, and hypes the match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar for the championship at Wrestlemania 33.

Chirs Jericho makes his way to the ring to a big pop. He calls Chicago both the birth and the resurrection of Y2J, bragging about screwing Kevin Owens. He talks about how Owens betrayed him and his friendship, and calls him out for answers. Owens's music hits and he comes out slowly, in a bad mood. He asks why Jericho would think he would give him any answers after what he did at Fastlane. After Jericho persists, Owens tells Jericho he didn't betray his best friend because Jericho never was his best friend, calling him a tool that he used to keep his championship. He calls Jericho gullible, and the perfect tool until he accepted the Goldberg match on Owens's behalf. He says he would've beaten Goldberg, and that Jericho outsmarted him but only because he let him. He tells Jericho he spared him during the Festival of Friendship, and that by doing what he did at Fastlane he made the biggest mistake of his life. Jericho says the biggest mistake he made was falling for Owens's tricks, but that he blames himself partially. He says he has plenty of friends in the WWE Universe, which get's a big pop from the crowd. Jericho says its only the beginning, and challenges him to a match at Wrestlemania. Owens says all he can think about is taking away Jericho's title away, and Jericho quickly accepts the challenge. Owens goes to walk away, but Jericho tries to goat Owens into a match tonight. Owens runs to the ring and the two brawl, until Samoa Joe comes from behind to help Owens take down Jericho. Sami Zayn comes out for the save with a chair and helps Jericho out, but is then double teamed. Jericho comes back with a chair to return the favor to Zayn. The two stand tall in the ring as Owens and Joe return to the back wounded.


IMPROMPTU SINGLES MATCH: Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

Zayn and Owens trade blows with Zayn getting the upper hand. He lands punches in the corner, Owens gains control with a throw to the outside. Owens goes to the outside and is met with a big clothesline. Zayn runs him into the barricade and throws him back in, and Owens takes advantage with some strikes and a Cannonball. He misses a Pop-Up Powerbomb, Zayn counters with a dropkick. Owens escapes to the outside where Zayn dives into Owens over the referee. The two return to the ring, and Owen's uses a brief distraction to connect the Pop-Up Powerbomb. He pummels Zayn on the ground, and plant him with a Somersault Leg Drop to the back of the head. Owens lands a Pump Handle Neck-Breaker, and then connects another Pop-Op Powerbomb for the pinfall.



ANNOUNCEMENT: Samoa Joe vs. Chris Jericho tonight.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Goldberg to speak tonight. 

Cruiserweight action is next, and they play Austin Aries's video package. Most likely hyping a return to the ring soon.



CM Punk chants break out before the match even starts, they both refuse to shake hands and Swann fires out of the gate with a big clothesline. Swann hits some fast offense. Neville tries to gain the upper hand on the outside, but Swann reverses and drives Neville into the barricade. Neville returns the favor with two drives into the ring apron.

We return from the break with Neville in control with a headlock. Swann struggles to get back to his feet. An Austin Aries chant breaks out and Aries says he hears them. Neville attempts a springboard, but Swann reverse with a stiff kick. Swann climbs the turnbuckle and lands a huge swanton onto Neville on the outside. Swann loses control when they re-enter the ring but gains it back with some fast offense and a big driver for a near fall. Swann climbs the turnbuckle again but Neville catches him with a strike, and connects a massive superplex. Before Neville can cover, Swann smartly rolls out of the ring. Neville follows him out and drives him into the barricade before the break.

Neville is in control when we come back, but Swann hits a huge strike to try to gain control. They trade reversals until Swann lands a big superkick for a near fall. Swann climbs the turnbuckle again, Neville attempts to reverse but Swann catches him with another kick. Swann misses a phoenix splash, and Neville wrenches in the Ring of Saturn for the submission win.


Austin Aries joins Neville in the ring for an interview. Aries asks how it feels to be on top. Before he can answer the audience chants for Aries. Neville says he did exactly what he said he's do, and that he has laid waste to all the pretenders. He says no one else on 205 live can take him on. Aries asks does he really think there isn't anyone else, to which the audience responds with more Aries chants. Aries says they seem to disagree with him. Neville tells Aries he can't possibly think the he's even close to his level. He tells Aries to run off to the commentary table where he belongs, and to get out before he re-injures him. Aries says he's just trying to do his job, clearly getting irritated. Neville continues to get in his face. Aries then decks Neville with a big shot, and lays him out with a forearm. He climbs the turnbuckle but Neville retreats. Aries grabs the title and puts it on the apron.


BACKSTAGE: Enzo and Big Cass are backstage with Sheamus and Cesaro. Sheamus says they both choked in their championship match at Fastlane. Enzo says Cesaro has pepperoni pizza nipples, and Big Cass tells them to watch their match tonight to see if they choke then.


Goldberg make his way to the ring with a pretty mixed reaction surprisingly. Goldberg chants start to pipe up as Goldberg is engulfed in sparks. He says it belongs to the WWE Universe as much as it does to him. Huge CM Punk chants break out as Paul Heyman comes out to a big pop. He says he's not man enough to go to the ring to face off with Goldberg, but knows who will. He says he didn't come alone, and Brock Lesnar's music hits. He makes his way to the ring as the two trade glares. The two face-off in the ring. Heyman says Lesnar understands how happy Goldberg must be to be champion, but that Lesnar is even happier for the same reason. He says only one will walk out the winner, and the other will walk out the loser. He says he makes spoilers, not predictions, and that his spoiler for Wrestlemania 33 is that there will be a new Uniervsal champion. Lesnar extends his hand for a shake, until Heyman says he will become Lesnar's bitch, which distracts Goldberg enough for Lesnar to connect an F-5. Goldberg is left laying in the ring. After Lesnar leaves, Goldberg get's up irate. 


RECAP: A video package shows Strowman from Fastlane with the huge powerslam through the announce table. It's announced that Strowman will "finish what he started".



Enzo and Cass make their way out first and cut their usual pre-match promo. Enzo says they should be champs, but that the night is still young. Cass says they'll walk out with the gold, like Michael Jordan in...a lot of times. The club makes their way out afterwards. 

Gallows and Enzo start the match, Gallows lays into Enzo with some strikes. Enzo manages to get in some kicks of his own, and makes the tag to Cass who gains the upper hand. Gallows tags into Anderson and he trades blows with Cass. Cass rams Anderson into Gallows causing them both to drop to the outside. Before Enzo and attempt a dive, Sheamus and Cesaro make their way to the ring before the break.

We return from the break with Anderson having the upper hand with Enzo. Sheamus and Cesaro are still watching on from the outside as Anderson tags in Gallows who hits Enzo with some punches. Enzo reverses a powerslame into a big tornado DDT, and manages to tag in Cass. Anderson i tagged in, Cass goes wild with signature offense, and ends the chain with an Empire Elbow. Enzo saves Cass from a double team by Gallows, and dives into Gallows on the outside. Enzo runs into Sheamus and Cesaro, spilling Cesaro's coffee. This cause them to get involved and force the disqualification. A brawl breaks out and they throw everyone out of the ring. Sheamus hits Enzo with a massive Brogue Kick.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Rick Rude will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Bayley will address her Wrestlemania future.

BACKSTAGE: Cass and Sheamus are shown brawling backstage. Mick Foley announces the two will have a match next week, and who ever wins will go to Mania with their respective partner.


SINGLES MATCH: Akira Tazawa vs. Ariya Davari

They both lock up with Davari getting the upper hand. Davari connect with a big clothesline for a near fall, and lands a big knee to the back of the head of Tazawa. Davari wrenches the neck, Tazawa gets up and the two trade chops. Tazawa pumps up the crowd and hit Davari with a punch and senton. Davari leaves the ring and Tazawa connects with a suicide headbutt. The re-enter the ring, Tazawa misses a move off the turnbuckle, but manages to land the snap German suplex for the pinfall win.  


Tazawa calls out Brian Kendrick, and Kendrick comes out to say he'll answer him tomorrow on 205 Live, telling him to be careful what he wishes for.


The New Day come with their ice cream cart like they did at Fastlane while the Shining Stars wait in the ring for their match. They say the ice cream represents the WWE Universe's dreams.

SINGLES MATCH: The New Day vs. The Shining Stars

Epico and Kofi start the the match and The Shining Stars gain the advantage off the bat with a double team. The Shining Stars then focus on the ice cream, but are taken out by Big E and Kofi. They throw them back in the ring and deliver the Big Ending for the quick pinfall win.

WINNERS: The New Day


VIDEO: There is a video package for Trish and Lita, representing Women's History Month.


Mick Foley is in the ring and brings in Bayley. The commentary team talks about the controversial win, with Sasha making the save. Foley congratulates her for her win, but Bayley doesn't feel like she should be. Nevertheless, she says she needs to look forward to Wrestlemania. She remembers where she was during the last one, watching her friends fight for the title. She says something doesn't feel right about her reign, but Foley says all that matters is where she's going. He asks who her opponent will be, and Sasha Banks comes out. She tells Baylay that the two of them always wanted to tear it up up at Mania, and challenges Bayley for the title at Wrestlemania. Charlotte makes her way to the ring after the crowd voices their approval. Charlotte says that Sasha planned it all along, and that it was her way of getting a title shot. Charlotte reminds everyone that she lost her ability to get another shot while Charlotte when she lost at Roadblock. Charlotte says she was robbed, and Foley says it doesn't matter. Stephanie McMahon makes her way out, and CM Punk chants start immediately. She calls them losers like Punk. Stephanie agrees with Charlotte and believes she deserves the match. Mick tells Stephanie not to leave Sasha out in the cold, and then purposes a match between Sasha and Charlotte to see who goes on to Mania. Stephanie instead decides to have Bayley vs. Sasha tonight, and if Sasha wins she will go on to Mania and make it a triple threat.


Charlotte joins commentary for the match, Bayley and Sasha high five in the ring and then lock up. Bayley cinches in a headlock, and the two trade wristlocks. Bayley takes down Sasha with a headlock, but Sasha regains ground. The two exchange grappling reversals until Sasha gains the slight advantage, wrenching on the elbow. Bayley reverses for a quick pin but Sasha kicks out. Bayley put Sasha in another headlock, Sasha whips Bayley, Bayley hit Sasha with a hip toss. Sasha puts Bayley in a headlock now and then returns the favor with a  hip toss off her own, followed by an arm drag. Bayley puts in a wrist lock and hits an arm drag, Bayley splashes Sasha in the corner. Bayley puts in an arm bar, Sasha reverses and gains control. Sasha hits a step up arm drag, Bayley rolls out of the ring. The two go in and out trying to connect their own offense, Sasha manages to end the back and forth with a large strike laying out Bayley before the break.

We return from the break with both competitors exchanging reversals again. They then exchange near falls, Sasha locks in an armbar. Bayley whips Sasha to the ropes, Sasha reverses. The two exchange reversals yet again, Bayley tries the Belly to Bayley but wasn't able to connect. Charlotte makes her way to the ring as Sasha reverses a sunset flip with a heavy double knee strike. Charlotte mocks her from the outside. Bayley whips Sasha to the corner but is reversed by being driven into the turnbuckle. Bayley reverses and tries to connect a crossbody from the top rope but misses. Sasha with the Bank Statement, Bayley grabs the rope. Bayley tries to gain ground, Sasha locks in the Bank Statement again. Charlotte and Dana distract, Sasha is able to make Bayley submit after dealing with two on the apron.


Charlotte takes out Sasha with a big boot. She takes the title and points to the Wrestlemania sign.


RECAP: They replay the powerslam through the table, and hype the segment with Brawn Strowman later tonight.

ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be a look at Seth Rollins's rehab, as well as Triple H's take.

BACKSTAGE: Roman Reigns says if Strowman wants to find him, he'll be in the middle of the ring tonight.

VIDEO: A package is played detailing Seth Rollins's injury at the hands of Samoa Joe. They replay his answer to Graves's question whether or not he'll be at Wrestlemania, and Triple H's response. Seth says he'll be at Wrestlemania one way or another. The doctors says he's putting in almost 7 hours a day in rehab. The package shows the types of exercises he does to rehab his knee. He says he has nothing else to do but recover and be at Wrestlemania. He says he can't miss two years in a row, and that he wants it more than anything.


Triple H is interviewed on the titantron. Triple H praises the WWE for the care they are giving Seth Rollins. He says he took what he said last week as ignorance, and now that doctors are telling him he shouldn't it stupidity instead. Triple H says he's been called many things, but it was others who made those names. He says Rollins calls himself the man because no one else will. He says Rollins wants to go to Wrestlemania because it's his dream, but if he shows up Triple H will make it a nightmare.


VIDEO: They play a video package of Emmalina transforming back into Emma, and that she will debut soon. Hopefully it's sooner than the last transformation.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Owens will take on Jericho at Wrestlemania 33 for the U.S. Title.

SINGLES MATCH: Samoa Joe vs. Chris Jericho

Joe goes right to Jericho and lays into him with shots. Jericho reverses a whips with an elbow, but Joe gains the upper hand with an enziguri. Jericho gains a bit of ground with some shots, Joe throws Jericho over the apron. Jericho jump up to the turnbuckle and connect with a cross body. Jericho run into a stiff elbow from Joe and a big senton on the ground. Joe strikes Jericho and locks in an armbar. Jericho reverses it into a roll-up and then into a Walls of Jericho. They both rise to their feet, Jericho connects with several kicks. Joe escapes to the outside, Jericho misses a baseball slide which Joe takes advantage of in order to cinch in a Kokina Clutch. Joe leaves him on the outside and rolls in for the count-out win.


Joe attempts to bring Jericho into the ring for more damage, but Jericho responds with a Codebreaker.


Strowman is shown making his way to the ring before the break, and he isn't in a good mood.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Austin Aries will have a message for Neville on 205 Live.


Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring, and get's on the mic to tell Roman Reigns he got lucky. He calls him out so that he can rip him apart, to which Roman Reigns's music hits for a split second until...The Undertaker's music hits!

Taker stares down Strowman from the ramp and makes his way to the ring to confront him. Strowman takes a step back and leaves the ring. He then escapes through the audience and circles around. Roman Reigns's music hits and he comes out to confront Taker himself. They stare each other down in the ring. He said Strowman didn't call Taker, he called him, and that it's Roman Reigns's yard now. The Undertaker looks at the Wrestlemania sign and then surprises Reigns with a chokeslam. Taker leaves Reigns in the ring grasping at his throat. He throws his fist up as this episode of Raw comes to a close.


What did you think of tonight's Raw? Make sure you leave you comments in the comments section and let us know what you think!




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