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Abyss Says We'll See A Few Surprises At The Upcoming TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Mar 01, 2017

Abyss Says We'll See A Few Surprises At The Upcoming TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings

Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Abyss
Date: 03/01/2017
Your Host: James Walsh

He’s been with TNA since the very first episode. In 2003, he became Abyss on screen and has been the constant for Impact Wrestling
ever since. With a changing character ranging from the Monster with a barbed wire board he calls Janice to attorney named Joseph
Park, Abyss is the Phenom of TNA. And, we are lucky enough to have him for a brief, yet meaningful, interview this week on Interactive Wrestling Radio. Download the MP3 here or at http:www.wrestlingepicenter.com


On TNA’s new owners Anthem:
“It is exciting times right now. The energy in the room and the energy with the boys is really strong right now. Anthem, and the Anthem folks, have really set the table for us and things are going great. There’s a lot of excitement, a lot of enthusiasm and I think it is going to reflect in the shows that you see.”

On the rumors of major changes at the next taping:
“Yeah, I mean, stay tuned! I don’t want to give too much away but as I said, it is a new day. You’re going to see a few surprises, some new faces, and some old ones as well. It is exciting times and I really believe in my heart and in my head that the shows are going to reflect that.”

On Decay and teaming with Crazy Steve:
“Oh gosh, it is incredible! He’s such a young, hungry, passionate piece of talent and a great person outside the ring. We get along great. I knew him before we were tagging and I have gotten to know him even better now. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

On the change of Decay’s theme music:
“You know what? The new one is really growing on me. I really like it. It is an original piece of music that Dale Oliver produced here at Impact. I like the vibe of it. I like the sound of it. Definitely, I liked “The Nobodies”. The Marilyn Manson music, it was great! But, I like the new one. It is original. It is ours. We own it. So, I’m really excited about it!”

On if he regrets the extremely violent things he’s had done to him:
“(laughs) Gosh, there’s probably a few things I have felt that way about. But, there’s nothing that I did that I wouldn’t do again or that I look back and regret. Everything I did, I really think it cemented Abyss as a formidable opponent and somebody not to be messed with. There’s a lot of stuff that I did that I feel everyday when I wake up. But, I wouldn’t change it or do anything different.”

On working with Hulk Hogan:
“It was a dream come true! I was the biggest fan of Hulk Hogan was a child and a teenager. I never ever dreamed that I would have the opportunity to actually work with him. So, when that opportunity came up, it was a dream come true. Just to get to know him personally and our friendship, and our business relationship inside the ring and outside the ring… It was something I was honored to say I was able to get a good relationship and get to know Hulk a little bit outside of wrestling. Nothing but good things! He is a great person. I think he takes a lot of unnecessary flack sometimes on the Internet and in the media. He treated me like absolute gold.”

On the challenges of the Joseph Park character:
“Oh Gosh, I loved it! It was a complete challenge to be a 360 degree opposite of Abyss! Everything, the mannerisms, the way I walked, the way I talked, the way I handled things. It was a huge challenge. It re-invigorated me. It was a great character. I personally liked what we did with it in the end… I don’t think it truly ended! Joseph Park come pop up any time or place. I loved it. It was reallyw ell written by the writers and so forth and it was a lot of fun to execute.”

On TNA Impact Wrestling in 2017:
“I think you hit it on the head. It is a fresh start, a new look, and a new kind of adventure for wrestling fans. We’re going to see some new faces, some old faces. We’re really going to build from scratch with some new faces… I am kind of tripping because I don’t want to give too much away. I implore wrestling fans to check it out. It is going to be really neat!”

On Matt and Jeff Hardy leaving TNA:
“You know, I don’t know. That is something that is way over my head. I don’t know the answer to that. I will say that Matt and Jeff Hardy have been consumate professionals in and out of the ring with TNA and Impact Wrestling in and out of the ring over the years. I have a great relationship with both of them. I think nothing but the world of them. What they did for this company is nothing short of incredible. Matt re-inventing himself, Jeff being Jeff. They’re both just incredibly hard working people. I wish them nothing but the best no matter what.”

On having Jeff Jarrett back in charge of TNA:
“Nice! It feels nice! It is very comforting. You know, I know Jeff a long time and everything he does, his heart, his soul is this business. He doesn’t mind building this business. TO see him back in charge leading the charge, leading the troops is a comforting feeing. Jeff’s the first one in the trenches for the fight. He’s a great leader. it is going to reflect in the shows as well.”

On Ethan Carter III saying Abyss stinks at fantasy football:
“Well, Ethan Carter is just a little jealous because he’s a life long Cleveland Browns fan. He obviously doesn’t have legs to stand on there. His team is the bottom of the barrell of NFL teams so you’ve got to cut him a little slack there. You know, I did have a rough fantasy football year. But, Ethan Carter didn’t exactly light it up either. So, we’ll take the fight into next season and see who the real champ is.”

On his fantasy football team name:
“My team name is the East Cheyenne Dogs. It was a town we went and did a house show… I love Cheyenne, Wyoming so I named my team after them!”

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