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Jim Ross Believes More Talent to Leave Impact Wrestling Soon

Posted By: Mario Anderson on Feb 28, 2017

Jim Ross Believes More Talent to Leave Impact Wrestling Soon

It was recently announced that Impact Wrestling is losing top names, Drew Galloway along with Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Long time WWE/WCW announcer and hall of famer, Jim Ross wrote on his latest blog that he expects more departures from Impact Wrestling to be announced in the coming days, "Expect more talents to likely leave Impact Wrestling as that is the norm for the biz when creative and management changes are made. It’s akin to a sports team replacing their coaching staff with a new one. The new style/philosophy doesn’t always fit for all the incumbent talents.”

Ross also added, “Anxious to see where the Hardy Boys wind up but make no mistake that they will have no issues finding, viable work from a variety of promoters. Matt and Jeff would be a great addition to a WWE roster specifically if WWE is committed to Hardy friendly creative for the duo who started in WWE and who I would suggest should wind up there when the time comes. This is a big loss for Impact if this goes down this way. This would be a significant “get” for WWE if WWE can close the deal. But make no mistake, with the Indy scene as it currently is, Matt and Jeff and create plenty of good paydays doing their own thing especially when it pertains to their merchandise business.”

Source: J.R.s Blog (jrbarbq.com) Tags: #matt hardy #jeff hardy #drew galloway #impact

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