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WWE Smackdown Live Results (1/31) Corpus Christi, TX

WWE Smackdown Live Results (1/31) Corpus Christi, TX

How will the WWE universe feel now that John Cena is the new World Heavyweight champion?

Smackdown Live kicks off with AJ Styles watching highlights from last weekend's Royal Rumble. He turns around to Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan who are talking about how great it was and about Randy Orton winning the Rumble. Styles says he's not waiting till the Elimination Chamber to get his rematch against Cena. McMahon went on to tell him he would be a part of the Elimination Chamber, along with other names, like Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose.

John Cena, the now 16 time World Heavyweight Champion comes to the ring and actually seems to get more of a pop than normal. He announces, "The champ is here!" Which was followed by chants of, "Lets go Cena, Cena sucks!"Cena goes on to say he wanted to apologize to Styles who he said brought out the best in him and that he was more than just a guy from Georgia. The Wyatts music hits and Bray and Randy Orton come out to tell Cena that the championship he covets won't be his long because he'd be in the elimination chamber with ace a in two weeks, Orton follows by telling Cena it was time to "end this" speaking of their ongoing feud over the years. As they make their way into the ring the lights go out and the Wyatts music plays again only to show Luke Harper is now in ring behind ace a. Cent tosses his championship out of the ring and is ready to take on all three when Bray and Randy head to retreat. Shane McMahon comes out and makes a tag match between Bray and Randy vs.. Cena and Harper, which is up next.

After commercial we come back to Cena and Bray starting things off, Bray quickly tags in Orton. Cena tags in Harper and he quickly dominates Orrin, who he blames for the fall out he had with Wyatt. The fight goes out of the ring as Harper suplexes Orton onto the hard floors. Harper comes face to face in ring with Wyatt however he goes over and tags in Cena. Wyatt quickly gains control over Cena. Wyatt tags in Orton as we go to commercial. Orton and Wyatt continue to dominate and as Harper is trying to get a tag from Cena, who clearly cannot get to him, Wyatt comes toe to toe in a stare down with Wyatt before Wyatt returns to beating Cena down. Finally Harper is in the ring with Wyatt, he tries to use Wyatts move, sister Abigail, to win but Wyatt manages to reverse it. This match ends with Orton giving Cena an RKO and wins by pin fall.

The tag match between Naomi and Becky Lynch vs.. Alexa Bliss and Mickie James.

After commercial break we return to see James Ellsworth who seems a little more cocky than normal and seems to have gotten a makeover from his boo, Carmella. He introduces her and they proceed to hold hands and skip to the ring. Carmella's opponent is already in the ring, it is a lady by the name of Delilah Johnson, who looks a little like Rainbow Bright with blue hair. Carmella wins by pinfall.

Next up is Dolph Ziggler vs.. Kalisto, the new aggressive Ziggler is having a little trouble getting a hand up on Kalisto, but finally manages to get Kalisto on the ground. Commentary goes on to say that Ziggler is having issues with a lot of people, including Jerry "The King" Lawler. Apollo Crews is shown watching the match backstage. Ziggler gets a superkick in on Kalisto for the win. Ziggler, not done with Kalisto begins to attack him once again before Crews comes out for the save and Ziggler retreats into the crowd.

Backstage they interview Naomi and Becky Lynch, Lynch says she's used to being attacked from all angles and she's ready for Bliss and James. Noami follows it up and says she's ready to bring the glow just like they did at the Royal Rumble on Sunday.

It's time for the women's tag team match, first out Naomi and Becky Lynch followed by the and the newly returning, Mickie James and the WWE women's champ, Alexa Bliss . Lynch and James start things off, Lynch tells her if she wants to go, then lets go. James follows it up by blowing Lynch a kiss and tagging in Alexa Bliss, who Lynch easily dominates. Lynch tags in Naomi who gets in a leg drop right off and pins her for a two count. Bliss trash talks Naomi before tagging in Mickie James. James gets a drop kick in on Naomi but only pins her for a two count. James tags in Bliss but Naomi can't manage to get over to Lynch to make a tag. Naomi, clearly worn down, makes a tag finally and then Bliss tagged in James. Lynch is quick to get in a spinning back kick, suplex and has James down for the count, but she kicks out. Lynch heads up to the top rope, only to be distracted by Alexa Bliss, allowing James to knock her off the top ropes and regain control. After commercial, we come back to this match still in full swing with Alexa Bliss now in control of Becky Lynch. Bliss tags in James who continues her assault on Lynch but Lynch doesn't quit fighting and tries to gain the upper hand without any luck. James goes for the cover, but Lynch kicks out only to be put into a submission hold by James. Lynch manages to get to her feet only to be knocked back down by James. Lynch tags in Naomi finally who unloads on Bliss. Lynch and James fight outside the ring, while a distracted Bliss is pinned by Naomi for the win.

Backstage interview with American Alpha, the tag team champions. They are asked what's next for them and they say they are fighting champions and puts out an open challenge to the locker room.

After another highlight reel from the Rumble, it is said that later on Talking Smack Randy Orton, Naomi and American Alpha will the guests. American Alpha are now shown in ring and ready to announce the open challenge for their tag team championships, the fighting champions are don't have a hard time finding someone to take them up on their offer as the Uso's music hits, but just as they step in the ring the Acension , the Vaudevillians, Breezango, and former champs, Heath Slater and Rhino come out as well. It turns into a giant brawl and total chaos immediately.

We return after commercial to continued chaos between the tag teams but now there are four refs in the mix trying to break it up and gain some order to the situation. Unfortunately this ends with no match and American Alpha still tag team champs.

We go straight to the Natayla and Nikki Bella fued, Daniel Bryan brings them together backstage only to find Natayla has hired body guards since she, "No longer feels safe at work," Danie Bryan tells them he has made a match between Nikki and Natayla for the Elimination Chamber. Natalya is not happy about this news, she pushes her body guards out of the way and stomps out.

Main Event time!

Dean Ambrose is out first to a huge pop, followed by and equal pop for, "The face that runs the place," AJ Styles.

It's worth noting that prior to this match it is announced that The Miz, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, AJ Styles, and Baron Corbin will be going against John Cena in the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Heavyweight Title.

After commercial, Neville shoots a promo for 205 Live since he is the new King of the Cruiserweights.

It's also announced that John Cena will be facing Randy Orton next week.

We are finally ready to start the Ambrose vs.. Styles match up, with Miz and Maryse on commentary. In ring Ambrose and Styles are going pretty much head to head with Styles seeming to have a small advantage over Ambrose. As the match goes on the Miz talks about the Elimination Chamber match and says this isn't his first time in the Chamber but mentions it is the first for a few of the Superstars, Styles brings Ambrose out of the ring and slams him onto the announce table but quickly gets Ambrose back in the ring and continues the assault while The Miz defends "stealing" moves from Daniel Bryan. Ambrose gets back in it only to find Styles one step ahead of him. Styles is very dominant, however Ambrose is able to counter his moves and gain some control over the match. As Ambrose throws Styles out of the ring, Baron Corbin's music hits and he walks to the ring staring down Ambrose and a dazed Styles. Baron Corbin makes his way to the commentary desk only for the Miz to make sure Corbin doesn't steal his spotlight. In the ring, Ambrose is down and Styles has regained control of the match. Back on commentary Corbin calls the Miz, "A joke," which he doesn't take very well, following it up asking Corbin what exactly he's done besides when a battle royal. Ambrose is now back in control after getting a second wind, however Styles is able to counter Ambrose as they continue to go back and forth. Ambrose counters Styles spring board and pins Styles for a two count. They continue to get several two counts on each other and frustration is obviously setting in for them both. Ambrose gets a big clothesline on Styles, both men get back to their feet and Ambrose attempts a dirty deeds but Styles counters only to have Ambrose throw him out of the ring. Ringside a fight breaks out between The Miz and Baron Corbin. The distracted Ref doesn't see Ambrose has Styles pinned, an angry Ambrose jumps on Baron Corbin when he get back in the ring, Styles gives him a Styles Clash for the win. Styles leaves the ring and the Miz jumps in to attack Ambrose only to get an End of Days by Baron Corbin, Corbin then turns to Ambrose and give him the finisher also. Smackdown Live ends with Baron Corbins music as he stands victorious in the ring, Ambrose laying defeated next to him and The Miz cowering to the back with Maryse.



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