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WWE Raw Results (1/30) Laredo, TX

WWE Raw Results (1/30) Laredo, TX

What will the aftermath of the Royal Rumble hold for the WWE Universe? Follow our live coverage of Monday night Raw!

Monday night Raw kicks off with the Universal champion, Kevin Owens music hitting. He, along with his best friend, Chris Jericho coming to the ring. Kevin Owens starts off by letting everyone know that even though Mick Foley wanted to set him up to fail that he was still the Universal champion. Kevin Owens went on the praise his best friend, Chris Jericho for lasting in the Royal Rumble for an entire 61 minutes. 

Their fun was short lived as Braun Strowman made his way to the ring to remind Kevin Owens of the the Universal title shot he had been promised prior to the Royal Rumble, Kevin tries to get out of it but Braun Strowman has the footage to show KO exactly what he did say. Mick Foley comes out and goes back and forth with KO, finally saying Strowman would get his match tonight.  

Up next is Chris Jericho against Sami Zayn, Zayn picks up a win via pin fall against the United States Champion.

Next up Kevin Owens pleads his case with Stephanie McMahon, telling her he is way too beat up from last night and can't defend his championship against Strowman. Stephanie assures him she will talk to Mick Foley about canceling the match after she deals with the Seth Rollins situation.

Next up is some Cruiserweight action, Tony Nese vs. Mustafa Ali. Nese appears to have the advantage, after some showboating Mustafa is able to pin Nese, however he kicks out. Nese knocks Ali off the top rope and takes advantage of the situation picking up the win.

Seth Rollins comes out to a huge pop, smile on his face, clearly proud of what he's done. He tells the audience that even though he was banned from the building last night, that he's definitely here tonight! He goes on to tell Stephanie who hasn't come out yet, that she needs to "suck it up buttercup".  Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring, she is visibly very angry about the situation that took place with Seth Rollins at the NXT Takeover San Antonio on Saturday where he called out Triple H, who had security escort the irate Rollins out of the building. Stephanie says Seth is immature and goes on to tell him that Triple H isn't there and he is afraid, but that he's afraid of what he will do to Rollins. Rollins calls Stephanie delusional. Stephanie says he's the delusional one, the one who was hurt last year, the one who interrupted NXT Takeover and the one banned from the Royal Rumble and then she demands an apology from him. Obviously there will be no apology, Rollins says that Triple H is just a man in a suit now, he isn't the Cerebral Assassin anymore, and that Triple H sees him as a threat to his legacy. He goes on to tell her he has nothing left to lose and this won't end till he gets his hands on Triple H and "slays the king".  Stephanie, enraged, says she lied previously and that Triple H was on his way to the arena. Seth looks very pleased as the segment ends.

Next up, 6 man mixed tag team match, first out Cesaro , Sheamus, and Bayley. They will be up against, the new Raw tag team champs, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, they will tag with Charlotte.  Bayley and Charlotte start things off, however, Charlotte quickly tags in Anderson, Cesaro tags in and Anderson hits him with an elbow but is quick to tag in Gallows. Charlotte distracts Cesaro and Gallows kicks him off the top rope and out of the ring. after commercial break we come back to Anderson who delivers a spine buster to Cesaro Anderson covers but Cesaro kicks out. Cesaro tags in Sheamus, who goes up to the top rope landing on and. Pinning Gallows, who was tagged in. Charlotte tries to distract Sheamus when she sees Gallows is clearly in trouble, however Bayley is able to make the queen back down.Charlotte and Bayley are tagged in with Charlotte trying to lock in a figure 8 however Bayley gets out of it and follows up with a belly to belly suplex pinning Charlotte for the win.

Backstage we see Stephanie and Mick Foley having a conversation where Stephanie tells Mick that apparently he's had a "brain fart" by making a match for Owens to defend against Strowman. Mick asks her to trust him to do the job she hired him to do.

Neville comes out as the new "King of the Cruiserweights" he tells the crowd he's the king and no one ever believed in him, calling the crowd names but then Rick Swan, who lost his title last night to Neville, quickly comes to the ring and sends king  but sends into a fast retreat.

Sasha and Bayley have a small backstage segment where Bayley talks to Sasha about waiting to exact revenge on Nia Jax till her knee is healed. Sasha is quick to tell Bayley she wont be doing that.

Backstage Jericho breaks the news to KO that he WILL be having a match with Strowman, clearly upset with that Jericho tries to calm the situation however KO asks Jericho if he has his back, after giving some excuses he agrees hesitantly that he will.

Next up a Strowman vs Owens and Jericho on commentary. Strowman's music hits but he goes straight over to Jericho at commentity and choke slams him through the announce table before walking to the ring. Without Jericho KO looks a little worried. Doctors attend to Jericho as the match begins. Kevin is on his own. Strowman clearly has the advantage as the match begins. Owens stuns Strowman outside the ring and hopes for a count out, when Strowman gets back in the ring Owens gets in a frog splash but Strowman is able to kick out. Reigns music hits! He won't be letting Strowman get HIS title shot, after a stare down with Strowman he throws a superman punch, the bell is rang and the match end in disqualification. Reigns isn't done, he continues his assault on Strowman outside the ring. After his attack on Strowman he gets back in the ring and does the same to KO.

Recap of Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins confrontation.

Cuts to limo pulling up, everyone is thinking its Triple H, but out steps Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.

After commercial, Lesnar is on his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. He isn't happy because of Goldberg embarrassing once again. The crown chants, "Suplex City" as Heyman begins to speak, he is quickly interrupted by Goldberg chants to which Heyman says are irrelevant, Heyman seems to be a little upset with Lesnar, he talks about the "yeah, but" statements he hears and now he's hearing "Yeah, but Goldberg" he says he hates "yeah but" because it tarnishes legacies, and it must be wiped out, and eradicated.

Lesnar calls out Goldberg for one more match at WrestleMania!!!

Everyone is anticipating the confrontation between Seth Rollins and Triple H.

Against advice from her friend, Sasha Banks is now on the way to the ring to get some retribution against Nia Jax. Even with her bad knee Sasha is putting up a fight, however, Nia is able to get her in a full nelson outside the ring and further injures her knee by throwing her into the steel ring posts. Sasha, clearly in pain, is trying to fight off Jax but she is relentless, it seems she wants to end Banks career. Ref calls match but Jax continues to deconstruct Banks. Bayley comes out to help Banks, while trying to keep an eye on the devious, Nia Jax. Jax leaves with a smile on her face.

Up next, tornado tag match, Enzo and Big Cass vs. Rusev and Jinder Mahal. (Tornado tag is when all four men are allowed to be in the ring at the same time.)

Rusev and Jinder Mahal are out first, then Enzo and Big Cass are out with loud cheers of, "How you doin?" from the audience. Enzo and Big Cass heckle Rusev and Mahal as they walk to the ring, getting the audience to do the "SAWFT" chant. All the men go right to it even before the bell rings. Everyone ends up outside the ring, Big Cass takes it to Rusev but Mahal comes to save his partner, Enzo is quick to follow jumping on Mahal's back. Rusev and Mahal were able to dominate through the commercial break, however Big Cass and Enzo try to rally but Enzo is quickly shut down. Big Cass also is being thrown around like a rag doll by Rusev and Mahal. After getting back in the ring, Enzo, barely able to stand as Rusev continues the attack on him, he and Mahal continue to ware Enzo down. Big Cass with a second wind, gets back in the ring and begins to gain some ground as he takes out Mahal and Rusev. Enzo and Big Cass are able to pin Rusev with a final Bada Boom Shakalaka!

Triple H has arrived!

Goldberg will be live next week on Raw to respond to Lesnar's challenge.

Triple H is on his way to the ring to confront Seth Rollins, this is Triple H's first appearance on Raw since August when he cost Rollins the title.

 Triple H begins by talking about how Seth Rollins became the face of the WWE with Triple H by his side. He said Rollins could have had whatever he wanted in the business but he couldn't keep up his end of the bargain, then goes on to mock his knee injury, then he continues on about how he came back after 7 months and was a failure because he didn't have Triple H anymore.  He asks the crowd if they know how hard it is to not come to the ring when Rollins calls him out, but that Stephanie has asked him not to be that guy anymore, and to do what's "best for business". He said he's done trying, takes off his jacket tie, and unbuttons his shirt as the crowd cheers, "Triple H". He calls out Seth Rollins, telling him to come to the ring and meet his destroyer, with that Rollins music hits and he comes out with a determined look on his face. The game is in the ring and ready but out of nowhere Somoa Joe attacks Rollins out of nowhere before he can even make it to the ring! Triple H walks out of the arena smiling as Somoa Joe tears Rollins apart! Somoa Joe gets Rollins in a camel clutch, Rollins is unconscious as Somoa Joe stands over him as Raw ends.



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