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WWE NXT TakeOver: San Antonio, Texas LIVE COVERAGE & RESULTS (01/28/2017)

WWE NXT TakeOver: San Antonio, Texas LIVE COVERAGE & RESULTS (01/28/2017)

Check here for updates on tonight's WWE NXT TakeOver: San Antonio event.

1. "The Perfect Ten" Tye Dillinger vs. Sanity's Eric Young

As the bell rings, Eric Young is trying to talk Tye into joining Sanity. Dillinger attacks the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Young goes outside the ring and of course the fans are chanting "TEN!" every time the referee counts. Tye ended up outside the ring where the Sanity members did a number on him while Young distracted the ref. Young then hits a picture-perfect Flying Elbow Drop on the back of Dillinger's neck/spine. Young now has Tye in a Dragon Sleeper while standing on the middle rope. He went for a pin but Tye kicked out. Young is in control of this match right now. Young tried to fly off the top but Tye caught him with a Dropkick. They're both down right now. Dillinger just hit a big Superplex off the top rope but Young kicks out at 2. Dillinger hit the Tye-Breaker but the Sanity members outside the ring but Eric's foot on the rope to stop the count. Eric Young beats Tye Dillinger with the Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker.

2. Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Roderick Strong

They start out with some good wrestling down on the mat. Strong hits a good Jumping Calf Kick. Almas has Strong down in the corner now and is standing on his shoulders. Almas has Strong in a Cross Armbreaker in the ropes. Fujiwara Armbar now by Almas. Almas then Scoop Slams Strong right on the arm. Strong is lighting up Almas with vicious strikes. Almas hits a German Suplex but Strong kicks out. Strong just hit a HUGE knee right to the face of Almas. Almas went for a Moonsault but Strong knocked him down and then picked him up and used the top turnbuckle for a Backbreaker variation. Roderick Strong defeats Andrade Almas with a Sick Kick.

3. NXT Tag Team Championship Match: DIY vs. Paul Ellering's Authors of Pain

It's Rezar and Ciampa starting things out. Rezar kept trying to Powerbomb Ciampa but Ciampa wouldn't allow it. Here comes Gargano. Everybody's in the ring now. The Authors of Pain are dominating this match for the most part right now. Akam has Gargano in a Canadian Backbreaker submission now. Ciampa is cleaning house here! He German Suplexed them one after another. DIY hits a Double Spear on Akam but the big man kicks out. AOP hits a Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combo on Ciampa but Ciampa kicks out... BARELY. Now DIY has double Armbar submissions on the AOP but Rezar overpowered Gargano and broke it all up by Powerslamming Gargano on top of Ciampa. The AOP hit the Super Collider on DIY and then they finished off Ciampa with the Last Chapter. We have NEW NXT Tag Team Champions.

4. NXT Women's Championship Match: Asuka vs. Billie Kay vs. Peyton Royce vs. Sanity's Nikki Cross

Billie and Peyton look as though they'll be teaming up together quite a bit in this match. They keep picking their spots when Asuka and Nikki start to fight. Asuka hits a Double German Suplex on both Billie and Peyton! Asuka also hits a German on Nikki now. Nikki Cross just hit Rob Conway's old Ego Trip finisher on Asuka outside the ring. Then she hit a Flying Crossbody on Billie and Peyton. Billie and Peyton just double-teamed Nikki by giving her a Suplex through a table near the entrance! Nikki Cross has seemingly been taken out of this match... at least for now. It's Peyton and Billie alone with Asuka now. Peyton hit a modified Widow's Peak on Asuka and Asuka was just barely able to kick out of that. Asuka was able to recover and made a huge comeback on Billie and Peyton. She kicked both of their heads off and covered Peyton to RETAIN the NXT Women's Championship!

5. NXT Championship Match: "The King of Strong Style" Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bobby Roode

The crowd seems to be split right down the middle for this match. Bit of a feeling-out process in the opening minutes of the match here. Nakamura hit Shelton Benjamin's old Dragon Whip kick on Roode. Roode is in control of Nakamura now. Nakamura is coming back now. He lit Roode up with hard strikes. Nakamura tried to knee Roode but Roode moved and Shinsuke's knee hit the turnbuckle. Nakamura tried it again and connected. Roode hits a Backstabber but Nakamura kicks out. Double R Spinebuster but Nakamura kicks out. Nakamura's looking for the Cross Armbreaker now. It's a Triangle Choke now from Nakamura. Roode powers out but Nakamura hit him with double knees to the face. Roode kicks out though. Nakamura gave Roode a flying knee on the ring apron but may have injured his own knee in the process. Nakamura hits the Kinshasa! But his knee is hurting him and he can't cover Bobby Roode. The doctors checked on Nakamura for a long time. he got back in the ring and Roode hits the Glorious DDT! But Shinsuke kicks out! Now Roode has a Single Leg Crab on the injured leg... Bobby Roode hits another Glorious DDT for the win! NEW CHAMPION!


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