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Fan Gets Into Altercation With Randy Orton At Local Gym In Jonesboro

Fan Gets Into Altercation With Randy Orton At Local Gym In Jonesboro

NEA Report is saying that a fan got into an altercation with WWE superstar Randy Orton. The fan's name is Anthony Martin, and he is a business professional in Jonesboro. He has been active in local politics to being the assistant branch manager at a bank in the downtown part of Jonesboro. 

Martin and his friends were hanging around doing their business at the gym as they spotted Randy Orton walking in the gym. Martin had wanted to get a photo taken with Orton. 

“I approached him by myself and said, ‘Can I get a picture of you?,' He gave me a fist bump and replied, ‘Sorry. I can’t hear you,’ pointing to his ear phones. We went our separate ways.”

As he went to leave Randy Orton alone, he had decided to take a photo of him across the room instead. In the photo down below, this had made Randy Orton very frustrated. 

“He saw me snap the picture and came up to me got in my face and said, ‘What the f**k are you doing? I said no **ddamn pictures! Are you f**king stupid?'” I said, ‘No. You said you couldn’t hear me.”

 A friend of Martin's, named Cody Halstead, who was there confirmed this being true as he was there. 

“(Orton) said, ‘I can’t hear you, bro,’ and walked away, So Anthony walked back and took a picture anyways and then Randy came over to Anthony, grabbed his hand and was belittling Anthony and pretty much was saying m’fer this, m’fer that.” 

Martin went on further to explain what had happened afterward.

"Still in my face, I said no disrespect man, If you want, I can delete it.’ He said, ‘Yeah. F***ing delete it!’ I said, ‘Okay, seriously, no disrespect.' "

Martin had then said Randy Orton took a step back, and this was when Anthony's police training was going to come in handy. He had thought Orton was going to do something.

"I stepped with him knowing that if he was going to hit me that he had no power if I stayed close, Martin said. My three friends were very close behind and then he said “F*** it. Keep the f**king picture. Enjoy your workout.'”




Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Jan 17, 2017 Source: NEA Report Tags: #wwe #randy orton

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