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WWE UK Championship Tournament Night 1 Results (1/14) Blackpool, England

WWE  UK Championship Tournament Night 1 Results (1/14) Blackpool, England


- Trent Seven def. H.C. Dyer

- Jordan Devlin def. Danny Burch via referee stoppage

- Sam Gradwell def. Saxon Huxley

- Pete Dunne def. Roy Johnson

- Joseph Conners def. James Drake

- Mark Andrews def. Dan Moloney

- Tyler Bate def. Tucker



Welcome to Blackpool England where over the course of a 2 night Tournament the WWE will crown its first ever United Kingdom Champion. We are live from the Empress Ballroom and Michael Cole introduces Nigel McGuiness

We take a look at the first round tournament brackets


Dyer and Seven start with a collar and elbow lock up. Seven powers Dyer into the corner. Right hand misses and Seven with a chop. Side headlock to Dyer. Leapfrog by Dyer and QUICK Ra dropkick to Seven

Chops from Seven and the final one connects with the ring post. Dyer rolls Seven back into the ring. Dyer from across the ring misses with the splash.

Seven with a flurry of multiple chops and Dyer is irish whipped across the ring. Another chop and a suplex to Dyer. Powerbomb countered by Dyer into a backdrop. Dyer with a spinebuster. Stomps from Dyer. Seven with slaps and a spinning back fist misses. Dyer counters a half crab and connects with the right hand. German suplex blocked with a back elbow from Seven. Dyer plants Seven with a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Dyer goes airborne but misses with a frogsplash as Seven rolls out of the way. Seven connects with the spinning back fist and the Seven Stars clothesline connects and it's good enough to put Dyer away for the three count

The winner of the match: Trent Seven


Single leg takedown by Devlin for a nearfall. Waistlock on Burch. Burch turns it around into a wristlock. Devilin reverses and into a hammerlock. Burch drops Devlin on the back of his head

Shoulder tackle to Devlin. Devlin goes for a knee but misses. Burch with a snap suplex. Devlin on the apron delivers a right hand and shoulderblock. Dropkick to Burch.

Series of right hands by Devlin to Burch. Burch gets the boots up. Burch off the second road is chopped down by Devlin. Devlin with mounted punches on Burch. Chinlock by Devlin.

Burch gets to his feet and Devlin once more grounds him with a chinlock. Burch to his feet fires right hands into the midsection but Devlin takes him down once again

Devlin back to mounted punches. Burch fires back with chops but Devlin goes for a rake to the eyes and the official gives Devlin a warning. Devlin back to the chinlock.

Jawbreaker by Burch. Burch with a missile dropkick off the second rope. Kip up by Burch and Burch fires with punches and an uppercut. Off the ropes, Burch gets caught with a right hand of his own. Burch blasts Devlin with a lariat clothesline. Devlin with a roll up and Burch kicks out at 2

Spinebuster to Devlin and a knee to the face. Burch locks the Crossface in and Devlin quickly crawls to the ropes breaking the hold.

Waistlock countered with elbows to the face. Suplex by Burch, Devlin gets to his feet and nails Burch double stomp and a roundhouse kick Burch and the official stops the match awarding it to Jordan Devlin.

the winner of the match via referee stoppage: Jordan Devlin

Post Match: Burch extends his hand. Devlin is reluctant at first but then shakes Burch's hand and a second later blasts him with a superkick.


Huxley and Gradwell lock up. Huxley backs Gradwell into the corner. Standstill between Gradwell and Huxley early on. Modified chicken wing by Gradwell and snapmare to Huxley. Huxley with a wristlock. Gradwell gets to his feet and counters with an armdrag into an armbar

Gradwell misses with a punch and Huxley takes control. Huxley off the ropes is caught with a dropkick. Huxley backs Gradwell into the corner. Front facelock by Gradwell. Butterfly suplex to Huxley. Gradwell goes to the top rope and Huxley slides out of the ring

Shoulderblock to Huxley from the ring apron. Huxley pulls Gradwell in and delivers a backbreaker. Right hand to Gradwell. Gradwell fighting back. Gradwell with clubbing forearms in the corner. Series of uppercuts to Huxley.

Big forearm to Huxley. Kneestrike to Huxley. European uppercut and a clothesline. Gradwell goes to the top rope and delivers a flying headbutt for the three count

The winner of the match: Sam Gradwell


Lock up between Johnson and Dunne and Dunne powers Johnson to the mat. Wristlock by Dunne putting Johnson back down on the mat. Side headlock on Johnson. Johnson back to his feet.

Shoulderblock to Johnson. Dunne misses wildly and Johnson connects with a shoulder tackle. Palm strike by Dunne. Dunne with a submission hold on Johnson and Johnson counters into a suplex.

Dunne slides under the ropes and pulls Johnson off the apron. Dunne places Johnson's hand on the ring stairs and steps on it.

Back into the ring, Dunne working over the injured hand. Dunne bending the fingers and wrist back. Nearfall on Johnson. Dunne with a surfboard. Dunne removes the gloves and goes to work on Johnson's fingers and picks Johnson up delivering a clubbing clothesline

Dunne picks Johnson up for an irish whip but Johnson counters and plants Dunne. Splash in the corner and flying tackle by Johnson. Johnson runs into Dunne who delivers an enziguri to Johnson.

Johnson with a Samoan Drop. Slam countered by Dunne who runs into an elbow. Johnson off the ropes gets caught with a right hand. Pumphandle flatliner countered as Johnson catches him with a right. Dropkick by Dunne. Dunne hooks Johnson up but Johnson scoops Dunne up and plants him face fist

Snap german suplex by Dunne. Release vertical suplex and Dunne delivers the Bitter End Pumphandle flatliner for the three count

The winner of the match: Pete Dunne


Lock up between Conners and Drake. Drake unloads on Conners in the corner. Back to the lock up. Wristlock by Drake. Conners counters and delivers a forearm. Drake on the apron delivers left hands.

Clothesline by Drake. Conners turning thngs around but Drake back in control with a right knee. Drake toying with Conners and Coners fighting back. Conners with a stomp. Clothesline by Conners

Slam by Conners to Drake. Conners with a forearm to the back. Armdrag/chinbar by Conners. Drake gets to his feet, Right hand by Drake and a clubbing forearm. Drake unloads on Conners in the corner. Drake with an enziguri

Another forearm by Drake, Conners with an elbow into a combination and Conners hits the DLT for the three count

The winner of the match: Joseph Conners


They lock up and Moloney sends Andrews to the mat and applies an arm bar. Andrews with an arm drag and another arm drag. Moloney blocks an arm drag but Andrews is able to get Moloney down. Moloney with a kick and chop. Andrews floats over and he does a handspring into a drop kick for a near fall. Andrews with an arm bar. Moloney wtih a waist lock and Andrews with elbows. Moloney sends Andrews high into the air and Andrews lands face first on the mat. Moloney gets a near fall. Moloney wtih a hard Irish whip. Moloney gets a near fall.

Moloney with kicks to the head followed by an Irish whip. Moloney catches Andrews but Andrews with a jaw breaker. Andrews with a kick to the midsection using the ropes and he flips into the ring and he hits a victory roll into a double stomp. Andrews with running knees into the corner. Andrews with a Northern Lights suplex into a standing moonsault for a near fall. Andrews sends Moloney to the floor and Andrews with a moonsault off the apron. Andrews goes up top and Moloney rolls to the other side of the ring. Moloney goes for an F-5 but Andrews lands on his feet.

Moloney wtih a near fall. Moloney with an F-5 and he hits a running knee to the head for a near fall. Andrews with a stunner to counter the suplex and he hits a shooting star press for the three count.

The winner of the match; Mark Andrews


They lock up and Tucker with a side head lock and take down. Tucker gets a near fall. Tyler with a head scissors and Tucker escapes. Tucker wti a wrist lock and then he takes Tyler down and misses a moonsault. Tyler misses an elbow. Tucker misses a kick when Tyler moves out of the way. Tyler with a jab for a near fall. Tyler with an Irish whip but Tucker floats over and then he goes up top for a back elbow and he gets a near fall. Tucker with a chop and then Tyler kicks Tucker in the had and he slams Tucker and hits a barrel roll for a near fall. Tyler with a snap mare into a cravate.

Tyler with another snap mare into a cravate. Tucker tries to escape but Tyler holds on to the cravate. Tucker is able to escape the hold but Tyler with a forearm. Tucker with a round kick and Tyler is down. Tucker with a chop and punch. Tucker with a forearm. Tucker with a head scissors to send Tyler into the corner. Tucker with a running forearm intot eh corenr but Tyler sends him to the apron. Tucker with a slap to Tyler and he hits a slingshot flatline for a near fall. Tucker goes to the apron and he goes up top . Tyler gets to his feet and Tucker rolls through. Tyler wtih an elbow and then a knee lift.

Tyler goes to the turnbuckles and hits a European uppercut. Tyler goes for the Tyler Driver but Tucker with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Tucker with a boot to the midsection. Tucker sends Tyler over the top rope to the floor. Tucker runs into a European uppercut as he goes for a suicide dive. Tyler tries for a suplex on the floor. Tucker lands on his feet and he tries to send Tyler into the ring steps but Tyler avoids the steps. Tucker with a head scissors off the steps and the referee checks on both men before starting his count.

Tucker with an enzuigiri from the apron and he hits a springboard cross body but Tyler picks up Tucker and he gives Tucker an airplane spin. Tyler looks like he has lost momentum and he goes the other way. Tyler gets a near fall. Tucker with a super kick that sends Bate out of the ring. Tucker goes to the floor and he picks up Bate and sends him back into the ring. Tucker gets a near fall. Tucker goes up top again and he goes for a swanton but Tyler gets his knees up. Bate with a kick and Tyler with a forearm and Liger Kick. Tyler with a Tyler Driver 97 for the three count.

The winner of the match: Tyler Bate






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