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The Alternate Report: Why The Undertaker Shouldn't Win the Royal Rumble

The Alternate Report: Why The Undertaker Shouldn't Win the Royal Rumble

The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the best wrestlers of all time. Despite not being featured on WWE programming like he used to be, he is still a huge part of Wrestlemania every year, even though his streak was broken by Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30. Even though his streak was lost fans still love to watch one of the most beloved and awe-inspiring performers in all of entertainment, not just pro-wrestling.

With Undertaker making his return to Television this week on Raw and announcing that he would be entering into the Royal Rumble match it brings up the question, could the Dead Man actually win the Royal Rumble? But more importantly, Why he shouldn’t win the Royal Rumble?

Over the past few years we have seen an influx of new talent in the WWE, with the likes of Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose all taking their place in the main event portion of the card, for a while it felt like a new era in the WWE was truly beginning with the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton not holding a Main Event title in quite a while (I give them a pass on Triple H holding the title this time last year).

WWE may make some questionable booking decisions, but for the most part, the past year was focused on this newer talent with Reigns getting a huge win at ‘Mania, Ambrose taking the title from Rollins and of course Styles winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, something I never thought I’d see. Not just that, we saw the emergence of a new title in the form of the Universal Championship who's first holder was Finn Balor, but with a swerve we also saw Kevin Owens win the title. Say what you want about Reigns but this past year has been great for the new generation of stars in the WWE.

With some highly paid stars being added to the Royal Rumble such as The Undertaker, Goldberg and Lesnar it really makes me question who could walk out of the Rumble as the victor. Of course, it has been speculated that this could be Takers last time at Wrestlemania and that he could face Cena in his final match. I want to explain that this isn’t a great idea. If this is Takers last match I think it is best for him to go out putting someone else over and that someone else doesn’t have to be John Cena.

Instead of The Undertaker going to Wrestlemania to challenge for a title, I would like to see him go into Wrestlemania defending his career. He no longer has the Streak to defend but he has his career, whoever defeats him at Wrestlemania and sending him into the sunset would gain the ultimate heel heat.

So who should it be? As I said John Cena doesn’t need that win, neither does AJ Styles. In my opinion, theirs only three possibly names That I personally think would be a good choice. Roman Reigns is going to be shoved down the audience throat for another decade, along as the audience show their dislike towards him why not turn him heel in the best way, using the Undertakers own urn and clobbering him over the head before getting the pinfall.

Another possibility is to have Kevin Owens drop the Title before ‘Mania and go into the event looking to end the career of The Undertaker, with Reigns I would like to see him turn during the match but with Owens being a heel already there would be little need to have him cheat to win, I’d like to see him go over clean and get the heel heat by being that man that ends the Dead Mans career.

The final name is far-fetched, I don’t think he will join the WWE, but imagine if Kenny Omega went into the WWE and in his first match defeated the Dead Man at Wrestlemania. Omega wouldn’t need to cheat to win this one, just the fact that the anti-WWE guy got to end the career of the biggest legend in the industry today would be enough to get all that heel heat.

I’m not saying that The Undertaker winning the Royal Rumble and in his final match going out as Champion wouldn’t be amazing to watch, but personally, I believe that booking decision should be made to better the product, the characters and most importantly the story. The Undertaker going out as Champion wouldn’t better either roof those three ideas.


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