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WWE SmackDown Live Results (12/27) Chicago, Illinois

WWE SmackDown Live Results (12/27) Chicago, Illinois

Ric Serrano III from The Wrestling POV Podcast here with your SmackDown Live, Live Coverage



- American Alpha def Wyatt Family, Usos and Heath/Rhyno via pinfall NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS 

- Alexa Bliss def Becky Lynch via pinfall

- AJ Styles def Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin via pinfall



SmackDown Live- December 27, 2016

Welcome to SmackDown Live. We open up with the Return of John Cena. Crowd singing "John Cena sucks" and boos during entrance. Cena says there is nothing like the excitement of the WWE Universe. Crowd chanting CM Punk, Cena says you have to chant louder are you saying Cena sucks? Tonight Chicago is the place of champions. We have 3 title matches tonight including the WWE Championship match. So what the hell am I doing here? Crowd chanting Undertaker. 2016 wasn't a super year for super Cena. A lot of super stars say I have one foot out the door on my way to Hollywood never to return. I'm not done, I'm not leaving and I'm tired about this New Era BS. It's the my time is now Era. Why am I here? I'm here to challenge the winner of the WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble. I know what you're thinking "he can't do that". I just did, I'm John Cena recognize.


Backstage The Miz she will only answer questions from the unprofessional journalist Renee Young.


Match starts with Gable and Rhyno. Rhyno with a shoulder tackle. Gable goes for hip toss twice, Rhyno stops them and hits a short clothesline. Gable with a belly to belly suplex with bridge for a 1 count. Jey Uso tags in arm drag, quick tag to Jimmy with a corner splash on Rhyno for 2 count. Uppercut back press for 2 count, tag to Jey. Jey drags Rhyno down by hair. Jimmy tags in. Wyatts off the apron having a meeting outside ring. Short arm clothesline by Rhyno, tag to Slater. Slater double axe handle off the top, flying knee, reverse neck breaker for 2 count. Jey tags in Jimmy. Slater takes out Jey on apron goes to top. Slater jumps off top, Jimmy hits a superkick, pins Slater for 3 count, eliminates Slater/Rhyno.


Jimmy with chinlock on Jordan. Backbody drop reversed by Jordan tag to Gable. Gable with Alpha plex for 2 count. Jimmy takes out Jordan. Usos go for splash on American Alpha reversed with double belly to belly suplexes. Gable with sunset flip for 2 count revrsed by Jey for 2 count, reversed by Gable with jack knife pin for 3 count. Usos eliminated. Usos attack American Alpha on the outside. Harper throws Jordan in, tag to Orton. Orton stomps on arms and legs of Jordan. Orton tosses Jordan into corner. Orton powerslam for 2 count. Tag to Harper. Standing dropkick by Jordan. Tag to Gable. Gable cross body off the top for 2 count. Gable German suplex with bridge for 2 count.


Harper with side headlock on Gable. Harper with catapult to middle rope. Harper throws Gable to outside tags in Orton. Orton back body drop on guardrail twice. Orton pin for 2 count. Orton springboard suplex for 2 count. Tag to Harper. Harper with a Michinoku Driver for 2 count. Harper hits a swinging sidewalk slam for 2 count. Harper powerbomb reversed and drove into middle turnbuckle. Hot tag to Jordan and Orton. Jordan with a belly to belly on Harper and back body drop to Orton. Jordan and Gable take Harper out on the outside. Jordan attacks Bray, Orton hits draping DDT on Jordan. Orton going for RKO but gets distracted by Gable on the top. Harper grabs Gables leg, Orton goes for superplex. Gable pushes Orton into Harper. Gable hits dropkick off the top to Orton. American Alpha hits Grand Amplitude for 3 count.

Winners of the match by pinfall: American Alpha New Tag Champs

After the match Harper and Orton argue. Bray breaks them up.


Dolph Ziggler backstage with Renee Young. Not the smartest decision, putting up my title shot. He we go triple threat match. You have Baron Corbin, AJ Styles and where does that leave me? Every night I stay up thinking when is it gonna happen for me. Maybe tonight I'm the wildcard. Every once in a while that wildcard changes the whole damn game.

James Ellsworth backstage asked about being made fun of. I get it I look different, being chinless and all. Carmella interrupts and says you're making fun of him by asking that question. I find James uniquely attractive. They leave together.



Lock up, Becky rolls Alexa to floor. Beck with reversed figure four. Alexa gets to ropes. Alexa and Becky exchange 3 pinfalls each all for 2 counts. Becky goes for cross arm breaker reversed into pin by Alexa for 2 count. Becky goes for Disarmer, reversed into pin for 2 count. Alexa stomps Becky's head, stopping on referee's 4 count twice. Alexa clubbing forearms to Becky's back. Becky hits 2 hip tosses followed by leg lariat. Alexa to the outside. Becky goes for baseball slide, Alexa dodges and slams Becky's head on the apron. Becky blocks second attempt and slams Alexa into apron. Alexa throws Becky in ring post.


 Becky with 3 European Uppercuts, 2 running lariats followed by a leg lariat. Becky goes for flying firearm and misses but hits spinning back kick, goes for exploder suplex blocked by Alexa. Alexa goes for DDT blocked by Becky. Becky slams Alexa down on her arm. Becky on the top gets crotched by Alexa. Becky hits front dropkick off the top for 2 count. La Luchadora comes to ringside and distracts Becky. Alexa with schoolgirl for 2 count. Becky with crucifix pin for 2 count. Alexa goes for Twisted Bliss but Becky puts up her knees. Becky gets Alexa in the Disarmer but Alexa makes it to the ropes. After the hold is broke Alexa's arm looks dislocated and referee checks on her. La Luchadora drives Becky's head into middle turnbuckle. Alexa pops arm back in and hits DDT for the 3 count.

Winner of the match by pinfall: Alexa Bliss

After the match Alexa was asked who was La Luchadora. She says must've been Sasha Banks, was told she was bigger than Sasha. Alexa responds with it must've been Nia Jax.

Renee Young Backstage with The Miz. Renee asked Miz how will his 2017 be. Miz says 2017 will be the year of The Miz. Dean Ambrose attacks The Miz and his security. Dean grabs walkie talkie and says all clear.


Nikki Bella Backstage says she's not ashamed of who she is. I was the longest reigning Divas Champion and came back from career ending injury in 10 months. What I have to say to Natalya, I'll say it to her face.

Baron Corbin backstage with Renee Young. Corbin says he doesn't feel pressure but impatience. The pressure is on the 2 little men who are about to meet the End of Days.



Corbin pushes AJ to the floor, Dolph with dropkick to Corbin. Dolph corner splash to AJ. Corbin kick to Dolph. Corbin hard punch knocking AJ off the apron.


Corbin drives Dolph back first into apron and throws him into barricade. Corbin drives AJ back first into apron, pins AJ for 2 count. Knee to midsection of AJ. AJ with chops and forearm to Corbin. AJ reverses the End of Days with crucifix pin with help from Dolph. AJ suplex blocked by Dolph , exchange punches. Corbin hits double clothesline pins Dolph for 2 count. Corbin stomps Dolph in corner. Corbin throws Dolph sternum first into corner. Corbin goes for End of Days but AJ blocked it. Corbin throws AJ and Dolph into the corner. AJ hits Corbin with a back elbow. Corbin charges again slides to the outside, slides back in and clothelines Dolph.


Corbin stomping Dolph in corner and punches AJ in the other corner. AJ and Dolph team up with attacks on Corbin and double clothesline him to the outside. Corbin drives AJ into the barricade. Dolph goes for sleeper and Corbin tosses him off. Corbin tears up the announcers table. Corbin goes shoulder first into barricade as AJ dodges attack. AJ hits phenomenal forearm off the stairs to Corbin, Dolph superkicks Corbin who lands on table. AJ and Dolph both jump off barricade and break Corbin through the table. Dolph slams AJ into apron, hits satellite DDT for 2 count. AJ with a backbreaker goes for Styles Clash but Dolph kicks out of it. AJ goes for Phenomenal Forearm but Dolph superkicks the ropes. AJ with a rollup pin for a 2 count. Dolph with a superkick for a 2 count. Dolph with a swinging neckbreaker to Corbin followed by a jumping elbow drop for a 2 count. Corbin hits AJ with the End of Days as Dolph hit Corbin with a Zig Zag. Dolph pins Corbin for a 2 count. Corbin drives Dolph shoulder first into ring post. Corbin puts Dolph on top rope, Dolph fights him off. Corbin crotches Dolph. Corbin hits Dolph with the End of Days. AJ hits Corbin with the Phenomenal Forearm and Corbin rolls to the outside. AJ pins Dolph for the 3 count.

Winner of the match by pinfall: AJ Styles

After the match as AJ celebrates, John Cena runs to the ring tosses his hat and removes his shirt. They face off and Cena extends his hand. AJ points to the title and lays it down. AJ shakes Cena's hand picks up title and says this isn't going anywhere.



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