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The John Report: WWE TLC 2016 Review (Styles vs. Ambrose)

Posted By: John Canton on Dec 05, 2016

The John Report: WWE TLC 2016 Review (Styles vs. Ambrose)

It's time for WWE TLC from Dallas, Texas. It's the last Smackdown brand PPV of the year. I started watching just as the Kickoff Show match started. Here's the review of that match along with the rest of the show.

Apollo Crews, Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley vs. Viktor, Konnor, Curt Hawkins, Aiden English & Simon Gotch

Ryder had a brief staredown with former partner Curt Hawkins, but it didn't last. Ryder hit a neckbreaker on Viktor. Rawley tagged in with his Hammer Time dance to barely a reaction. The heels worked over Rawley in their corner for a bit. American Alpha both tagged in. Gable with a headscissors. Then they did a psot where everybody got dumped out of the ring so much that it was comical. It ended with Crews dumping out Hawkins. Then all of the guys were in the ring. The faces dumped out the heels again.

A commercial aired promoting the show.

Back from the break, the heels isolated Gable. They worked him over a few minutes. When he nearly made the tag, the heels tripped up the other faces that were on the apron. There was a spot where the heels accidentally knocked eachother down. Jordan got the hot tag against Konnor with a dropkick, Jordan with a suplex on Gotch and a flapjack on English. Olympic Slam by Jordan on English. There wer all kinds of moves by different guys. Crews suplexed Hawkins off the apron onto a bunch of dudes. Gable got the tag against Gotch and he teamed with Jordan to hit the Grand Amplitude. It went about 12 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Apollo Crews, Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley

Analysis: **1/2 The match was okay considering it had no build and the crowd was dead for a lot of it. Good win for the faces with American Alpha getting the win for their team. It would have been nice if WWE cared enough to build up the match or announce it a few days earlier.

The PPV Kickoff Panel was Renee Young, Booker T and guest Peter Rosenberg, who is a New York radio host. They talked about some other things as we neared the top of the hour.

WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC)
Dallas, Texas 
December 4, 2016

The opening video package focused on the tables, ladders and chairs that can be used as weapons in the matches featured on tonight’s show.

The arena looked full as the pyro went off and announcer Mauro Ranallo welcomed us to the show.

The trio of Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton & Luke Harper made their entrance for the opening match. Mix of boos and cheers for them. Heath Slater and Rhyno walked out with the Tag Titles as the faces in the match.

The announce team of Mauro Ranallo, John Bradshaw Layfield, David Otunga and Tom Phillips welcomed us to the show. The Spanish announcers were shown at ringside. They said: “Nobody better break our f’n table.” Something like that. The German announcers are there too.

Smackdown Tag Team Championships: Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton (w/Luke Harper)

Rhyno with a clothesline on Wyatt early on. Slater tagged in against Orton. Back drop by Orton sent Slater on the apron and Wyatt tripped up Slater on the apron to give the heels the advantage. Wyatt nailed Slater with forearms to keep him grounded. Corner splash by Wyatt on Slater gets two. Slater got dumped to the floor by Wyatt. Slater fought off a DDT by Orton, but he did a slingshot right into a powerslam for two for Orton. Slater nailed some kicks to break free and tagged in Rhyno. Running clothesline by Rhyno on Wyatt. Shoulder tackle off the middle rope by Rhyno knocked down Wyatt. Rhyno hit a Spear on Harper on the floor after Harper shoved Orton out of the way. Rhyno went back into the ring, Orton slithered his way back in and Orton dropped Rhyno with a RKO for the win after seven minutes.

Winners by pinfall and New Tag Team Champions: Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt

Analysis: ** A quick match to put over the new tag team champions. I thought it might go a bit longer, but I think this was WWE wanting to show that Orton and Wyatt are going to be a dominant team. I still don’t think it’s going to last more than two or three months, but for now they are going to be a force. Congrats to Wyatt for his first title win after three years of being in WWE.

Post match, Wyatt put his title on the shoulder of Harper. Orton also put his title on Harper’s shoulder. They posed together.

Analysis: It looks like they will be doing the Freebird/New Day thing where any two members of the group can defend the gold. I could be wrong, but that’s what I gathered from that.

Dean Ambrose was interviewed backstage. He said his buddy James Ellsworth was at home watching the show. Ambrose talked about doing the hard work and said it’s going to be hard times tonight referencing Dusty Rhodes.

AJ Styles was also interviewed backstage in a separate area. He did a basic promo showing confidence about how he’s going to retain his WWE Championship.

Analysis: Simple promos by both guys.

Nikki Bella and Carmella entered for their match. Nikki has a different hairstyle for this match as she went for a braided ponytail look. Yes, I look at her hair occasionally. Videos aired about their rivalry. Carmella had a shiner under her right eye.

No Disqualification: Nikki Bella vs. Carmella

They brawled as soon as the bell rang. Carmella hit a headscissors that sent Nikki into the stairs and whipped Nikki into the barricade. The ref counted Nikki out of the ring because there are countouts in this match. Carmella with a suplex into the ropes with Nikki holding onto her left leg selling an injury. Another suplex by Carmella sending Nikki’s legs into the ring ropes. Carmella placed Nikki upside down against the turnbuckle, she grabbed a kendo stick from under the ring, mocked John Cena’s taunt and hit Nikki with kendo stick several times. Carmella applied her legs around the neck finisher, but Nikki broke free with a kendo stick shot. They battled on the floor with Nikki driving Carmella back first into the side of the ring apron. Nikki jumped off the barricade with her flying kick move. That was impressive. Back in the ring, Nikki hit Carmella with the kendo stick a few times. Both women were down until Carmella dumped her out of the ring. Fans chanted for tables. Sorry fans that’s the other women’s match. Nikki sprayed the fire extinguisher spray into Carmella’s face. More spray with the fire extinguisher by Nikki all over the ring. She did it a lot. Nikki picked her up and dropped her with the Rack Attack 2.0 for the win after eight minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Nikki Bella

Analysis: *1/4 It was an intense match, but below average in terms of quality. Poor job of building up spots for the finish. It just ended after Nikki made her comeback and not many teases for either woman. They only used the kendo stick and the fire extinguisher as weapons likely because of all the other stipulation matches on the show. I thought they would have had a better match.

Post match, Carmella did a promo about how she wasn’t the one that attacked Nikki at Survivor Series. She said she knows who did it…Natalya. The announcers were shocked by it. Carmella’s music started to end it.

Analysis: The announcers are shocked that the heel Natalya attacked Nikki when it led to Natalya taking her spot in the match? I wish the announcers were produced to be like sane people instead of idiots. I thought they’d have Natalya help Carmella win, but that didn’t happen.

A commercial aired for Kay Jewelers with a fan getting a ring for his girlfriend with Natalya there to help out.

Video package aired to set up The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler. It showed clips of past great IC Title matches as well all of their matches in the last few months.

The Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan was interviewed backstage. He talked about how Dolph Ziggler has risen to this level on his own power. Bryan admitted that Miz brought “star quality” to Smackdown. The Miz and Maryse showed up. Bryan told him that he’s never liked Miz. It led to Miz saying he wishes Bryan was in the ring instead of Ziggler. Miz told Bryan to enjoy the match as he retains his IC Title.

Dolph Ziggler made his entrance first. The announcers seated elsewhere in the arena were shown. The champion The Miz entered with Maryse. The story is that this is their last match to end the rivalry no matter who wins.

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: The Miz (w/Maryse) vs. Dolph Ziggler

It’s a ladder match, so you can only win the title by putting a ladder in the ring and retrieving the title hanging above the ring.

There were ladders all around the ringside area. They brawled early on with Miz kicking Ziggler out of the ring. They battled by a ladder on the floor with Miz hitting a boot to the face. Ziggler moved out of the way of a ladder that Miz tried to slam onto him. Ziggler whipped Miz into another ladder that was in the aisle. Miz used the top of a ladder to ram it into the ribs of Ziggler. Miz missed another ladder attack as Ziggler came back with a clothesline. Miz avoided an attack with a ladder and hit a drop toe hold that sent Ziggler face first into a ladder. Miz dropkicked a ladder into Ziggler that knocked Ziggler down on the floor again. Ziggler used a ladder to drive Miz shoulder first into the ring post. They are working at a really slow pace by selling for a long time after moves. There was a DDT up against the ring apron with Ziggler hitting a spinning DDT onto the ladder, so the idea was that Miz went face first into the ladder. Ziggler brought in a taller ladder and set it up under the title. Miz hit a dropkick to the back that sent Ziggler into the ladder. Miz trapped Ziggler into the corner with a ladder as Miz hit a dropkick into it. Miz has hit several dropkicks into ladders in the first ten minutes of this match. Ziggler knocked down Miz while on he was on a ladder against the ropes. Ziggler hit an elbow drop off the ladder that was on the middle rope. An elbow drop off the middle ropes is not that big of a deal is it? It looked impressive at least. Ziggler tossed Miz into a ladder against the turnbuckle. Ziggler set up a ladder for a climb, but Miz blocked it. Clothesline by Ziggler on Miz. Ziggler climbed again, but Miz was there to shove the ladder and Ziggler went crashing throat first onto the top rope.

Miz tossed a ladder into Ziggler against the turnbuckle. Miz mocked some “yes” taunts and hit two running dropkicks into the ladder that had Ziggler trapped against the corner. Miz stalled, so Ziggler shoved the ladder into him. Ziggler made a slow climb. Miz climbed up the other side to knock him down. Ziggler punched him down. Ziggler was really slow to reach, so Miz drove his left leg into the ladder. Miz trapped Ziggler’s leg against the ladder. Ziggler went for a superkick, but Miz blocked it. Miz avoided a clothesline and drove Ziggler knee first into a ladder. Miz drove Ziggler’s knee into the ladder a few more times. Miz trapped Ziggler’s leg in between the bottom rung of the ladder and applied the Figure Four Leglock. Ziggler was tapping out, but you can’t end the match that way. Miz held onto the hold for about 20 seconds. Great spot that we haven’t really seen in ladder matches. Ziggler tried to fight back. He went for a superkick, but had no leg strength and Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale into the ladder that was on the mat. Ziggler sold it like he was in a lot of pain. Miz set up the ladder. He climbed up, held onto the top piece of the apparatus, but Ziggler shoved the ladder away. Ziggler shoved a ladder into Miz and Miz went crashing into the mat. Miz was writhing in pain grabbing his right knee. The match was around 20 minutes by this point.

Ziggler set up a ladder in the ring. He did a really slow climb as he favored the leg injury. The Miz went back into the ring as he sold his leg injury. Miz gave Ziggler a slingshot Powerbomb into a ladder that was against the middle turnbuckle. Miz set up a second ladder to try to climb as he favored his right leg. Ziggler climbed up the other ladder. They exchanged punches while on the ladder. Miz had his hands on the title, but Ziggler punched him. Headbutt by Ziggler staggered Miz. He did three headbutts to knock Miz off the ladder. Ziggler was nearly at the top of the ladders. Miz got back up and kicked Ziggler in the groin two times in a row. Miz shoved Ziggler down. Miz hobbled up and grabbed the title to retain the IC Title at the 24 minute mark.

Winner: The Miz

Analysis: ***3/4 Nearly four stars out of five. That was a great ladder match that featured a lot of psychology as both guys were selling leg injuries. It put over their toughness in battling to try to win the match. Ziggler came close to winning several times and definitely had more near win opportunities. You could tell he was going slow to wait for Miz at some points, but that’s what happens in ladder matches especially when it’s a singles match. The ending was emphatic as Miz hit the two low blows to stop Ziggler’s climb attempt for good. It was legal in the match because there’s no disqualification, so it worked for the heel to do something cheap in order to win. It was a very good match to end the feud. I had Ziggler winning to give him a big victory, but I have no problem being wrong on that because I like Miz as champion.

Post match, Miz said he wants to dedicate to this victory to Smackdown’s General Manager Daniel Bryan. Miz said that Bryan motivated to be the greatest Intercontinental Champion. Miz told somebody to give Ziggler a participation award because he’s a loser. Miz called himself and Maryse winners. “The victor gets the spoils. I win.” He celebrated by kissing his wife Maryse. They left.

Analysis: Good post match promo from the heel champion. This was one of the best feuds of the year. No doubt about it.

A commercial aired for Tribute to the Troops airing next week on USA Network by showing images of WWE stars with the troops over the years.

A video package aired to set up Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto.

Chairs Match: Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto

Kalisto brought several chairs into the ring. Corbin was seated on a chair and Kalisto sent him out of the ring with a dropkick. Kalisto jumped off a chair and hit a dive over the top to take him down. Corbin wit ha shoulder tackle that sent Kalisto off the apron into the barricade at ringside. Corbin choked Kalisto with his shirt and sent him into the barricade as well as the apron. Corbin whipped Kalisto onto some chairs that were ringside. Back in the ring, Corbin got a two count. Corbin wedged a chair between the top and middle rope. Corbin with a choke into a Powerbomb like move for a two count. The crowd is quiet for this match. Corbin set up six chairs in the ring in a seated position. Kalisto came back with a drop toe hold that sent Corbin face first into the chair against the turnbuckle. Kalisto with a short rana into a chair. Kalisto went up top, he jumped off and drove Corbin through the six chairs with a seated senton. That was a really good spot. Barely a reaction for it. Kalisto with a suicide dive onto the floor, but Corbin caught him with the Deep Six slam on the floor. Ouch. They went back into the ring with Corbin getting a two count. Corbin put several chairs in the ring as JBL described it by saying Corbin was building a bed for Kalisto. They were outside the ring with Corbin missing a chair attack as Kalisto kept avoiding him. Kalisto jumped off the barricade with a hurricanrana on the floor. Kalisto tossed a chair at the head of Corbin followed by a dropkick that sent Corbin into the barricade. Back in the ring, springboard legdrop by Kalisto. With Corbin out on the mat, Kalisto put a chair onto him and Kalisto hit a moonsault on him. It looked like it was just Kalisto driving his knees into the chair rather than a true moonsault like move. Kalisto hit Corbin in the back with chair shots. There was a pile of chairs in the ring. Kalisto wanted his Salida del Sol, but Corbin fought out of it. Kalisto went up top and jumped off, but Corbin had a chair in his hands that he used to hit Kalisto with it. Corbin hit the End of Days on the chairs for the win at the 13 minute mark.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Analysis: *** It was a good match that felt like a fight since both guys brought the intensity from start to finish. I thought they Kalisto put up a fight with some unique offensive moves. As hard as they tried, they just weren’t able to get the crowd into the match. They were doing all of these unique moves using chairs as weapons, yet it was as if the crowd was sitting on their hands. I feel bad for the wrestlers when they are busting their ass like that and the crowd is barely reacting to anything they are doing.

After the match was over, Corbin ripped off the top of the announce table. He said that’s what is going to happen to anybody that gets in his way. Kalisto was in the ring selling pain after the loss.

Natalya was interviewed backstage in the interview area. She was asked about Carmella’s claims from earlier. Natalya wished Becky Lynch the best in her match. Natalya said Carmella’s comments were absurd and called Carmella a liar.

Analysis: I guess there will be a slow burn to the reveal of who attacked Nikki.

The announcers plugged Raw’s Roadblock show in two weeks as well as the Royal Rumble on January 29.

A video package aired to set up Lynch vs. Bliss.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Tables Match: Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss

The winner of the match is the first woman that puts her opponent through a table.

They went outside the ring immediately with Bliss sending Lynch into the barricade at ringside. Lynch returned the favor by sending Bliss into the barricade. Lynch teased a Powerbomb on the floor, but Bliss fought out of it and kicked her in the head. Lynch tripped up Bliss on the apron. Back in the ring, Lynch nailed a suplex. Lynch set up a table on the floor outside the ring by the aisle. Bliss recovered to send Lynch into the turnbuckle. Lynch with a springboard kick two times in a row. Bliss was on the apron and she bit Lynch’s hand to prevent an attack. Lynch with double knees to the back. Bliss brought out a table. Lynch went for an attack, so Bliss sent her into the ring post. Bliss put the table in the ring. She opened up the table and put it near the corner. Lynch fought back with forearms, but Bliss crushed her with a punch. Lynch was set up on the table laying on top of it. Bliss went up top, but Lynch stopped her. Lynch shoved the table over. Bliss kicked her away. Bliss yanked her down by the hair. Bliss set up the table against the ropes.

Lynch came back with clotheslines and a leg lariat. Lynch teased a Bexploder through the table, but Bliss tripped her up. Bliss hit double knees to the ribs two times. The table was set up in the ring again. Bliss shoved the table over. Bliss avoided a move and hit a DDT that drove Lynch’s head into the table, which was on the mat. It was not in a position to be broken. They were both down. Lynch applied the Disarmer submission while using the table legs for support. Lynch pulled on the fingers of Bliss as well. Lynch with a pumphandle into a slam. Lynch put the table on the bottom rope against the turnbuckle. Lynch put Bliss on the table. She did a slow climb to the top. Bliss kicked her and slammed her down. Running dropkick by Bliss. Lynch with a drop toe hold that sent Bliss crashing into the table, but it didn’t break. They battled on the apron above the table. Bliss tripped her up and hit a Powerbomb on Lynch that sent her through the table. Bliss wins the title after 16 minutes of action.

Winner: Alexa Bliss is the new Smackdown Women’s Champion

Analysis: **3/4 Good effort by both women. I’m not a huge fan of the Tables Match stipulation because there were so few spots that were believable as near finishes. They did some spots using the table as a weapon, but it just looked awkward. The ending was fine because it looked like an impressive move with Bliss hitting the Powerbomb off the apron. What bothers me is that they have Lynch do the Disarmer spot using the table legs as a weapon, yet Bliss barely sold the arm after that moment. That’s supposed to be a finishing move with a weapon as assistance, yet Bliss recovered as if it was nothing. As for the title change, I thought it was a possibility, but I’m surprised they did it since Lynch had so few title defenses.

After the match, Lynch was asked about the loss. She said she doesn’t appreciate being interviewed and she didn’t feel good right now.

Bliss walked away with the Women’s Title and a proud look on her face.

Analysis: Lynch is the happy face that smiles all the time. Let’s see if she can be a more serious competitor after this loss.

A clip aired of the guy from Kay Jewelers proposing to his girlfriend in a WWE ring. His name was Anthony Bellucci. He's a TJRWrestling reader that messaged me after the show to tell me about his experience with his fiancee Eva. She had no idea that it was going to happen, but she's a big WWE fan just like he is and they loved the experience. She had no idea he was going to propose there, so she was legit surprised. He told me he met many WWE stars and they were all really cool.

There were plugs for 205 Live on WWE Network. Also, John Cena hosts Saturday Night Live this Saturday on NBC.

Video package aired for Styles vs. Ambrose co-starring James Ellsworth.

The challenger Dean Ambrose made his entrance. He received a really good ovation. The WWE World Champion made his entrance to an even bigger ovation even though he’s the heel in the match. The weapons were placed all around the ring.

WWE World Championship TLC Match: AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose

The winner of the match will be the man that climbs up a ladder to retrieve the WWE World Championship hanging above the ring.

The crowd was chanting for Styles. The match started at 10:11pmET with Ambrose taking down Styles early and send him into the turnbuckle. Ambrose with a back body drop. Styles had the brief advantage. A ladder was set up in the ring with Ambrose sending Styles into the ladder. A clothesline by Ambrose sent Styles over the top to the floor. Ambrose attacked Styles up the aisle where they had weapons all over the place. Ambrose nailed a suplex on the ramp. There was a table set up by the entrance area. Ambrose climbed up, but Styles got off the table to avoid the attack. They fought their way back to the ringside area with Ambrose still in control. Ambrose jumped off the barricade, but Styles countered with a dropkick that knocked him down. The crowd came alive with dueling chants for both guys. Ambrose crotched Styles on the barricade. Ambrose charged in with a running chair shot to knock down Styles. Ambrose went into the ring and climbed a ladder, but Styles shoved him down. Styles threw the ladder into Ambrose to knock him down. Styles with a body slam onto a ladder. A ladder was set up against the ropes, so Ambrose did a slingshot into the ladder that sent Styles crashing into it and over the top rope. Ambrose threw the ladder at Styles on the floor to knock him down. Styles came back with a chair to the back. Ambrose brought a table into the ring. Another chair shot to the back by Styles. Some fans were chanting “Undertaker” although it didn’t pick up that much. Styles did a sidewalk slam into a chair that was open in a seated position.

Styles tossed more chairs into the ring. He opened up four of them side by side. Ambrose fought out of a suplex attempt by picking up Styles and sending him through the chairs as Styles did a flip bump. Some fans chanted “holy shit” for that. Ambrose tossed Styles across the ring and set up a table against the turnbuckle. This is hard to describe, but there was a rip on the back of the tights of Styles. Some ass cheek was showing. Suplex by Styles into the table that Ambrose set up against the turnbuckle. Styles nailed a dropkick, but Ambrose came back with a Lunatic Lariat. They battled on the top rope above two stacked tables. There was a fight on the top rope, then they went back in the ring with Ambrose hitting a back body drop that sent Styles out of the ring. Ambrose with a suicide drive that sent Styles into the announce table at ringside. Ambrose cleared off all three announce tables. Ambrose put a ladder onto the announce table on the far left. He pounded on Styles to keep him down on the middle announce table. Ambrose climbed up the ladder and nailed Styles with an elbow drop through the announce table. Wow. Nice move! The crowd chanted “This is Awesome” for them. The match was at the 20 minute mark.

Ambrose got a ladder and set it up in the ring. He did a really slow climb. That allowed Styles to come back with a Phenomenal Forearm off the top rope to knock Ambrose down while Ambrose was on the ladder. Both guys climbed the ladder on opposite sides. They exchanged punches and headbutts that knocked both guys down. Styles teased a Styles Clash, but Ambrose fought out of it and spun him around into a ladder. Ambrose climbed again. Styles went for a Powerbomb, but Ambrose turned it into a headscissors that sent Styles to the floor. Styles came back with a reverse DDT onto Ambrose on the floor. Styles set up Ambrose on a table outside the ring. Styles off the top with a 450 Splash through the table! Wow! That was amazing! What a maneuver! Yes, I'm channeling my inner Vince McMahon with that one. The crowd chanted “This is Awesome” for them. Damn right.

Styles wanted to climb the ladder, but he saw James Ellsworth walking down the aisle. Ellsworth had a neckbrace on. Styles went to attack Ellsworth. Ambrose went after Styles with a DDT onto the steps. Ambrose went to climb up the ladder. Styles slowly managed to make his way up there. Ambrose with a punch that sent Styles out of the ring to the floor. Ambrose climbed up the ladder, so Ellsworth went into the ring and shoved the ladder so Ambrose took a huge bump onto the two tables that were outside the ring. The crowd cheered, but some of them were booing. Ellsworth urged Styles to climb up. Styles did a slow climb of the ladder and grabbed the WWE World Championship to retain the title at the 31 minute mark.

Winner: AJ Styles

Analysis: ****1/4 It was an outstanding match with a cheap ending. I don’t think the ending should take away from the work they did for 30 minutes. The biggest spots in the match were Ambrose hitting the elbow drop off the ladder that was on one table while Styles was on another table. Styles came back with that amazing 450 Splash out of the ring that drove Ambrose through a table. Then there was the finish with Ambrose bumping off the ladder through two tables that were outside the ring. I like how they worked a very physical match with a lot of the little things done right along with the huge high spots that people are going to remember the most. I feel bad for the people that will only joke about the rip that Styles had in the back of his tights because they like to laugh about stuff like that. It was unfortunate that it happened, but they got through it and thankfully there weren’t many close-ups from WWE either. There was good storyline advancement due to the Ellsworth turn, so while Styles vs. Ambrose appears to be over, they can build off this match while the audience will tune in on Tuesday to see what’s next.

There were replays of the key spot in the match with Ellsworth shoving the ladder that sent Ambrose crashing through two tables.

Analysis: I thought the Ellsworth turn was possible, but I will admit I didn't officially predict it. I thought it was going to be an accidental move by Ellsworth that sent Ambrose crashing through the tables.

Styles sat on top of the WWE Title while Ellsworth celebrated. It looked like Styles had no idea he was going to do what he did. Ambrose was out on the floor after his crash through two tables.

The show ended with Styles holding up the WWE World Title at 10:44pmET.

Analysis: A heel ending to a show full of heel wins on the PPV. The matches won by the faces was Nikki and the tag match on the Kickoff Show.

Talking Smack aired at that point. I’m not going to recap that show. It was announced on that show that Ellsworth will face Styles for the WWE Title this week on Smackdown Live. Ellsworth was cocky on the show thinking he can beat Styles since he beat him three times before even though Dean Ambrose helped him before.


Five Stars of the Show

1. AJ Styles

2. Dean Ambrose

3. The Miz

4. Dolph Ziggler

5. Alexa Bliss


Final Thoughts

It gets a 8 out of 10 from me.

That’s tied for my highest PPV score of the year. I will have to think about what my fave PPV of the year is, but I still have Money in the Bank in first place at this point. End of the year Johnny Awards coming later this month!

I’m glad that the TLC Match and Ladder Match were given a lot of time because they were able to tell an interesting story for over twenty minutes. When you don’t rush matches you can tell stories where guys sell injuries for much of the match and set up the big spots like Styles did with Ambrose.

It’s hard to ignore the crowd reactions. I feel bad for the wrestlers because they worked hard, but the crowd barely reacted to anything until the main event match. There were some spots where the crowd came alive a bit more, but for the most part it was a quiet crowd.


WWE PPV Rankings In 2016 So Far

Money in the Bank – 8
Battleground – 8
TLC – 8
Survivor Series – 7.5
Hell in a Cell – 7.5
Payback - 7.5
Backlash – 7.5
Royal Rumble - 7.5
SummerSlam – 7
Clash of Champions - 7
Extreme Rules - 7
No Mercy – 6.5
WrestleMania 32 - 6
Fastlane – 6


Thanks for reading. Go Toronto Raptors.

John Canton – mrjohncanton@gmail.com

Twitter @johnreport

Personal Facebook and TJRWrestling on Facebook

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