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Sin Cara Still in Hot Water with WWE Officials?

Posted By: Mario Anderson on Nov 16, 2016

Sin Cara Still in Hot Water with WWE Officials?

According to Dave Meltzer with the Wrestling Observer, there is still a ton of heat on WWE superstar Sin Cara over his run-in with fellow superstar Chris Jericho from last week. Meltzer reports that not only did the WWE roster kick Sin Cara off the bus after his altercation with Jericho.

On Tuesday’s of Wrestling Observer radio broadcast, Dave Meltzer said Sin Cara didn’t go home after last week’s Raw. Meltzer also mentioned that WWE officials didn’t want Sin Cara around the Raw talent so they sent him on the road with the Smackdown crew last week. 

Per Meltzer, Sin Cara is still not allowed to dress with the rest of the roster and on Monday’s Raw he had to dress in a separate room with the extras that were brought in for the Brock Lesnar-Bill Goldberg segment.

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