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WWE Raw Results (11/14) Buffalo, New York

WWE Raw Results (11/14) Buffalo, New York


- Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens def. Sheamus and Cesaro

- Sami Zayn def. Bo Dallas

- Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman def. New Day

- Brian Kendrick def. Sin Cara

- Sasha Banks and Charlotte def. Alicia Fox and Nia Jax

- Enzo/Big Cass and The Club def. Golden Truth and Shining Stars



Welcome to Monday Night Raw and we are on this last stop on the road to Survivor Series which takes place this Sunday night and we kick things off with Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon in the ring addressing the entire Raw roster and this Sunday's Survivor Series and building a slate of matches for tonight's show the first of which will be a tag team match with Sheamus and Cesaro vs Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns and that match is next

Tonight: Face To Face - Goldberg/Brock Lesnar



Reigns and Cesaro lock up. Side headlock by Reigns as Owens looks on. Shoulderblock by Reigns. Cesaro with a dropkick to Reigns. Cesaro runs into a boot. Clothesline by Reigns. Reigns looking for the tag but Owens refusing to tag in while Cesaro and Sheamus make frequent tags. Cesaro and Sheamus begin arguing. Reigns shoves them and Cesaro delivers multiple uppercuts. Irish whip by Cesaro into Sheamus who connects with a battering ram from the apron. Sheamus off the rope is met with a right hand.

Sunset flip by Cesaro. Cesaro looks for the Giant Swing. Cesaro sends Reigns over the rope and Owens and Reigns begin arguing while Cesaro hits a corkscrew plancha onto Reigns and OWens as Raw goes to break


DDT by Owens and Owens hits the Cannonball on Cesaro. Chinlock by Owens on Cesaro and Cesaro creates separation as Reigns reaches for a tag. It's Sheamus who tags in first unloading on Owens. Sheamus with the Ten Beats of The Bohdran on Owens

Sheamus looks for the rolling fireman's carry but Owens counters and sends Sheamus to the outside. Reigns gets the tag and irish whip sends Sheamus over the steps and clothesline to Sheamus. Reigns with the drive by sends Sheamus back into the ring

Reigns with multiple clotheslines in the corner. Another clotheslline and Reigns with the Superman Punch to Sheamus. Superman Punch to Cesaro and Owens makes a tag before Reigns can spear Sheamus. Owens and Reigns argue allowing Sheamus to connect with a Brogue Kick. Reigns off the ropes hits the spear for the three count

The winners of the match: Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens

Backstage: Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins are glaring at each other and Chris jericho tells them Team Unity needs to get on the same page and remember what Stephanie said they need to work together. Jericho then hands Rollins and Strowman boxes with gifts in them. Rollin opens his and pulls out a scarf to which Jericho says "It's the scarf of Jericho" to which Rollins says if he wanted to dress like Jericho he'd raid Lady Gaga's closet


Earlier Tonight: Sami Zayn and Bo Dallas confrontation over Zayn challenging for the Intercontinental Championship


Dallas works over the arm and Zayn counters. Waistlock by Dallas reversed by Zayn. Hammerlock on Dallas who backs Zayn into the corner. Dallas hits multiple elbows to the side of the head and lands a series of kicks

Clothesline to Zayn and a series of kneedrops. Necklock by Dallas on Zayn. Zayn breaks the hold and hits a clothesline. Exploder suplex in the corner and Zayn connects with the Helluva Kick for the three count

The winner of the match: Sami Zayn

Post Match: Zayn says Sunday is the opportunity of a lifetime and whether he has to beat Dolph Ziggler or Miz doesn't make a difference because he's bent on bringing the Intercontinenal Championship back home where it belongs to Monday Night Raw

Tonight: Survivor Series Summit

Up Next: New Day vs Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho and Braun Strowman



lock up between Kingston and Jericho. Waistlock takedown by Jericho and Kingston back to his feet. Chops by jericho and an irish whip to Kingston. Kingston ducks a clothesline and counters with a sunset flip. Nearfall on Jericho

Rollins tags in and works over the arn. Side headlock takedown by Woods. Rollins with a side headlock takedown of his own. Shoulder tackle by Rollins. Jericho in and Big E with a nearfall. Big E with a snake eyes into a boot knocking Jericho to the mat.

Jericho with boots to Kingston and tags in to Strowman. Strowman picks Kingston up slamming him face first to the mat as Raw goes to break


Backstage: Paul Heyman tells Mick Foley and Stephanie he loves seeing that McMahon competitive spirit and Stephanie asks how Heyman is feeling after that spear

Paul Heyman says Goldberg won't be facing him but will be facing Brock Lesnar and if anyone wants to see a beating then it'll happen this Sunday. Foley gets on the phone and orders extra security for tonight because the face to face between Goldberg and Lesnar will take place

Backstage: Sasha walks and begins to argue with Charlotte over Survivor Series. Charlotte says Sasha's still upset about losing the Women's Championship. Sasha reminds Charlotte of a rematch but says that's on hold for now because Survivor Series it's about Team Raw but come Monday that championship will be back with Sasha. Charlotte tells her to follow the Queen's lead in tonight's tag team match


Back from break Kendrick still in trouble. Sin Cara with a crossbody. Kendrick with a back suplex. Tilt o whirl backbreaker by Sin Cara. Sin Cara with a sit out powerbomb

Kick by Sin Cara. Chops to Kendrick. Irish whip and Kendrick leapfrogs over Sin Cara. Springboard back elbow by Sin Cara. Kendrick is seated on the top rope. Kendrick sends Sin Cara crashing to the mat and locks in the Captain's Hook for the submission

The winner of the match: Brian Kendrick

Backstage: Enzo and Cass are talking with the Club about tonight's tag team match and Sunday's Survivor Series


Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out. Security is lined up in the ring and Goldberg makes his way out. Heyman says Goldberg calling himself a superhero is fantasy and runs down Lesnar's accomplishments of opponents he's conquered and tells Goldberg to re-consider Sunday

Heyman tells Goldberg to go back to fantasy world and a suitable replacement will be found. Goldberg rips his shirt off and Heyman tells him about getting too aggressive and he would be beaten, victimized and conquered

Heyman says Goldberg's son will call Lesnar "daddy" after the beatdown. Goldberg takes out all the security officers one by one. The last three exit the ring as Lesnar stands on the apron. Lesnar tears his shirt off teasing getting back in the ring before walking off instead



Alicia and Charlotte start things off but Nia tags herself in. Charlotte decide to wait a minute but she takes too long so Sasha goes to the floor to avoid the tag. They lock up and Nia pushes Charlotte away. Sasha mockingly applauds Charlotte's progress in the match and Charlotte runs into a shoulder tackle. Sasha tags in and she applies a side head lock but Nia pushes her off. Sasha goes for a sunset flip but Nia sends Sasha into the ropes. Sasha with kicks to Nia. Nia does not move on an Irish whip attempt. Nia with a shoudler tackle and we go to commercial.

We are back and Charlotte kicks Alicia and applies a front face lock. Sasha tags in and gets a near fall with a rollup. Sasha with a rear chin lock. Sasha with a drop kick and Charlotte tags herself in and Charlotte and Sasha push each other and Charlotte is pushed down. Charlotte misses a clothesline on her partner and then they connect with forearms. Nia tags in and she clotheslines Charlotte and then she gets Sasha on her shoulders. Charlotte with a boot to Nia. Charlotte and Sasha continue to battle and Alicia with a cross body for a near fall but Sasha with Banks Statement and Alicia taps out.

The winners of the match; Sasha Banks and Charlotte

Post Match: Bayley goes to the ring and she raises Charlotte and Sasha's hands.  Bayley and Sasha hug but Charlotte refuses hugs like Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman reject scarves.

Backstage: Mick Foley says that the members of the men's team showed that they do not have to be best friends to succeed.  Chris says him and Kevin are best friends and they are the captains so they deserve the credit.  Mick says if they can do that on Sunday, it will make him proud.  Mick says he wants them to stick around for the fireworks.



Epico with elbows to Enzo but Enzo with a head scissors and jaw breaker. Colin tags in and he punches Epico. Colin presses Epico over his head and drops him to the mat. Epico is clotheslined over the top rope to the floor. Primo is sent to the floor and then Gallows and Anderson are sent to the floor. Enzo, Colin, Truth, and Goldust stand in the ring and instead of fighting they knock Epico, Primo, Gallows, and Anderson off the apron.


We are back and Truth and Goldust work over Anderson and hit a double side Russian leg sweep. Truth wtih a hip toos to Anderson and then he does a split before he knocks Epico off the apron. Anderson attacks Truth from behind and then he punches Truth. Gallows tags in and hits a suplex and hits an elbow drop. Gallows sends Truth into the corner and he punches Truth. Truth with punches of his own but Gallows stops him. Anderson tags in and punches Truth and applies a reverse chin lock. Truth with punches but Anderson with forearms. Truth with a leg lariat and both men are down. Primo steals the tag intended for Goldust and Colin tags in. Colin with clotheslines and forearms followed by a fallaway slam. Colin misses a Stinger Splash but he does not miss the big boot and he hits a leaping elbow drop. Goldust and Truth keep Epico from interfering. Colin with a Stinger Splash and Anderson with a spinebuster.

Gallows tags in and they hit Magic Killer. Anderson and Gallows suggest tagging in Enzo for the Rocket Launcher but Gallows makes the cover for the three count.

The winners of the match: Enzo Amore/Big Cass and The Club


Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan come out to the ring where Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon are waiting. They say they're not here to promote the 900th episode of Smackdown but to promote Survivor Series

Shane says Smackdown is the better show and drafted better and this Sunday they're going to show Smackdown is the dominant brand. Stephanie calls Shane a hypocrite for competing and taking away opportunity from another superstar

Stephanie asks how it will feel to lose. Daniel says Stephanie said Shane likes jumping off tall structures speaking of Mick Foley who has done just that. Stephanie says that's different Foley isn't competing anymore

Daniel says Shane is competing because he is a leader. Daniel thanks Foley for putting the Cruiserweight Division on the line. Foley says he did that because he believes in Brian Kendrick and Sami Zayn

Foley says Smackdown says they have the best women's division but Raw delivers because they booked the first ever women's main event and first ever women's hell in a cell. Shane says it's all about ego and Stephanie calls him a gloryhound.

Shane says that Stephanie should get in there to and compete. Stephanie brings out Shane's opponents on Sunday. Stephanie says they will show Shane how lazy and complacent they really are.

As they stand around Shane and Daniel, Daniel asks if they think they came alone. Daniel gestures to the back and they come through the crowd. They stand across from each other in the ring.

Kevin says look who showed up. Kevin welcomes everyone to the Kevin Owens Show. He tells AJ to get that hair out of his face because on the Kevin Owens show, that belt means absolutely nothing.

AJ takes a mic and he says this belt, the World Championship means nothing? Where he comes from, that thing on your shoulder says you are no more than a paper champion. This means he is the champ that runs the camp. He is the Face that Runs the Place.

Kevin appreciates that AJ stole someone's catchphrase. He says his title means more because he is holding it. He will prove it on Sunday.

AJ tells Kevin the only thing he has proved is that he is still on Chris Jericho's sugar tit. AJ reminds Kevin that he got along with Chris and past actions predict future before. Worry about getting that knife in your back or your name on the list.

Kevin says Chris will never turn his back on him because he is a better champion and a better friend.

Chris hugs Kevin.

Chris calls AJ a stupid idiot. Where you come from down there on Smackdown, he does not know how things work, but here, when you insult Chris Jericho and his best friend, do you know what happens? AJ Styles, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST. Chris tells AJ he does not like his stupid soccer mom hair so it made the list. Chris wants to know what the hell James Ellsworth is. Chris says it appears there is a lost child at ringside and he asks for his parents to pick him up. Chris says James is weird looking and he says weird looking guys on Raw . . . GET PUT ON THE LIST.

Bray talks to Braun and he says he gave him the keys to the kingdom and this is how you repay him? You abaondoned your brothers. You abandoned Bray. They destroy the monster that Bray created.

Orton and Strowman get face to face with each other.

Seth says that Shane does not want to get into this fight. Braun took care of the New Day. Seth says you don't know what to expect when him and Roman are on the same page.

Dean paces and he attacks Seth.

Everyone brawls in and out of the ring. Strowman works over Shane and then he goes after Styles. Strowman throws Dean to the mat. Strowman with a splash to Shane. Ambrose and Styles work over Strowman but that does not work too well. Ambrose wtih a forearm and Styles with a forearm that does nothing. Shane with a forearm that sends him and Strowman over the top rope to the floor. Ambrose sends Rollins to the floor and then he hits a suicide dive. Jericho wtih a springboard drop kick to Styles. Orton with an RKO to Jericho. Roman with a Superman punch to Orton. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail but Roman wtih a Superman punch to Wyatt. Styles stops Reigns from a dive to the floor. Rollins with a Pedigree to Styles and then Rollins picks up Styles and Reigns power bombs Styles onto Team Smackdown on the floor.



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