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WWE Hell In A Cell 2016 Results (10/30) Boston, Massachussetts

Posted By: Elio C. on Oct 30, 2016

WWE Hell In A Cell 2016 Results (10/30) Boston, Massachussetts


- Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara def. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari: Kick-Off Show

- Roman Reigns def. Rusev

- Bayley def. Dana Brooke

- The Club def. Enzo Amore and Big Cass

- Kevin Owens def. Seth Rollins

- Brian Kendrick def. TJ Perkins

- New Day def. Cesaro and Sheamus by DQ

- Charlotte def. Sasha Banks



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Hell In A Cell Intro

Welcome to WWE Hell In A Cell and we are live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachussetts and we kick things off with the first of three hell in a cell matches


Reigns gets the upperhand early on but Rusev quickly turns things around. Right hand to Reigns and Reigns fires back with a kick and right hand. Irish whip by Rusev and an elbow sends Reigns to the mat as the crowd starts a "Let's Go Rusev/Rusev Sucks" chant.

The match momentarily spills to the outside. Back in the ring, Rusev still on the offense. Reigns unloads with clotheslines but Rusev with a kick to the ribcage. Reigns sends Rusev to the outside and Rusev is the first to collide with the cell as Reigns sends him crashing off the apron

Reigns follows to the outside. Reigns picks Rusev up and sends him crashing into the cell again. Rusev with a rake to the eyes and right hands as Rusev gets back to his feet. Rusev tries to whip Reigns but Reigns counters it and sends Rusev into the ring steps.

Reigns pulls a table out from under the ring and Rusev drives Reigns into the cell. Big splash by Rusev to Reigns. Rusev sends Reigns into the ring post. Kick to the back of the neck by Rusev. Reigns gets bounced off the ring apron and back in the ring Rusev covers Reigns for a nearfall.

A "USA" chant begins as fires back with a right hand and kick. Rusev whips Reigns shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Splash in the corner by Rusev. A second one but Reigns side steps. Hip toss by Rusev, Rusev goes for a headbutt but Reigns rolls out of the way.

Repeated clotheslines in the corner by Reigns as the crod counts along. Big boot to the face by Reigns. Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch but Rusev slides out of the ring. Reigns goes for the drive by but Rusev catches him with a clothesline and drives him shoulder first into the steps

Rusev drives Reigns into the side of the cell and blasts him in the head with the ring steps. Rusev throws the steps into the ring. Rusev rolls Reigns back into the ring.

Rusev with a right hand. Rusev places the steps on the top rope. Rusev looks to drive Reigns face first into the steps but Reigns blocks and delivers a series of right hands. Clothesline sends Rusev over the ropes to the outside. Dropkick to Rusev as he crashes into the cell. The crowd is chanting for tables. Rusev picks Reigns up on his shoulder and launches him into the cell

Rusev goes under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick. Drive by to Rusev and it's Reigns who now holds the kendo stick as he brings it down across Rusev's back. Series of kendo strikes to Rusev. Reigns rolls Rusev delivers a low blow to Reigns. Reigns is tied up in the ropes and now it's Rusev unloading with the kendo stick and he breaks the stick across his knee

Reigns explodes out of the ropes with a lariat. Rusev gets to his feet. Reigns and Rusev trade right hands and it's Rusev with rapid fire strikes. Reigns looks for the Samoan Drop but delivers a right hand. Superman Punch countered by Rusev. Reigns with second attempt connects with the Superman Punch for a nearfall.

Reigns sets up for a spear but runs into a kick. Rusev sends Reigns face first into the steps and a nearfall for Rusev. Rusev rolls Reigns over onto his stomach. Delivers a foot to the spine and locks in the AccoladesReigns tries to break out of it but Rusev cuts him off connecting with a kick to the temple sending him to the outside. Rusev pulls a chain out from under the ring. Rusev stalks Reigns but Reigns catches him with a right hand and unloads with punches.

Reigns rolls Rusev back in. Rusev with the chain delivers a shot to the midsection and one to the small of the back and Rusev beginning to whip Reigns with the chain. Rusev slides to the outsiide picking up the other set of steel steps sliding them into the ring.Reigns gets to his knees. Rusev picks Reigns up. Right hand by Reigns. Rusev bounces Reigns off the steps and delivers a kick. Nearfall on Reigns. Rusev positions Reigns on the steps with chain in hand. Rusev locks the Accolades in using the chain

Reigns fights out of the Accolades and delivers a Samoan Drop onto the steps. Rusev is first to get to his feet and Reigns hits a spear off the steps for the three count

The winner of the match and still United States Champion: Roman Reigns

Backstage: Kevin Owens says as brutal as the match Roman Reigns and Rusev just had was, it will be a cake walk compared to what he will do to Seth Rollins and afterwards there will be many words to describe Rollins but winner won't be one of them


Right hand by Dana but Bayley counters with a waistlock. Dana connects with an elbow sending Bayley to the mat. Bayley bouncing Dana off the turnbuckle.

Bayley with a dropkick and a nearfall. Bayley with an elbow to Dana. Deep armdrag by Bayley. Dana drives Bayley shoulder first into the top turnbuckle. Dana with a kick. Dana has Bayley in the corner

Clothesline by Dana and a nearfall on Bayley. Dana slides out of the ring and bounces Bayley's arm off the apron. Dana continues to work over the injured arm. Bayley tries to fight back

Kneedrops to the arm by Dana and a modified bow and arrow by Dana locked in on Bayley. Bayley counters with a leg scissors. Bayley continues the attack on the arm. Bayley in the corner kicks Dana away and a low dropkick connnects.

Irish whip by Dana. Bayley slides to the apron side stepping but a forearm by Dana connects. Bayley grabs the hair dropping Dana on the mat. Bayley creating separation and fires back with left hands and a series of clothesline.

Bayley drives Dana into the corner and a back splash. Overhead throw and a low running clothesline. Bayley goes to the second ropes connects with a corkscrew elbow. Bayley to belly blocked by Dana but second time is the charm as Bayley delivers the Bayley to belly for the three count

The winner of the match: Bayley

Backstage: Stephanie and Mick Foley are talking about Survivor Series and how Raw will annihilate Smackdown. Chris Jericho walks in and tells Stephanie Raw needs to choose their team wisely and first choice should be Jericho and second should be Kevin Owens and they should be named co-captain


Enzo and Anderson start things off. Crossbody by Enzo. Cass with right hands to Anderson. Cass unloads on Anderson. Enzo back in and Cass whips Enzo into Gallows taking Gallows out. Cass launches Enzo over the ropes onto Anderson

Cat and mouse game by Enzo and Anderson. Gallows in connecting with a clothesline to Enzo. Enzo is sent back into the ring. Gallows with a right hand. Enzo in the tree of woe and Gallows with a dropkick

The crowd starts chanting "Andy" as Gallows delivers a suplex. Chinlock on Enzo. Enzo fights back but knee strike by Gallows. Gallows with the snake eyes and a boot by Anderson

Anderson drives Gallows into the corner sitting him on the top rope. Straight rights by Anderson. Suplex blocked by Enzo and a headbutt sends Anderson to the mat. Enzo plants Anderson with a DDT. Both teams get the tag and Cass unloads with clotheslines and big boots

Cass with a slam to Gallows delivers the Empire Elbow. Fallaway slam. Gallows ducks a boot. Enzo gets the tag. Crossbody onto Anderson. Enzo delivering short jabs and a big strike to Gallows. Gallows delivers a kick. Anderson tags back in they pick up Enzo and deliver the Magic Killer for the three count

The winners of the match: The Club


Owens quickly goes for weapons and Rollins goes right after Owens. Chop by Owens and Rollins with one of his own. Owens gets whipped into the cell.

Irish whip reversed by Owens misses with a clothesline and Rollins plants Owens. Owens with a right hand and Rollins with a snapmare. Kick to the face as Rollins stomps away at Owens. Owens with a kick of his own.

Rollins gets whipped across the ring. Elbow connects with Owens and Rollins off the top rope with a blockbuster. Owens regains control of the match sending Rollins into the cell. Cannonball by Owens and Rollins falls to the outside. Rollins connects with another cannonballl driving Rollins into the cell

Rollins counters a pop up powerbomb, Owens counters a pedigree, Rollins connects with a lariat. Owens with a superkick to Rollins. Owens sets up a tables and goes to pick Rollins up but Rollins delivers a suplex onto the apron

The crowd with a "This Is Awesome" chant. Rollins with a suicide dive onto Owens sending the champion crashing into the cell. Rollins to the top rope but Owens rolls out of the way pulling out a fire extinguisher from under the ring. Owens drives the fire extinguisher into the ribs

Owens uses the fire extinguisher on the referee. Owens picks Rollins up rolling him back into the ring. Second referee opens the cell door helping the first official out of the cell. Chris Jericho runs down and locks himself inside the cell. It's a 2 on 1 and Rollins sends Jericho crashing from the apron into the cell.

Owens with a nearfall. The crowd with a "Stupid Idiot" chant as Owens heads to the top rope. Rollins meets him there and Rollins lands on the apron sending Owens crashing to the mat. Landing knee from the top rope onto Owens as Jericho helps himself back up. Rollins goes to deliver a pedigree to Owens. Jericho back in but gets pedigreed. Kick to Owens

Pop up powerbomb countered. Rollins with an enziguri. Powerbomb attempt by Rollins sends Owens crashing through the tables which Owens had set up on the outside. Owens gets rolled back into the ring. Rollins on the top rope. Frogsplash onto Owens and Jericho pulls the referee out of the ring before he can make the three count

Rollins connects with a boot to Jericho's head. And Jericho is dropped onto the destroyed tables and Rollins not done just yet as he launches Jericho into the cell. Rollins picks Jericho up and powerbombs him off the cell.

Rollins returns to the ring and gets caught with a superkick. Pop up powerbomb and Rollins kicks out at 2. Jericho back to his feet looking under the ring as Owens unloads with punches and headbutts on Rollins.

Steel chair comes into play as Owens brings the chair down on Rollins. Rollins back to his feet unloads on Jeri-KO. Owens with a DDT onto the chair. Owens sets two chairs facing each other and powerbombs Rollins through the chairs for the three count

The winner of the match: Kevin Owens


Waistlock by Kendrick and Perkins counters connecting with a dropkick. Kendrick forces Perkins to the mat for a nearfall. Greco Roman knuckle lock and monkey flip by Perkins

Kendrick with another nearfall. Hiptoss by Perkins. Legtrip by Perkins into another nearfall. Shoving match between Perkins and Kendrick. Kendrick misses with a clothesline. Crossbody by Perkins. Kendrick misses with an elbow. Perkins launches himself over the top rope. Perkins on the apron. Kendrick connects with a kick. Kendrick tapes Perkins hand to the bottom rope and stomps away. Back suplex by Kendrick. Cravat lock by Kendrick. Neckbreaker by Kendrick

Kendrick misses wildly. Perkins goes right to the knee. Shoulder to the gut and a kick to the back of the head drives Kendrick out of the ring

Perkins launches himself over the top rope. Perkins rolls Kendrick back into the ring. Suplex by Perkins. Belly to back suplex to Kendrick. Perkins goes to the top rope and Kendrick catches him with a dropkick.

Perkins connects with kicks. Kendrick with kicks to the face. Spin kick by Perkins and a detonation kick for a nearfall. Wrecking ball dropkick to the side of the head. Kendrick with a belly to back suplex into a cradle.

Kendrick picks Perkins up across his back in a torture rack but Perkins goes for the double chickenwing. Kendrick counters into the Captain's Hook and Perkins rolls Kendrick over for a nearfall. Suplex blocked by Perkins who locks in the kneebar and Kendrick reaches the ropes

Kendrick sends Perkins face first into the turnbuckle. Kendrick looking for Sliced Bread #2 but lands awkwardly. The referee holds Perkins back as he checks on Kendrick. Perkins picks Kendrick up who hits a headbutt and locks the Captain's Hook in for the tap out

The winner of the match: Brian Kendrick

Backstage: Cesaro and Sheamus are bickering over previous Raw matches and rental cars


Quick nearfall by Cesaro. Side headlock by Woods. Cesaro misses with clotheslines and Woods connects with headscissors. Dropkick to Cesaro and Sheamus drops Woods with a right hand.

Sheamus tags and drives Woods into the barricade. Woods gets rolled back into the ring and delivers the 10 Beats Of The Bohdran. Cesaro back in with an uppercut

Quick tags between Cesaro and Sheamus. Backslide on Sheamus and Sheamus with an axehandle to Woods. Chinlock by Cesaro on Woods. Woods back to his feet and Sheamus connects with the Irish Curse backbreaker. Tag to Cesaro who drops an elbow on Woods. Irish whip and the Uppercut Train gets stopped as Woods connects with a boot

Both teams get the tag and Big E with a series of belly to belly suplexes. Kneelift to Big E. Big E with another belly to belly. Big E off the ropes connects with the big splash. Cesaro gets sent over the ropes. Woods launches himself onto Cesaro. Powerbomb by Big E. Sheamus plants Big E

Shoulder tackle by Sheamus. Woods wih a crossbody, Sheamus rolls through. White Noisee on Woods. The crowd starts a "Sheame" chant. Cesaro tags in as Sheamus hits a rolling senton. Cesaro with the double stomp

Cesaro looks for the Giant Swing. Woods with a kick to Cesaro and Sheamus. Woods on the top rope with an elbow onto Cesaro. Big E gets sebt crashing off the apron to the floor. Uppercuts to Woods. Cesaro with the Giant Swing and Cesaro locks in the sharpshooter but Big E delivers a belly to belly suplex into the corner.

New Day looking for the Midnight Hour. Sheamus cuts Woods off. Sheamus accidentally Brogue Kicks Cesaro and Woods covers but Sheamus breaks up the nearfall. Sheamus clears the ring

Sheamus goes airborne and takes out all three members of The New Day. Cesaro locks the sharpshooter in on Woods as Sheamus attacks Big E with the trombone. The referee calls for the bell as Cesaro gets hit with Trouble In Paradise

The winners of the match by DQ: New Day


The cell lowers and Charlotte attacks sending Sasha to the outside. Sasha sends Charlotte into the WWE Universe and Sasha follows delivering a kick to the spine and they fight in the crowd

Sasha tosses Charlotte back into the ringside area and the announce table gets torn apart as Sasha picks Charlotte up. Charlotte bounces Sasha's head off the table and climbs up the cell. Sasha climbs the cell as well bouncing Charlotte's head off the cell as she falls to the floor.

Charlotte with a powerbomb through the table. Sasha is placed on a stretchere. The announcement is made Sasha can't compete and Sasha jumps up off the stretcher runs into the ring and pulls Charlotte out throwing her into the cell.

Chop by Sasha. Right hand misses and Sasha hits another of her own. Sasha shoved face first into the ring post. Charlotte sends Sasha back first into the cell.

Charlotte rolls Sasha back in for a nearfall and Charlotte delivers knees to the back. Charlotte throws Sasha into the corner landing on her back. Charlotte has Sasha tied in the ropes arching her back as she plants a boot in her back.

Sasha locks in the Bank Statement but Charlotte picks her up launching Sasha over the ropes to the floor. Charlotte rolls Sasha back in and looks under the ring pulling out a steel chair.

Baseball slide by Sasha bounces Charlotte off the cell. Suicide dive onto Charlotte. Sasha has the chair now as she sets it up. Charlotte with a kick. Charlotte and Sasha trade blows back and forth. Charlotte has Sasha tied up in the corner delivering a chop.

Charlotte stands on the second rope. Sasha cuts her down and unloads with right hands. Kick by Charlotte and Sasha trips Charlotte sending her face first off the chair. Sasha repeatedly bounces Charlotte's face off the chair. Charlotte picks Sasha up and drops her back first on the chair

Charlotte slides to the outside pulling Sasha around the ring post in a bow and arrow. Sasha kicks Charlotte from behind and Sasha is launched into the cell but grabs onto the cell and delivers double knees to Charlotte

Charlotte gets launched into the cell. Another double knees pins Charlotte against the cell. Charlotte and Sasha are back in the ring now. Sasha hooks Charlotte up for the three amigos. Sasha goes to the top rope and connects with a frog splash

Sasha locks in the Bank Statement but Charlotte slides out of the ring landing a kick to Sasha. Sasha with knees to the midsection. Sasha places the chair on the bottom rope and delivers the double knees to Charlotte through the chair.

Charlotte from the outside pulls Sasha through the ropes face first off the ring steps and now a table gets pulled out from under the ring by Charlotte.

Charlotte sets up the table. Charlotte on the top rope hooks Sasha up for a suplex but Sasha blocks. Charlotte lands on the apron and Sasha kicks Charlotte sending her falling from the apron crashing through the table.

Sasha going under the ring now pulling out a second table. She slides the table into the ring and it's a tug of war as Charlotte pins Sasha against the cell after driving the table into her.

Charlotte sets the table up. Sasha bounces Charlotte's head off the table. Charlotte connects with a boot to the face. Figure four locked in on Sasha. Charlotte transitions into the figure eight but Sasha connects with chair shots to the hip

Short forearm by Charlotte. Sasha with one of her own. Both women connect with forearms sending them both to the mat. Sasha going for the Bank Statement but Charlotte blocks delivering backbreakers

Charlotte picks Sasha up laying her on the table. Charlotte goes to the top rope and Sasha off the table cuts Charlotte off re-positioning the table. Sasha looking to pick Charlotte up but her back gives out as Charlotte throws Sasha into the table. Charlotte then hits Natural Selection for the three count

The winner of the match and new Raw Women's Champion: Charlotte


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