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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Looking Back At WWE Hell In A Cell 2009

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Oct 21, 2016

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Looking Back At WWE Hell In A Cell 2009

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another edition of Flashback Friday, the only series on WrestlingNewsSource.com that swerves you more than Vince Russo. I am Sean O Connor and it is almost time for another WWE pay per view. As Raw continues to build for Hell in a Cell we are right here to fill you in on all the latest action and news. Today’s entry for Flashback Friday will be focusing on Hell in a Cell 2009, the first Hell in A Cell pay per view for WWE. CM Punk will face The Undertaker inside of the Deadman’s demonic structure for the World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena and Randy Orton will battle it out for the WWE Championship and our main event will be Legacy taking on D-Generation X! So strap in and sit back as I take you back to 2009, this is Hell in a Cell 2009!

Opening Promo

The focus is on our two championship matches, our narrator lets us know that death is near for those inside of the cage. Pain, suffering and eternal damnation is what you can expect from the nightmarish structure. Quite the impressive resume if I must say so myself but in all seriousness, it does a good job of hyping up the three main event matches of the night. We are live from Newark, New Jersey and Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the action. Cole switches us over to the team of JR and Todd Grisham (Remember him?) JR’s voice is a pleasant surprise on this ppv.

(World Heavyweight Championship Match) CM Punk © vs The Undertaker

Heel Theodore Long? Well the surprises keep on coming don’t they? I am expecting to see Ron Simmons and Butch Reed at any moment! Anyways, CM Punk defeated Undertaker in a submission match at Breaking Point because Theodore Long had Taker’s Hell’s Gate submission banned and screwed Taker out of the match. Undertaker kidnapped Teddy Long for his actions in causing Taker the championship and tortured Long until he promised to give Taker his rematch inside Hell in a Cell against Punk. Really enjoyable promo package as Punk is almost pissing his pants at the thought of facing off against The Undertaker in the “Devil’s Playground”. Champion enters the ring first which I am personally not a fan of, champion should always come out last but I understand why you would want Undertaker to come out last. JR brings up the point that Punk is not an idiot, he knows what he has to do to beat Undertaker, Punk must have some sort of a gameplan. Undertaker walks in and shuts the door (Nice little touch there). Taker corners Punk with Punk nailing right hands but Taker does not sell anything. Punk tries outsmarting The Deadman but Taker takes Punk’s leg and slams the champion into the cage as the champion screams out in pain. Shots to the ribs and face by the challenger. Undertaker boots Punk from the apron into the cage wall. Punk crawls under the ring and dropkicks the steel steps into Taker’s knee. Punk goes all in on the injured Deadman, lots of stomps to the foot. Punk wraps Taker’s leg around the ringpost, smashing it multiple times. Punk cimbs to the ring apron with Undertaker, knee to the face by Punk. Punk was going for his bulldog but Taker shoves off The Second City Saint and Punk crashes into the cage wall. Undertaker is limping heavily, Taker drops a leg drop across Punk’s throat. Punk kicks off Undertaker, suicide dive into Undertaker. Punk and Undertaker throw bombs on their knees in the ring. Punk kicks the leg of Undertaker, Undertaker wins out the fight. Punk slides out of the Tombstone, boot by Taker though. Leg drop by The Phenom, two count. Undertaker motions for the Chokeslam, Punk kicks the leg and tries for the GTS. Taker slides out and motions for The Tombstone, Punk slides out and chop blocks The Deadman. Punk grabs a chair, wham right to the face. Two count for the champion, knee in the corner but Punk posed for too long. Last Ride out of the corner and somehow Punk kicks out of The Last Ride! Undertaker has the arm and is setting up for Old School, Punk drags down Undertaker into a knee. Punk covers and it is a two count for the champion. Punk is in disbelief, Punk has a steel chair. Undertaker boots the chair into Punk’s face, Chokeslam on Punk and Undertaker says that is all. Undertaker drills Punk with The Tombstone and we have a new world heavyweight champion! Match was a good opening match, I expected more out of a world title match but it was not a bad match. Would have liked to seen more leg work and more cowardice from Punk as this was meant to be Punk’s final hour, there was no Teddy Long, no disqualifications and no count-outs so there was no escape for Punk but I did not really feel that story was told due to the match being over so quickly. Undertaker sold the leg well and Punk showed some great facials but he never looked like he had a hope in hell (I am sorry for the terrible puns it has become a habit at this stage).

Winner: Undertaker over CM Punk following A Tombstone!

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) John Morrison © vs Dolph Ziggler

So on the Smackdown prior to the pay per view, Ziggler had pinned Morrison in a tag match so I am not liking The Show-off’s chances in this match. Both men lock up with Morrison gaining control initially. Ziggler starts to ground Morrison with both men trading pins before Dolph reaches for the ropes. Ziggler shoots for the leg, Morrison rolls out and the wrestling gets a very mild reaction from the crowd. Ziggler goes low and starts pummelling Morrison before applying another side headlock. Shoulder block from Ziggler, massive dropkick by Morrison. Scoop slam and hip hop leg drop by Morrison. Two count for the champion, sleeper hold by Morrison. Ziggler breaks out of the sleeper, clubs Morrison in the back of the head and applies a sleeper of his own on the champion. Morrison wipes out Ziggler with a chop block and a crossbody for a two count. Dropkick by Morrison, Ziggler avoids Starship Pain by rolling out of the way. Morrison is pinned but it is only a two for the challenger. Ziggler drops a huge elbow for a two count. Dolph measures Morrison for a nice dropkick, two count for the challenger. Muta lock like manoeuvre by Dolph, focusing on the neck. Morrison fights out and uppercuts Dolph. Dolph stops Morrison with a powerslam. Snapover neckbreaker by Dolph, stomps to the mid-section. Ziggler has Morrison by the ropes, illegal choke hold by the challenger. Stinger splash by Ziggler, two count as Morrison continues to stay alive. Ziggler unloads with right hands and another choke. Scoop slam and a cover, two count for Ziggler. Ziggler firemen carries Morrison, make it two for The Show-Off. Morrison out of nowhere, drills Ziggler with a DDT. The two exchange blows, Morrison wins out and floors Ziggler with clotheslines and spinning calf kicks. Standing shooting star press earns Morrison a two count. Ziggler rolls out of a suplex and applies an O’Connor roll for a two count. Ziggler grabbed the ropes but the referee caught the show-off in the act. Morrison rolls up Ziggler for a two count, they trade reversals until Ziggler plants Morrison with a complete shot. Ziggler props Morrison onto the top turnbuckle, Morrison fights back. Morrison catapults Ziggler into the turnbuckle, two count for Morrison. Spirngboard crossbody misses for Morrison, german suplex by Dolph for another two count. Dolph nails the FameAsser for a two count! Morrison counters a running Dolph with a boot, Starship Pain is countered again as Dolph rises to his feet and slams down the champion. Ziggler slaps around Morrison, Morrison countered the Zig-Zag by holding onto the ropes. Massive kick by Morrison and a Starship Pain for the win! This match did not gel with the fans or me for a majority of the time it took place. The two men worked their asses off but the crowd did not seem to care. I don’t know I just was not feeling the match. To be fair though, Morrison and Ziggler won over the crowd by the end and they did cheer big for The Starship Pain. Overall, this match was much like the first as it disappointed when I thought it could have been special.

Winner: Morrison over Ziggler following a Starship Pain!

Batista/Mysterio Promo

Batista and Rey Mysterio are like family and are going to beat the crap out of the champions Big Show and Chris Jericho.

(WWE Divas Championship Match) Alicia Fox vs Mickie James ©

Alicia Fox beat Gail Kim to earn her championship opportunity. Fox had pinned Mickie in tag team matches so now we will see how much Fox has when she is alone with Mickie. Alicia powers down Mickie to begin the match with Mickie using her superior wrestling to take down Fox. Right hand by Mickie, snapmare and a dropkick. Cover and a two count for the champion. Mickie drops Fox with a neckbreaker, Fox yanks Mickie off the top rope, cover and a two count for the challenger. Submission move by Fox, Fox illegally pulls on Mickie’s hair. Mickie battles to her feet, massive tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Fox who taunts and applies a bodyscissors to Mickie. Forearm to the face by Fox but Mickie fights out of the hold. Mickie starts her comeback nailing three quick clotheslines and a hurricanrana. Lou Thesz Press from the top by Mickie, Fox blocks the Mickie DDT. Northern Lights suplex by Fox for a two count, Fox misses The Scissors Kick. Mickie drills Fox with The Mickey DDT and that’s all folks! I feel bad for the two as the crowd were just sitting on their hands for the match. It was a fine match and I am glad to see that the WWE audience has become more receptive to the female performers as this crowd seemed super quiet.

Winner: Mickie James over Alicia Fox following a Mickey DDT!

(WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match) Jeri-Show © vs Batista & Rey Mysterio

This feels like this could be a really fun tag team match, we have Jericho and Show who were such a fun tag team against the human highlight reel Rey Mysterio and the powerhouse Batista. Rey and Jericho renew their rivalry in the beginning of the match as Jericho headbutts Rey and kicks the Mexican superstar in the ribs. Rey armdrags Jericho and monkey flips Y2J. Springboard moonsault by Mysterio for a two count, Batista is in the ring. Big shoulder block by The Animal, corner clothesline and shoulder thrusts by Bastisa. Rey is legal and dropkicks Jericho in the ribs. Two count for the Master of the 619. Tag to Batista, Batista smashes the arm and a vertical suplex. Assisted splash by Rey and Batista for a two count. Jericho crawls to The Big Show, Rey motions he will take on Show. Show laughs as the tiny Rey squares up to the big man. Mysterio smashes the legs and Show says enough of this boy! Headbutt to Rey and Show steps all over Mysterio. Show lifts Rey onto the top turnbuckle and slaps Rey to the floor like a fly. Batista checks on his partner (Nice touch not seen enough in my opinion). Show lifts Rey back into the ring with one hand, Rey battles back and Show superkicks Rey into oblivion. Jericho is tagged into the match, rope guillotine and a cover for a two count. Full nelson like submission by Y2J, Rey elbows Y2J. Enzuigiri by Rey to the face of Y2J, Jericho is draped across the ropes. Rey was thinking 619 but Jericho was playing possum, Jericho smashes Rey with a clothesline. Jericho props Rey on the top rope, Jericho is tearing at the mask of Mysterio. Rey battles Jericho and knocks Y2J to the floor. Seated senton by Rey, tag to Batista. Batista runs over Jericho and Show. Sidewalk slam for a two count, Jericho struggles out of a powerslam but Batista nails The Spear. Batista was looking for the Batista Bomb but Show is coming in to break up the move. Batista catches Show and hurls Jericho into Show. Batista slams Jericho with a spinebuster but it is a two count for The Animal. Big Show recovers to grab Batista’s leg, Jericho capitalizes with a Codebreaker. Batista kicks out at two! Jericho runs to Show, Show misses a leg drop. Batista starts pummelling Show, Chokeslam by Show. Mysterio saves Batista from being pinned with a springboard leg drop. Jericho is legal, Jericho misses a Lionsault. Mysterio and Show are in, dropkick to the ribs, Show catches Mysterio who lands on his feet. Dropkick to the knee by Rey and a huge tornado DDT. Two count for Rey, Rey lowbridges Show and drop toeholds Jericho. Rey misses Jericho with the 619 but nails Show. Rey elevates Jericho into Show’s arms. Batista spears Show and Jericho! Rey springboard dropkicks Show and nails The 619. However, Show is such a monster that he shakes it off and drills Mysterio with The Knockout Punch/WMD. Best match of the night so far, it was exciting, fast-paced and never dull. Should not be surprising with four top-tier talents in there but it was really a good match. It was also a rare high-point in Show’s booking where he is actually allowed to be a monster. It is crazy when you look back on his career and see that his run as the partner of Jericho and his heel run of 2012 where he was wiping the floor with Sheamus were the only real times he was allowed to be a monster. Anyways, great match!

Winners: Jeri-Show over Batista & Rey Mysterio following a WMD!

(WWE Championship Match) Randy Orton vs John Cena ©

Cena had beaten Randy at Breaking Point at the video package reminds us. Orton wants his championship back and is more determined than ever after losing his championship. 2009 was Orton’s year, the year where he was able to escape the shadow of his initial coming out party of 2004. Orton found himself and a sadistic character which was simply captivating at a time where not a lot was interesting. Bell rings and we have a staredown Cena floors Orton with some punches. Orton lures Cena into the ring and sucker the champion into the ring. Clubbing blow from the challenger, more right hands by The Viper. Orton continues the punishment with a powerslam for a two count. Both men trade bombs with Cena winning the battle. Shoulder block but Orton dodges the second. Orton shoves Cena into the cage wall, Cena clutches his shoulder as Orton stomps on Cena over and over again. Cena is not done though, Cena slams Orton into the cage wall repeatedly. Orton slides out of a powerslam shoving Cena into the wall and the steel steps. Orton stamps right on the hand of Cena, Orton grabs the top half of the steel steps and places them in the ring. Orton sets up Cena for his rope-hung DDT onto the steel steps, Cena counters and elevates Orton to the floor. Cena picks up the steel steps and aims for Orton’s head. Cena wanted to kill Orton but Orton moved out of the way. Orton nails his backbreaker out of nowhere, cover and a two count. Cena boots Orton in the face and nails his comeback. Five knuckle shuffle and Cena attempts the AA but Orton slides out to the apron and hotshots the champion. Rope-hung DDT by the challenger, cover and a two count for Orton. Orton is measuring for The RKO, Cena shoves Orton off into the AA. Cover and a two count as Orton kicks out! Orton is lifted onto the top rope, Cena is thinking of an AA from the second rope. Orton battles out and electric chair drops Cena to the canvas. Cover and a two count for The Viper. Orton has Cena on the apron, Cena fights out of a superplex and Orton falls hard to the mat. Massive leg drop misses for Cena, Orton has a chair. Orton smacks the chair on the back of the neck of Cena. A shot to the chest and Cena kicks out. Orton looks demented as Cena kicks out, Orton places Cena on the chair. Orton misses the head of Cena and smacks his knee on the chair, Cena catches Orton for an STF. Orton reaches the rope but Cena does not have to break the hold. Orton kicks off Cena into the referee. STF is locked in once more and Orton taps out of the STF but there is no referee. Cena revives the referee, RKO on Cena and Cena kicks out at two and a half! Orton chokes Cena on the ropes and ties the champion in the ropes. Orton chokes Cena who cannot use his hands to get himself free. Cena collapses to the mat, Punt kick to the head by Cena and Orton is your new WWE Champion. I liked that match a lot, the action was solid between these two main event players in the WWE but what really sold me was Orton’s character driven performance. Orton came off as a total nut in this match, the way he would twist and contort his face as Cena would simply not die and continue to take whatever punishment Orton dished out was fantastic. The camera work really caught the psychotic nature of Orton and must be applauded. I really liked the finish too with Orton realizing he could not beat Cena with his RKO so he decided to choke the man out but first he rendered Cena’s arm useless. I wished it could have ended with Orton choking out Cena and winning by TKO but The Punt was and still is a pretty sick finisher and it was the exclamation point on a great performance by Orton. Say what you want about their chemistry and their boring matches but Orton was really good on this night.

Winner: Orton over Cena following The Punt!

R-Truth vs Drew McIntyre

The Chosen One, Vince Mcmahon’s handpicked future champion vs R-Truth. R-Truth has been disrespected by McIntyre and Truth wants to beat Drew’s ass. This is not a theme I recognize for McIntyre but I am not sure if it is an early theme or the company no longer has the rights to his theme. Lockup and side headlock by Drew, dropkick by Truth. Spinning calf kick by Truth and a huge hiptoss for a two count. McIntyre and Truth are slugging it out in the corner. The referee interrupts the two wrestlers and Drew smashes Truth with a boot. Big shots in the corner from the native of Scotland. Huge clothesline for a two count for Drew. Drew has a standing crossface, Truth fights out of it. Double crossbody in the middle of the ring, Truth floors Drew and hammers away on The Chosen One. Axe kick to the face for a two count, Truth misses The Scissors Kick. Drew was looking for The Future Shock, Truth fights out and punches Drew in the corner. McIntyre yanks down Truth with a powerbomb like move and drills Truth with a Future Shock for the win. Ok so this crowd was as quiet for this match as they were for the Divas match. I was expecting Drew to be dominant but Truth was a popular superstar on Smackdown so maybe Truth was not the right superstar to job to Drew. Fine match from these two but nothing to write home about as Drew picks up his first ppv win in his ppv debut.

Winner: Drew McIntyre over R-Truth following a Future Shock!

(United States Championship Match) Jack Swagger vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston ©

Miz rants about becoming champion and insults the crowd. Pre-Awesome theme music Miz is here and it seems surreal. I have seen him for so long with his Awesome theme. Anyways, out comes Swagger and finally, we have the champion. Swagger and Miz try to jump Kofi, Kofi fights off both of his opponents. Kofi pummels Swagger in the corner before turning to The Miz. Swagger floors Kofi with a clothesline to the back of the head, the heels stomp the hell out of Kofi. Double reverse elbow to the face of the champion, double suplex and Miz pins Kofi. Swagger is not happy but he does not beat on Miz. Kofi rolls up Miz for a two count, Swagger and Miz double team Kofi. Hard Irish whip by Miz & Swagger. Miz suckers in Swagger, clothesline by Miz. Miz takes down Kofi with a clothesline, double axe handle on Swagger. Neckbreaker combination by Miz (Mizard of Oz?). Miz stomps on both Kofi and Swagger, Kofi smashes Miz with a forearm. All three men are on the corner, Swagger has Miz on his shoulders and Kofi nails a crossbody. Swagger hurls Kofi into Miz, belly to belly by Swagger but Miz breaks up the pin. Swagger places Miz in the tree of woe and stomps on The Awesome One. Kofi back suplexes Miz to the mat, Swagger drills Miz with a Swagger Bomb. Kofi chops and dropkicks Swagger, Boom Drop. Cover and Miz makes the save. Swagger slams Kofi to the mat, Miz is caught by Swagger, Kofi nails Swagger with Trouble in Paradise. Miz scores with The Skull Crushing Finale but Swagger places Kofi’s boot on the ropes. Swagger clotheslines Kofi, Gutwrench powerbomb by Swagger on Miz. Kofi drills Swagger with Trouble in Paradise and pins Miz for the win! That seemed like a clusterfuck and rushed but entertaining at the same time. Not much else on this one as it was brief!

Winner: Kofi Kingston over Everyone Else by capitalizing!

(Hell In A Cell Match) Legacy vs D-X

Are Triple H & Shawn Michaels too old? Is it Legacy’s time? It is the rubber match as Legacy had beaten DX at Breaking Point while Summerslam was DX’s night. The announcers build this as a possible end of an era but with the small promo package and the championship match that took place between Orton and Cena, I do not feel you are pushing it as hard as you think WWE. DX waltz out to the ring and thank god for the sneak attack by Legacy as we have a sense of urgency as Legacy wish to decimate and lay waste to DX. Cody and Shawn are brawling while Dibiase and Triple H are by the announce table. Rhodes and Dibiase taste the announce table. Triple H drills Cody with a monitor, Shawn clears the table. DX double suplex Cody onto the announce table, Dibiase is back on his feet and throws Triple H into the crowd. Triple H and Dibiase are deep in the crowd while Shawn makes his way over to pummel Rhodes. Cody is backdropped into the cell, Rhodes has a chain from the cell door, Shawn is smashed in the knee. Rhodes smashes Triple H in the face with the chain, double DDT onto the entrance way. Rhodes delivers a sickening CrossRhodes on Triple H. Legacy make their way to the cage and rip at the knee of Michaels. The cell door is slammed into the leg of Michaels who writes around in agony. Dibiase measures and punches Michaels square in the face. Rhodes retrieves his chain and now, Triple H is locked out of the cage while Michaels is left alone with the wolves. Michaels realizes he is all alone against two men (Great camera work). Michaels is smacked around like a bitch by Legacy, chop block and clothesline combo by Legacy. More right hands and stomps to the leg by Legacy who have executed their plan to perfection thus far. Shinbreaker by Rhodes, Michaels enzuigiris Rhodes and dodges an elbow from Dibiase but Legacy are right back to their feet and Michael’s leg is smashed into the ringpost. Michaels throws a chair into Rhodes’ face while Michaels fights off Dibiase. Rhodes catapults Michaels into the cell wall while Triple H is almost to his feet. Michaels dives onto Rhodes but Dibiase beats down The Heartbreak Kid. Triple H is helpless on the outside. Michaels sends Dibiase into Cody, Shawn chops Dibiase and nails his forearm to the face. Triple H is climbing the top of the cage, Sweet Chin Music by Michaels on Dibiase. Michaels covers but Rhodes pulls out Shawn and drills Michaels with a steel chair shot. Triple H smashes the padlock on the cell door but the padlock does not break. Rhodes powerbombs Michaels into the cell wall. Triple H puts the chair between the door in an effort to pry the door open. Dibiase powerbombs Michaels into the cell wall as Triple H looks into Michaels’ eyes saying I cannot get in I am sorry Shawn. Triple H backs away and goes to the back, the announcers question Triple H’s allegiance to Michaels. Rhodes and Dibiase beat down Shawn and scream where is Triple H. Michaels has this great look of concern on his face like these two are killing Michaels. Michaels is tossed into the cell wall and ringpost. Great camera work and trash talk from Legacy, Cole begs Michaels to give up and please end the violence. Michaels floors Legacy briefly as Ted clotheslines Michaels into next week. Dibiase dropkicks a chair into Michaels’ face. Legacy do the DX pose and it is about nighty night time for The Heartbreak Kid. Legacy go for their ringpost figure four and million dollar dream finish. Triple H has bolt cutters and very slowly cuts the chain. Triple H is in, Dibiase is on the floor. High knee to Rhodes, facebuster to Dibiase. Rhodes is flung into Dibiase. Triple H spinebusters Rhodes on the steel chair. Triple H has Rhodes for the Pedigree but Dibiase makes the save. Michaels takes care of Dibiase, Triple H steals a chain from a referee coming to lock the cell. Dibiase meets the chain with his face, Pedigree on the floor by The Game. Dibiase is placed outside of the cage and we have a little role reversal here as now it is time for DX to beat down on Legacy. Michaels drops an elbow on Rhodes who has a chair around his neck. Triple H grabs his sledgehammer, Michaels nails Sweet Chin Music while Triple H drills Rhodes with a sledgehammer. It is all over moments later as Rhodes is knocked out. I liked the story of this match, the heels were no match for DX in a fair fight so they took out Triple H, the stronger of the two while they targeted the supposed weaker link in Michaels. Legacy dominated but in the end, Triple H found a way into the match and when it came down to it, Legacy were no match for DX and they were also treated to a taste of their own medicine as Dibiase was locked outside the cage much like how Triple H was at the beginning of the match. It was fun, Legacy worked the knee of Michaels and nobody performs like Shawn Michaels in the WWE so he was so good as the babyface in peril. Good ending to the feud as the overconfident Legacy got what they deserved for overestimating the ageing veterans Michaels and Triple H. DX still had what it takes and maybe Legacy could be on the verge of imploding.

Winners: DX over Legacy following Sledgehammer Chin Music!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this pay per view, I did not have much expectations going into the event so to see two matches with had great story telling elements and psychology, I was very happy. Orton’s sadistic character which was hell-bent on winning back the championship was so entertaining, his facials and body language were that good on this night as he had to sink to the low of choking out John Cena to retain his championship while DX and Legacy’s battle was great to see play out as Legacy were just too sure of themselves and they thought they were devious and evil but when Triple H picked up the sledgehammer and smashed Cody in the face, Dibiase did not think DX would do such a thing. Dibiase could not bear to watch as his partner was decimated before his eyes and that the two supposed old dogs still had a few tricks up their sleeves. Undertaker and Punk was enjoyable for what it was and the other championship matches were fine with the tag team championship match being the pick of the bunch. So that was Hell in a Cell 2009, what did you think? Was it a good Hell in a Cell? What is your favourite Hell in a Cell Moment? Was it Mankind falling off the cell and JR screaming “ Good God they killed him, as god as my witness, that man is broken in half!”? Was it Kane’s debut in the very first Hell in a Cell match? How will this year’s Hell in a Cell grab your interest? Let us know and don’t forget to come back next week for another Flashback Friday!

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