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Here's More Information On Billy Corgan's TNA Lawsuit

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Oct 14, 2016

Here's More Information On Billy Corgan's TNA Lawsuit

Here's an update on the TNA/Billy Corgan ongoing lawsuit. 

As far as Billy Corgan's lawsuit against TNA goes, Billy Corgan's spokesperson, Lissa Druss Christman issued the following statement to prowrestling.net when they asked about it. 

"As president, Billy is looking out for the long-term interest of the company, its employees, its talent, as well as its stakeholders and contractors and will try to work with them in the coming weeks and secure a deal if allowed by The Carters"

Dave Meltzer also discussed Billy Morgan's lawsuit against TNA by saying, "There's fraud involved as well in terms of not being told about certain financial things and information withheld by Dixie Carter to Billy Corgan that he should've known.". 

Source: F4W, ProWrestling.net Tags: #billy corgan #tna #dixie carter #pop tv

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