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WWE NXT Results (12/10)

WWE NXT Results (12/10)

Hey guys,


I have an earlier schedule this week and will be able to provide the live play by play for this week's episode of NXT from the WWE Network. 


The show begins as the announcers tells us the first round of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classics continue this week and we also get the debut of Sanity. We get the "Glorious" entrance of Bobby Roode. Tye Dillinger follows as he teams with Bobby Roode for the Dusty Rhodes Classics. Huge "Glorious 10" chants as Bobby continues to pose for the crowd. Tye shows Bobby the 10 on his trunks and starts twerking his butt cheeks. We now get the debut of Sanity. What looks to be four individuals, one of the members possibly a woman, come out in what appears to be street clothes. Two of the members unmask to show two familiar faces. One is Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton are among Sanity. 

Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger vs. Sanity

As the bell rings, both men jump Tye Dillinger. They kept Tye in their corner. Bobby Roode stepped through the ropes and began to take his jacket off, but stepped back out and dropped from the apron and walked away. leaving Tye on his own. They hit a suplex and powerslam combo as their finisher and got the three count. 

Your Winners: Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe of Sanity.

Post-match, the smaller member began attacking Tye and removed her mask and jacket to reveal Nikki Cross. The fourth member grabbed him from under Tye;s legs and lifted up and dropped in a neckbreaker. He removed his hood to reveal the fourth and final member to be none of than Eric Young. 

Backstage, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce continued to mock Liv Morgan for losing in a quick match against NXT Women's champion Asuka. They say tonight`s match they will try to make it longer. They leave. We go to commercial.

(Commercial break)

Back from break, Charlie Caruso interviews Bobby Roode, asking why he left. He said Tye Dillinger is the Perfect Loser. He walks away mad, threatening to have someone fired. WE go back to the ring for the entrance of Billie Kay accompanied by Peyton Royce. Liv Morgan makes her way out to face Billie Kay. 

Liv Morgan vs. Billie Kay

The match start with the two exchanging words, and Liv attempting a small package. She only gets a two count. Billie takes her down and talks smack to her. Liv gets up and takes Billie down, and hits a running dropkick to the back of Billie. She gets a backslide but no count. Billie gets out of it, and hits a gutbuster to Liv and gets a two count. 

Billie continues the attack on Liv, and chokes her at the turnbuckle. She locks in the Torture Rack on Liv. As Liv attempted to free herself, Billie drops her face first in the turnbuckle. Billie tried to pick up Liv, but Liv hits a modified STO and takes control. She hits a dropkick and a jump up. Liv runs to the ropes, and Peyton catches her leg which caused the distraction. As she turned back to Billie, she walked into a Big boot to the face of Liv. She gets the three count.

Your Winner: Billie Kay

After the match, we get a recap of last week when Andrade Almas turned on Cedric Alexander.They were able to catch him after the match and asked why he turned on Cedric. Cedric spoke lots of Spanish and the few english words heard was  "who is Cedric, no one". We go to commercial. 

(Commercial break)

After the break, they discussed the support for Susan B. komen throughout the month of October. We then get the entrance of TM61. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabatelli followed as they team up to face TM61 in the first round of the Dusty Rhodes Classics. 

TM61 vs. Tino Sabatelli and Riddick Moss

The match starts off with Moss and Nick Miller. Riddick was able to take control early on, until Miller gets a hard chop to Moss and tagged in his partner, Shane Thorne. They double team and quickly tag back in Miller. The crowd is chanting for Tino Sabatelli, as Thorne is back in the ring and Tony attempts to rush the ring but eats a dropkick. Moss is sent flying outside as we go to commercial.

(Commercial break)

Back from break, Moss has control of Thorne. He tagged Tino and they hit some double team moves and Moss is tagged back in. He continues the assault on Shane, and again tags in Tino. The crowd is still cheering for Sabatelli. He locks in a hammerlock on Shane. Shane was able to get out of the hold, but was sent into Tino and Riddick's corner. He tried to manoeuver out of it, and slingshot himself over the ropes but Tino caught him and hits a nice looking powerslam. He got a two count. 

Moss was tagged in and continued to beat down Shane. He trash talked Shane, but Shane would fight back and gets a small package and gets a two count. He hits a jawbreaker and reaches Miller for the tag. He took down Tino, and hits a sliding forearm on Moss. He hits an amazing stalling suplex and got a two count, broken up by Tino. Moss makes the tag. Tino went for a powerslam, but Miller got out of it, and tags Thorne and hits Thunder Valley, and gets the three count.

Your Winners: TM61

(Commercial break)

Next week, we get Rich Swann and No Way Jose vs. Drew Gulak and Tony Nese as the next bout in the first round of the Dusty Rhodes Classics. Buddy Murphy makes his way out, followed by Wesley Blake in separate entrances. They face each other one on one. 

Wesley Blake vs. Buddy Murphy

They stare at each other at the sound of the bell. They lock up, and both release. They lock up once more, and release a second time at the demand of the referee. Murphy locked in a headlock. He hits a headlock take down, and Wesley catches him in a headscissors, but Blake kicks out of it. 

Both guys go for a big kick and both connects. They get up and exchange blows. Buddy went for the ropes, and Blake ran into him at the ropes. Blake said he was better and ran to the ropes, Buddy did the same, running into Blake, sending Blake to the outside. Blake flew over the top rope onto Blake on the outside. As Buddy sent Blake back in the ring, Samoa Joe rushed to the ring and attacked Buddy Murphy. He through him in the steps. Blake attempted to jump Samoa Joe, but Joe just drove him onto the floor. He drops Buddy onto the apron and gets in the ring. He takes to the mic and tells William that time is up. He says either bring him Nakamura, or bring him the championship. We fade to a commercial.

No Winner

(Commercial break)

After the commercial, Samoa Joe is still in the ring, seething, still demanding either Nakamura or the title. Shinsuke Nakamura's theme hits and out comes Nakamura, title in hand, and a neck brace on. He removes the neck brace and looks half dead at Samoa. he drops the title, and rushes to the ring and they fight. Security rush the ring to separate them. Both able to pass security to keep fighting, but the security keeps getting in the middle. Nakamura took down the security guys, and low blowed Joe while still being held by security. Security is able to bring Nakamura to the back, but he beats them down, and goes after Joe again. Samoa Joe walks away in the other direction. Nakamura hits the Kinshasa to one of the security guards. As Nakamura was still at the entrance, Samoa came back out from nowhere and jumped Nakamura. He brings him in the ring, and gets nailed with a Shinsaka from Shinsuke. 




- Tino Sabbatelli: Glad to see him on the show. Been watching him on Breaking Ground on the WWE Network and thought he had talent. 
- Sanity: After weeks of promos, they are finally here. Happy to see Eric Young finally and officially re-debut. Glad to see Sawyer getting a bigger role too.
- Nakamura: He is finally back. Three weeks without him was too long.

- Riddick Moss: Not impressed, and even less with today's announcement that he injured Hideo Itami. If you haven't read it/seen it, click here. **PLEASE be warned that it may be too graphic**
- Bobby Roode: I get it, you are a heel. We all knew that. But not fighting at all and just leaving was cheap
- No Austin Ares yet again



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