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WWE No Mercy results (09/10)

WWE No Mercy results (09/10)

Hey guys, 


TJ Clair here and I will be back tonight for the NO Mercy live coverage. The show begins at 8PM EST, so please come back when the show begins for the live coverage. 

For the pre-show coverage, including my own predictions, please click here

No Mercy

No Mercy starts off with a nice video package of the show. They are still showing the WWE Smackdown! Women's match, however, announced earlier, that match will not take place. We start by getting the entrance of John Cena. As announced by Jonathan Coachman from ESPN first, the WWE World Heavyweight Triple Threat match is the opening match of the night. Dean Ambrose made his way out next. Finally, the champion, AJ Styles made his way out to defend his championship. Mauro Ranallo mentioned that AJ Styles is having the best year than anyone not named Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. We get a video package of AJ's ascension to the championship and leading to this triple threat match.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship match
(c) AJ Styles vs. John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose

The announcer does the championship-style announcement of each participant before the bell. The bell rings and AJ Styles begin boasting to both guys, but Dean and Cena are talking trash to each other. Dean goes for AJ, but Cena goes for the AA on Dean, and AJ cuts him off. All three guys are on the floor. Dean gets physical on John Cena, and while AJ tries to meddle in, Dean pushes him away. The second time, he hits a running dropkick to AJ sending him outside. Dean follows him out and continues the assault. As he sends Aj back in, Cena stops Dean and catches him and runs him back first into the post on the outside. AJ follows with a slingshot off the top and hits his Phenomenal Forearm to John. AJ Cena back in and poses for the crowd. Dean comes back up and hangs AJ neck first on the top rope. Dean tries for a suplex over the rope, and AJ tries to reverse it. AJ gets him back in the ring and tries for a German Suplex, but John Cena catches AJ and hits a German suplex on AJ who delivers the German on Dean. 

Once up, AJ sends Dean back to the outside. AJ went for the Styles Clash, but Cena reversed and sent AJ to the turnbuckle. He catches AJ in a body slam into a body stunner type move. Cena goes for the AA on AJ, but AJ lands on his feet and retaliates with a Pelee kick. Dean gets a sunset flip off rope, but gets a two count. AJ flips over Dean and grabs him in a reverse DDT, and catches Cena and hits a reverse DDT and DDT combo on both guys. He gets a two count. 

He lifts Dean up, and Dean tries to fight back, but AJ sends him flying to the outside again. AJ goes back to work on John Cena, but Cena overpowers AJ, and lands a sunset flip bomb for a two count. He tries to bring AJ to the top for a top rope AA, AJ gets off and grabs Cena in a torture rack position, and swung him into a sit-down powerbomb move. He got another two count. AJ catches John in a sleeper hold. John overpowers him and gets his own sleeper in. AJ shoves him off and Dean catches John in a sleeper hold. John tries to powr out of it by slamming Dean into AJ rather than the post. John gets into his comeback tackles and back suplex leading to the Five Knuckle shuffle, but AJ hits a German Suplex. He holds on and then hits a backsuplex into a face plant. Two count. Dean grabs AJ and hits his own face plant. Two count. John Cena gets his comeback on AJ again. Dean prevents the Five Knuckle Shuffle with a flying elbow. AJ flies and hits a double axhandle to Cena. 

Dean Ambrose immediately tries for the Dirty Deeds, but Aj pushes Dean to the turnbuckle and sends him up and hits a frankensteiner, but Dean rolled him into a two count. AJ counters with his own 2 count. Both men are down while John makes his way back in slowly. He notices them both down. He smiles to the crowd and goes for the Shuffle again. He hits them on both. AA on Styles but rolls out of the ring. Dean goes for the Dirty Deeds on Cena, but he countered and hits the AA on Dean. He kicked out at two.

Cena locks in the STF on Dean, and AJ made the save. On the apron, Cena lifted AJ as if he intended an AA from the apron, but AJ got off and hits a suplex onto the apron. He whips himself to the top rope and hits a 450 Splash on Dean Ambrose. He got a two count. AJ went for his Phenominal forearm, but Dean kicked him and tried Dirty Deeds. AJ moved out of it, and raked the eyes of Dean and hits the Styles Clash. As he hit it, Cena grabbed AJ and locked in the STF. Dean made his way up and stopped the submission before AJ could submit. Dean was hitting both Cena and AJ, but upon hitting AJ, John followed. He wanted to hit the AA on both guys at once. Dean got off, and Cena was about to hit Dean with AJ`s feet but AJ got out of it and hit Cena down, and Dean ghits a clubbing clothesline on AJ. 

Dean was setting up AJ for a double underhook suplex off the top rope, but Cena grabbed Cena and took him down. AJ jumped off onto Cena but he caught him. He was about to hit another AA but once more, AJ got out of it and rolled Cena into the Calf Crusher. Dean broke the hold. Dean caught Styles in a Calf Crusher of his own. Cena locks in the STF while Dean was holding onto AJ`s leg. AJ tapped out while both men hold on to AJ. The bell rung. The timekeeper rang the bell without the ref`s call. Dean and John kept fighting after the ref told them no, no one won. Cena attempted the AA, but Dean got out of it and hits Dirty Deeds. AJ pulls the ref out. AJ apologises but Dean jumps over him onto AJ. Dean throws him into the crowd and heads back to the ring, via top rope. John stops him and hits the AA from the top rope. AJ runs in and hits John Cena with a chair and gets the three count. 

Your Winner (And still champion): AJ Styles

(Commercial Break)

After the break, we get the video package for the Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt match. Afterwards, we get the entrance of Nikki Bella in jeans shorts rather than her usual ring wear. Mauro Ranallo reports that Shane has announced that due to medical reasons, Becky Lynch will not defend her title tonight, but Alexa Bliss will be in action. They recap the attack from Carmella on Nikki Bella.

Nikki Bella vs. Carmella

Nikki went after Carmella right away after she was taunting Nikki. Carmella rolled out, and Nikki hits a running kick through the ropes and followed Carmella out. Carmella was able to drop Nikki on the banister and throw her into the LED board of the ring. Carmella went back into the ring and went back out, and dropped back and neck onto the apron, and then stretched Nikki around the ring post. She gets a two count. Carmella worked on Nikki's neck and locked ina headlock. Nikki tried powering out, but Carmella dropped her onto her neck again, and then hit a Bronco Buster. Another neck lock while constantly screaming that no one cares about Nikki. Carmella hits Nikki's face onto her own foot on the top rope and continues to work on her neck. She goes for a second Bronco Buster, but Nikki countered with a huge tackle. Nikki began her comeback with some kicks and leg lariats. She hits the Beautiful Disaster kick on Carmella. Nikki was going for the TKO, but Carmella held onto the ropes, so Nikki countered into the Bella buster. 

Carmella was able to kick her away, and hits a superkick for a two count. Small package by Nikki. Carmella hits the flatliner and The Code of Silence but Nikki overpowered her and hits that huge forearm to Carmella. She locks it in. Nikki is able to reach the ropes to the frustration of Carmella. She starts beating down on Nikki and wanted to hit the Bella buster on Nikki, but Nikki caught her in the TKO, newly called The Rack Attack 2.0, and gets the three count.

Your Winner: Nikki Bella

After the match, Shane and Daniel are in the back with the Miz and Maryse. The Miz was doing his usual trash talking to Daniel and said at least he will take off Dolph Ziggler from their payroll. 

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, The Usos make their way out for the tag team championship match. Out next is the tag team champions, Rhyno and Heath Slater. 

WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Championship
(c) Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. The Usos

Rhyno and Jimmy Uso begin the match. Rhyno showing his strength early on. He tags in Heath and double team Jimmy. He hits a running forearm. Heath runs into a hit from Jimmy before he tags in his brother Jey. Jey aggressively takes control of Heath of a scoop slam and a back suplex before getting a two count. He tags back in Jimmy, and double team Heath. He gets another two count. He locks in a headlock.

Heath was able to get away long enough to tag in Rhyno. He takes down Jimmy Uso, and hits Jey, and sets up Jimmy for the Gore. Jey distracts Rhyno enough for Jimmy and Jey to take control. Jimmy tags in Jey and hits the running rump onto Rhyno. A tag back to Jimmy and gets a kick to the face of Rhyno. He locks in another headlock.

Jimmy tags in Jey and Jey hits a runnig sliding dropkick to Rhyno. Rhyno tries to power back up and taunts Jey to hit him again. He does so and Jey hit him down. He gets another two count.

After Jey tags in Jimmy, Rhyno is able to hit a Spinebuster and tag in Heath. Heath gets in and hits both guys down with some running elbows and leg lariats. He hits a neckbreaker on Jey Uso and gets a two count. He rolled up jey for another two count. Jey sends him flying up, and catches him in a Samoan Drop. He tags in Jimmy, but Rhyno pulls Jey to the outside. Jimmy follows and hits Rhyno down and catches Heath on his way to fly outside. Jimmy climbs the top rope, but heath runs to the top rope and hits a spinning powerslam. He gets a two count. 

Jimmy was able to hit a superkick to heath and tagged in Jey. Jey hits the kick to the back of the knee of Heath but before he could climb back up, Rhyno gored him on the outside. He stopped the submission from Jimmy, and helped Heath get to the corner to tag him in, and hits the Gore on Jimmy Uso for the three count.

Your Winners (and still champions): Rhyno and heath Slater

 (Commercial Break)

Back from break, we get a Bray Wyatt vignette humming "He's got the whole world". We then get a recap of Tuesday's Smackdown! when the ref called that Baron Corbin tapped out to the Ankle lock. He was clawing for the rope but did not seem to be tapping. This sets up the rematch as Jack Swagger makes his way out to the ring. Baron Corbin makes his way out next.

Jack Swagger vs. Baron Corbin

They called for the bell as Baron jumped Swagger immediately in anger. Jack was able to counter and clothesline Corbin outside the ring. He continued the attack on the outside, and Baron smacked Jack onto the steel steps. He kicked the steel steps in a way that seemed to have crushed Jack Swagger's hand. He sends Jack back in the ring to continue the assault.

Baron focuses his attacks on the injured hand of Jack. Jack tries to fight back, but Baron overpowers Jack, and tackles him into the second turnbuckle. He gets a two count. He continues the attacks to his hand. As he rushes Swagger, Swagger lifts him and lands head first into the post. Jack starts fighting back with some fists of his own. Baron whips him into the corner, but Swagger moved and hits a few turnbuckle clotheslines and hits a takedown. He gets the Swagger bomb and gets a two count. He attempted the Patriot Lock, but Corbin hit his hand to counter and took him down and got a two count. 

Corbin continues the beatdown, hitting a running punch, and went for a second one, but Swagger took off to the ropes and hits a running clothesline to Baron. Baron attempted a kick, but Swagger catches his leg and locks in the Patriot Lock. Baron was able to reach the apron, so the ref called to stop the hold, and Baron hits him in the eye and hits the End of Days for the win.

Your Winner: Baron Corbin

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, there is discussion and a video package of the Title versus Career match between Intercontinental Champion The Miz taking on Dolph Ziggler, who puts his career on the line in what could be his last match. Once it ended, The Miz made his way out to the ring. Dolph follows. 

WWE Intercontinental Championship versus Dolph Ziggler's Career
(c) The Miz w/Maryse vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph wearing new pink gear tonight. Dolph tries hard to take control right away with a dropkick, and attempted Superkick on Miz. Miz catches him in the air and throws him over the top, but Dolph lands on his feet and rushes back in to hit another dropkick. Dolph sends him out and follows. He brings him back in and goes for a two count. 

The Miz was able to counter and take down Dolph and goes on a two count of his own. Looks like Mix might have loose teeth. The Miz locks in a double underhook arm lock. Dolph tries to get to his feet and stomps on the foot of the Miz to get out of it, but the Miz hits a clothesline on Dolph and hits a running foot to the face of Ziggler. Another two count. 

Miz stomps hard on Dolph and hits a Guillotine on the first rope to Dolph's throat. Miz locks both legs in the Inverted Surfboard move, and taunts Daniel Bryan, before jumping and crushing both knees of Dolph. He locks in another surfboard submission. Dolph got out of it, and tried for another superkick but Miz reverses once more into the inverted DDT into the knee buster and neckbreaker combo and gets another two count. 

He runs and its a running dropkick to the turnbuckle onto Dolph three times. He taunts Daniel Bryan again. Dolph hits a dropkick of his own. Both men are down. 

Dolph tries a comeback with some clothesline, a Stinger splash and a neckbreaker. He hits his jumping elbow drop and gets a two count. He rushes and jumped onto Miz but Miz held him and dropped him onto the ropes but Dolph was able to drop him in a sunset flip pin for another 2 count. Miz attempted a pinfall using the ropes but the ref caught him. He tried again with the tights but Dolph kicked out. 

Dolph attempting his jumping DDT but Miz threw him off, and hit him in the knee and hit his low DDT and got another two count. Miz started working on the lef of Dolph for the Figure Four. He whipped him into the turnbuckle and and caught Dolph's leg and threw it between the ropes and hits it and following to attempt the Fire Four but Dolph countered. Miz tried to climb the ropes but Dolph stopped him and followed him up. Miz attempted to reverse with a sunset flip of his own, and it ended up in the same spot as earlier with Dolph getting the Sunset flip, but Miz rolled out and locked in the Figure Four Leg Lock.

Dolph showed to be in pain, screaming loudly before being able to get to the rope. maryse got on the apron to distract the ref, as The Miz removes a pad from the turnbuckle but walks into a Rough Ryder from Dolph Ziggler. He got a two count. The crowd chants for Ziggler as he holds onto his knee. He tried for the Zig Zag but Miz shoves him off and pushes him into the exposed buckle. He hits his sit down powerbomb and got a two count. 

The Miz hitting Daniel Bryan's trademark kicks or as Mauro called them, the "Yes Kicks", but Dolph dodges the last one and hits the Zig Zag. He gets a two count .Maryse is ringside clutching her heart. Dolph gets to his feet and attempts the Superkick but Miz reverses but Dolph jumps and rolls Miz into another pinfall for a two count. Dolph immediately locks in a sleeper hold. Miz was able to reach the ropes. Maryse sprays Dolph in the face once again, and Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale. Dolph gets his foot on the rope at the two count. 

The Miz attacks Dolph's knee in anger and tries to take off his boot, but turned around and ate a superkick with his bare foot. He crawls to Miz while the two members of the Spirit Squad runs to the ring. Superkick to one of them, which gave Miz the chance to hit the Skull Crushing Finale again. Dolph uses all of his strength to kick out at two.

 The ref sends the Spirit Squad and Maryse to the back, which distracts Miz, and turns into another Superkick. Dolph gets the three count and wins the Intercontinental Championship, and to keep his career.

Your Winner (AND New WWE Intercontinental Champion): Dolph Ziggler

(Commercial Break)

 Back from break, they remind us of Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt once more, and we see Randy backstage. We see him looking in a mirror and the mirror distorts. he shakes his head as we go to the pre-show panel. Booker T bragged that he called it that AJ won. Lita said she called Dolph Ziggler would win. Lawler called Mauro Ranallo a moron. They recapped the pre-show introduction of Curt Hawkins. The crowd shows little to no interest to this. They also recapped the 8 man tag match from the pre-show. Alexa Bliss makes her way out to the ring. She is announced for Talking Smack after the show. She takes to the mic, and says Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon are protecting their champion due to medical reasons outside of action. She says either she got a hang nail or losing her ridiculous orange hair. She continued to talk trash and Naomi made her way out in her black lights and neon entrance.

Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss

The match starts with Alexa taking down Naomi, and taunting her. Naomi catches her leg, but Alexa kicked her in the face. Naomi is able to hit her multiple quick kicks and hits her amazing split moonsault. She gets the double Eat Defeat move, and jumps up. Alexa is able to counter and takes control by focusing on Naomi's left arm. 

She locks in an armbar. She stops to pound on Naomi's shoulder and locks in the armbar again. There was a brief video issue before Naomi got out of the hold, but Alexa was able to regain control and rushed Naomi. Naomi moved and dropped Alexa face first in the second turnbuckle. She caught Alexa in a jumping face plan and missed her Rear View. The crowd booed that. Alexa went to hit the double knee arm breaker but misses that too before locking the cross armbar. Naomi climbed over Alexa to cover her and gets the three count.

Your Winner: Naomi

(Commercial Break)

In three weeks it is Raw brand's next PPV event, Hell in a Cell featuring three rematches from Clash of Champions. Roman Reigns defends the United States Championship against Rusev in the Cell; Sasha Banks defends her newly won Women's Championship against Charlotte; and Seth Rollins gets his rematch for the WWE Universal Championship against Kevin Owens. We get another video package for Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt. That leads to the entrance of Bray Wyatt. Randy Orton makes his way out afterwards, setting up the main event of the evening. 

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

The bell rings and both men stare at each other before tying up. Orton throws Bray into the turnbuckle, but Bray hangs himself upside down before going after Orton, but Randy attempts the RKO. Bray slides outside the ring and laughs. He takes his time going back inside, and locking up again, this time taking control, hitting Randy. He taunts the crowd, giving Randy time to attack Bray, but Bray takes him down. Randy uses Bray's hair to take him down and stomps his arms and legs before hitting some punches from the second rope. Randy slowly watches and goes to rush him but Bray attempted Sister Abigail, but Randy gets out of it and Bray rushed him but stumbles through the ropes after Randy moved. He was able to guillotine Randy on the ropes. Outside, Bray tries to continue the assault, and Randy attempted the RKO again, but Bray pushed him over the announcers table at ringside. 

Bray sets up the steel steps, but Randy was able to hit a running clothesline and a second one before sending Bray back in the ring. As Bray ascended to the ring, Bray rushed him and tackled him, sending him into the barricades on the outside. Bray taunts Orton and sings in the ring while Randy makes his way back into the ring. As soon as he rolled in, Bray ran to him and attacked him. He hit his running senton. 

Orton tries to take over, but Bray continuously takes control of the match and keeps Randy down. On the apron, Bray once more hangs himself backwards before hitting a DDT on the apron. Orton rolls in, and Bray rushes in to get another two count. He Irish whips Orton into the ropes and hits another clothesline and gets another two count. He locks in a headlock. Orton tries getting out of it, but Bray ends up scoop slamming Orton and gets to the second rope. He sits and taunts Orton, and then attempts another Senton, but Randy rolls out of the way.

Randy gets back to his feet, ans starts exchanging blows with Bray. When whipped into the turnbuckle, Randy uses the momentum to hit a clothesline. Bray attempts Sister Abigail again, but Orton gets out of it and drops Bray. Randy whipped Bray into the ropes, and Bray returns with a cross body and gets a two count. 

Bray attempted a Urinagi, but Orton reverses and tries the RKO, but Wyatt also reverses and tries for Sister Abigail, but Orton slips out as well, but this time Wyatt is able to connect with the Urinagi. He gets a two count. They get back to the outside. Bray slowly sets up Randy on the steps and attempts to hit a running Senton, but Randy rolls off and Bray hits back first into the steps. Orton takes over the control of the match with an assault ringside, before going back into the ring. He pulls Bray up to the ropes and hits his hanging DDT. 

He sets up for the RKO, but the lights go out with the usual Wyatt video glitch, and once the lights come on, Luke Harper is in front of Randy. Randy is in shock, as he turned around right into Bray Wyatt who catches him and hits the Sister Abigail and gets the three count on Randy. 

Your Winner: Bray Wyatt

Once the match ended, Luke and Bray hugged in the ring and made their way back as they posed on the entrance before the show ends.

End of PPV



I thought the PPV was great! Having the championship title match open the show was different but it worked. In my opinion, it does not devalue the title, or the guys in the ring, because they were the three top guys on the show. I thought however, that Dolph and Miz would main event. When that did not happen, I thought to myself that Orton and Wyatt would end up in some sort of big angle to finish the PPV but that did not happen. So the PPV itself was great, the ending was lacking. Here goes for my wins and fails.

- Title main event opening show: It was a great way to fire up the audience and the match delivered
- Dolph Ziggler and The Miz: Match of the night, and if it wasn't for the interference, match of the year contender.
- Alexa Bliss' character: I was afraid she would be a generic mean girl, but she is showing to have some creativity, she can deliver on the mic, and her tamtrum post-match made me laugh. She is the cutesy girl trying to act mean, but comes off childish. It works for her

- Curt Hawkins: All that entrance, and announcement he would be at No Mercy, only to talk 30 seconds, and announce he will debut on Tuesday in a match. FAIL!
- Ziggler-Miz: Should have been main event
- Orton and Wyatt: I expected a bigger finish. I wanted Bray to win, and he did. I expected Harper to return at some point, but I was just hoping for a bigger outcome, especially since it was the main event. 

Well, that is all, thanks for reading!

(**Refresh for post-show analysis)


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