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WWE No Mercy Pre-show Coverage + Predictions

WWE No Mercy Pre-show Coverage + Predictions

Hey Wrestling fans,


This is the pre-show coverage for WWE No Mercy. My name is TJ Clair, and as I cover the pre-show discussion of each matches, I will also give my own personal predictions for each match. 


WWE No Mercy Pre-show


The show begins with the introduction to the Pre-show panel with Renee Young with WWE Hall of Famers Lita, Booker T and Jerry "The King" Lawler. They discuss that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be defended on the opening match of the night. 

We get Tom Phillips with the Social Media Lounge and discusses the Tag Team Championship match and will be joined by the challengers The Usos on the Lounge for fan questions.

Back to the panel, they begin discussing the match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. They air the video package for the match.

Once the video package ended, the panel discussed both opponents, and how both play mind games, but who plays it better.

ANALYSIS: While I like Randy Orton and he needs a win after losing to Brock Lesnar, however, Bray has needed win for a while, and he needs to be a bigger heel for Smackdown brand. 

They discuss that up next, they will talk the 8-man tag match, and the title vs. career match between champion The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. 

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, they quickly discuss the title vs. career match and immediately head to the video package. Once the video ends, Booker T is very vocal on Dolph when it comes to put the career on the line. Lawler says that Ziggler might be looking for work in the future. The crowd gets loud while Lita talks about how both men have lots to lose, but Dolph will find a way to win. We go to the ring as the debuting Curt Hawkins. While he walks down, a recorded audio byte of him introducing himself with more Curt Hawkins facts resembling Chuck Norris jokes. He grabs to the mic and tries to get a crowd reaction, but you can tell that many don't know him or care. He says he step foot in the ring, as if he will not fight. His music hits and there is a fireworks show. The music stops, he says he will take a step forward and says he will make another announcement. On thursday, he will have his very first match.

ANALYSIS: We expected a match. I truly do not expect much out of this in general. He is not a big star but they act like signing him was a big deal. To make it worst, they announce him for tonight, and all he does is speak for 30 seconds and poses for the crowd. DUD!

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, Shane McMahon announces to Alexa Bliss that it is now official, her title match is cancelled. She says that it is in her contract so she is now champion. Daniel Bryan says no, she is still the number one contender, and will get her shot on November 8th. But tonight, she has a match. She leaves.

We are sent back to the panel where they discuss the match being cancelled. Then we are back to the Social Media Lounge with Tom Phillips and the Usos. 

Question 1: What inspired the change of attitude?
Usos: The Universe changed them. They started booing them. They thank the WWE Universe.

Question 2: Was the attack on the American Alpha based on jealousy?
The Usos: No, why would we be jealous, we got the title shot.

Question 3: Any thoughts on New Day record?
The Usos: Ask us after we win the titles.

Back to the panel, they talk about the confidence of the Usos. They say the Usos lost their last match, but since then, The Usos have been aggressive and on a roll. Booker T approves of the way they changed because they will do what it takes to become champion. Jerry Lawler talks about Jeff Foxworthy redneck jokes to poke fun at Heath Slater. Lita also says Heath Slater and Rhyno should be worried. 

ANALYSIS: While I find Rhyno and Heath entertaining, when a team like The Usos makes this much of an impact. There is a reason. Tonight, that reason is, they win the gold.

The discussion moves onto the Jack Swagger versus Baron Corbin fight. On Smackdown!, the ref mistook Baron clawing to the rope as tapping out. Since controversial, we get a rematch. They showed the video from Smackdown!. Lawler surprisingly is voting for Swagger. Lita followed that. booker is voting for Corbin. 

ANALYSIS: Corbin gets the win. It is easy to see. However, I would love to see Swagger climb the rankings again. He is a good athlete, but needs a better role. 

Up next they discuss the match between Nikki Bella and Carmella. 

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, Nikki is with the Panel to discuss Total Bellas, and her match with Carmella. 

ANALYSIS: Carmella is on a role since the feud started, however, she had the upper hand the whole time, so Nikki will get the win.

We go to the ring as American Alpha makes their way out. Hype Bros follow. The Vaudevillains come out next, and then the Ascension. We are set for 8 man tag team action.

The Hype Bros & American Alpha vs. The Ascension & The Vaudevillains

Chad Gable starts off with Aiden English. Chad takes down Aiden. Chad tags in Jason Jordan. Simon Gotch rushes in but thrown into Aiden. Chad hits a Monkey Flip on Gotch. Jordan gets a two count on Aiden. Jordan tags in Zack Ryder. Aiden hits Zack and tags in Viktor. Viktor attempts a suplex, but Zack falls to his feet and hits a neckbreaker on Viktor. He tags in Mojo Rawley and starts dancing before hitting a double slap on Viktor. He starts stalking in football pose to Viktor to disrupt hmi, and hits a clothesline. Viktor is able to push Rawley in his corner and tags in Connor. Zack tags himself in. Viktor rushes in and gets hit with a flapjack. American Alpha hits a double team move and all four faces clothesline out all four heels to the floor. We go to commercial. 

(Commercial Break)

We go back to the ring with Connor locking a headlock in Zack Ryder. Gets a one count. Connor tags in Viktor and continues the attack, before tagging back to Connor. Sent outside, both Connor and Viktor takes advantage of Zack before sending him back in and tags in Aiden. Aiden was able to prevent a tag and sends him back to his corner and tags in Simon. Connor tags himself back in and overpowers Zack. As he attempted to rush him, Zack nailed him with a double boot. Connor rolled out and tried to throw Zack onto the bannister, but Zack countered and throw him in. Back in the ring, Viktor and Gotch both tried rushing Zack one after another, and he countered and threw both out of the ring. Zack was able to get the hot tag to Jason Jordan. 

Jordan takes down Aiden, and gets the running tackle and Exploder Suplex. Gotch got in the ring, Mojo hit a running punch, Ascension came in to push Mojo out of the irng, as Zack hit the Rough Ryder, followed by Chad Gable hitting the flying cross body off the top. They immediately followed by hitting Grand Amplitute on Aiden English to get the three count and the win.

Your Winners: The Hype Bros and American Alpha

ANALYSIS: Good match. It was longer than i expected and it delivered with all four teams getting some time. It shows that the Vaudevillains are not seen as a threat right now, but it could all change. The Usos has the highlights right now feuding for both the tag titles AND American Alpha. They need to keep the other teams strong.

Afterwards, we are sent back to the panel who discuss the title match between champion AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose and John Cena. We get the video package. Once the video package ended, they started discussing, and Jerry Lawler voting for John Cena right off the bat. Lita says even if AJ says he is the face, it took John Cena years to become the face. Booker T says he told AJ 5 years ago to reach for his destiny. Lita votes for Dean Ambrose and Booker T votes for Aj Styles. we have a stalemate. That match is NEXT as No Mercy starts.

ANALYSIS: I will be short and sweet on this one. AJ needs to win. He won against both guys one on one, but he is far from the established guy on this match even if he has more experience. So my vote is AJ Styles.

For No Mercy live coverage, please click here 



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