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WWE NXT Results (05/10)

WWE NXT Results (05/10)

Hey guys,

For the unforeseeable future, I will deliver direct results, rather than play-by-play due to scheduling conflicts with work. I promise to deliver the results in a timely manner once the live show is done.

Quick Results:

The Authors of Pain defeated The Bollywood Boys

Rich Swann defeated Patrick Clark

Peyton Royce defeated Danielle Kamella

The Revival defeated Andrade "Cien" Almas & Cedric Alexander


The show begins with a recap of the announcement for the  Dusty Rhodes Classics. They start this week. The Bollywood boys make their way out to the ring for the first of the Classics. They face the Authors of Pain.

The Authors of Pain vs. The Bollywood Boys

The match starts with Harv Sihra smacking Rezar. Rezar quickly countered and brought Harv into his corner for both him and Akam to beat down on Harv. Harv squirmed out of a powerslam and tagged in his brother Gurv. Right away Akarm tags in Rezar and they double team Gurv with pouding knees to the gut. Rezar hits a running turnbuckle splash and hit their Russian Leg Sweep and clothesline combo for the three count.

Your Winners: The Authors of Pain 

Post-match, they showed the brackets for the Dusty Rhodes Classics briefly before going to another video package of Dan Matha. We go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, we get the entrance of Rich Swann jiving his way to the ring. Patrick Clark makes his way out to the ring, in a new more flamboyant role, as Corey Graves said "A rip off of Paisley Park". 

Rich Swann vs. Patrick Clark

Patrick quickly takes down Rich and goes for the ropes, but Rich flips over Patrick. He chops Patrick in the chest. Rich went for a Monkey Flip, but Patrick whipped Rich in a snap Spinebuster. He locks in a inverted Chicken Wing Chin Lock. Swann gets out of it, and lands a boot to Patrick ,and then kicks him hard in the gut, and once more to the face at the turnbuckle. He nails another spin kick to the face. He hits a springboard Moonsault and gets the three count.

Your winner: Rich Swann

Post match, we get a recap of Cedric Alexander's win over Andrade Almas in his NXT debut. They show them shaking hands and then hug. They will team up tonight to face the champions The Revival in the Classics.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, we get a recap of last week when Liv Morgan tried to take it to the NXT Women's Champion, but got beaten in little time. Asuka said no one is ready for her. 

Backstage, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are mocking Liv Morgan while she is having her arm checked by the medical staff. Back to the ring, Peyton Royce is making her way out to the ring in her Poison Ivy look, while followed by new friend Billie Kay. We are then introduced to Danielle kamela from Scotsdale, Arizona. She used to be a dancer for the Cardinals. 

Danielle Kamela vs. Peyton Royce

Danielle held her from behind, but Peyton hits a body slam. Danbielle gets a small package and a two count. She tries to send Peyton to the ropes but Peyton reverses, and Danielle hits a running body press. Peyton takes control after a leg lariat. She chokes Danielle on the second rope and sends her to the turnbuckle and proceeds to do a full split to choke Danielle. She hits a knee to the back and some elbows while locking in a headlock. She rolls Danielle to her stomach and gets a leg over her back to add pressure. She also digs her chin into the top of Danielle's scalp. Danielle got out and attempted a comeback, but Peyton hits a kick to the face and hits a Fisherman Suplex with hook and gets the three count. 

Your Winner: Peyton Royce

After the match, Tye Dillinger and Bobby Roode are together when the interviewer tries to ask Tye a question, Bobby cuts her to answer. While Tye is talking, Bobby poses in his "Glorious" pose. Tye tries to talk some more, bobby pulls him away. Next up, is Dan Matha. 

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, Dan Matha makes his way to the ring for his debut. Samoa Joe makes his way during Matha's music and beats him down with a vicious assault of forearms and elbows. he takes to the mic and says "Tick Tock Tick Tock.... who is the next to get his head rocked". He asks Regal when will stop his carnage. He finishes by saying to delivery Nakamura, or deliver the NXT Championship. As he leaves, he says he has one more week. The Revival are shown walking backstage, heading to towards the arena. 

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, they talk about the Susan G. Komen foundation. Then the interviewer asks No Way Jose and Rich Swann why they would team up for the Classics. Jose says why not, and Rich said people forget Jose is a 6 foot 3 Dominican with fire. They end by singing "Can You Handle This" and "No Way Jose". We go to the ring for the main event, as Andrade makes his way out, and then Cedric Alexander comes out next. The NXT Tag Team Champions, The Revival make their way out.

Andrade "Cien" Almas & Cedric Alexander vs. NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival

This is a first round match for the Dusty Rhodes Classics. Wilder pulled in Cedric for a quick tag to Dawson, but Cedric went back to his corner. They tie up and Dawson takes down Cedric. Alexander hits some arm drags. Andrade grabs and hits a headlock and headscissor double takedown. Cedric ad Andrade wanted to fly but they moved out of the way. They tried another sneak attack, but Cedric caught Dawson, and tagged Andrade, as they hit a double team move on Scott. Wilder distracted Andrade and Scott took control. He tagged Dash, and another quick tag. They continue to dominate on Andrade, but Andrade was able to get a tag to Cedric. They hit a double clothesline on Dawson, and then pushed Dash out of the ring too. They moved out of the way, but Andrade faked an arial move so that Cedric could fly over him onto both Dash and Dawson. 

Back in the ring, Cedric tagged Andrade again. The referee got distracted, which lead to Dash getting a tag from Dawson and once more takes control over Andrade as we head to a commercial.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, Dawson is still in control, and tags in Dash to hit a double knee to the shoulder of Almas. He gets a two count. Dash locks in a Hammerlock on Andrade. As soon as Andrade makes his way back up, Dash hits him again. He tags in Dawson, and hit a double team combo drop toe hold and elbow drop to the back of the neck of Andrade. They lead Andrade back to their corner, but he fights out of it. Andrade catches Dawson in a small package but Dash distracted the ref. Dash tags back in. 

He goes to the second rope, and Andrade raises a bot but Dash caught it and rolled him back to his feet, but Almas hits an Insignuri. He tags in Cedric. Cedric hits a Springboard into the ropes and into a Spinning front kick. The Revival tried to double team but Andrade made his way into the ring, and Cedric rolled a bridge pin on Dash but got a two count. Dash pulled Andrade off the apron, and were able to hit the Shatter Machine on Cedric for the three count.

Your Winners: The Revival 

Post-match, Andrade seemed to have empathy for Cedric, but then tosses him head first into the mat. He throws him out of the ring, and throws Cedric face first into the steps. The show ends with Andrade taunting the crowd as they boo him. 

End show



- Rich Swann: Energetic, and fun. The match was short but he is awesome in the ring.
- Samoa Joe: I like that he took it to a huge man without any fear, and his mic work was much better this week, even if shorter.
- Roode/Dillinger: I like where this is going. This will be another failed team, but a huge feud for Dillinger. I doubt he will win over Roode, but it will definitely help

- Dan Matha: 3 weeks promo of debut, gets beat don before his match. Dud!
- Patrick Clark: No Patrick... just NO!
- The matches were too short except for the main event. 


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