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WWE NXT Results (28/09)

WWE NXT Results (28/09)

Welcome back to the Live NXT Play by play! Once more I will deliver you to up to date action from tonight's episode of NXT. 

Before the show begins, there is an announcement from William Regal speaking about being one year since the passing of the legend "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. He announces that beginning tonight, The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classics will begin, and culminate at NXT TakeOver: Toronto.


We are welcomed to the show by the announcer as Tye Dillinger makes his way out. He is followed by Angelo Dawkins. They face each other one on one.

Tye Dillinger vs. Angelo Dawkins

The match starts with Dawkins taunting Tye by doing his usual "stirring" motion. Dawkins takes him down, and taunts Angelo in return. This leads to Angelo being aggressive towards Tye. Tye is able to reverse anything Angelo throws at him. He went from an atomic drop; to mudhole stomping and a huge clothesline. He finishes with the Tye Breaker and gets the three count. 

Your Winner: Tye Dillinger

Post-match, as Tye goes to leave, Bobby Roode makes his way out and says he was impressive. He says he is not a perfect ten yet, but he has potential. He says one of the reasons he came to NXT was to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classics. He says he doesn't have many friends, but he can't have any partner, he needs the "Perfect" partner. He says announcing them as winners of the Classics is not only a Perfect 10, it is Glorious. He extends his hand. Tye shakes his hand and nods in approval. 

Up next, Liv Morgan faces NXT Women's Champion Asuka. Also tonight, Mandy Rose faces Ember Rose. We go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, Charlie interviews Hideo Itami. He faces Lince Dorado. Hideo says he has heart unlike Austin Ares. Going back to the ring, we get the entrance of the Ealy Brothers. Their opponents are the NXT Tag Team Champions. However, before the champs got to the ring, Samoa Joe made his way to the ring, and demolished both Ealy Brothers. Dash and Dawson clapped and walked away from the ring. Samoa took to the mic and said he warned them he would destroy people until he got what he wanted. He took one more shot to one of the brothers and made his way backstage. We go commercial.

(Commercial Break)

 We are reminded that next week, Dan Matha makes his debut. Many Rose makes her way to the ring. Ember Moon makes her way out to face her. 

Ember Moon vs. Mandy Rose

Mandy and Ember exchange blows. Many hits a big forearm. Ember counters with a big kick, and a fallaway slam and a body press and gets a two count. Mandy hits a bicycle kick and gets a two count. many locked in an inverted side chin lock. Ember was able to power off, but Mandy continued the assault. Ember was about to go for a headscissor, but Many countered by dropping Ember in a face drop. She gets another two count.

Mandy rushed Ember for a turnbuckle attack, but Ember moved, and went up the top and hit her top rope swinging Stunner and gets the three count.

Your Winner: Ember Moon

Backstage, Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa are being interviewed. They said it was fun to see the Revival run into the night. They have more on their checklist, like winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, and winning the NXT Tag Team Championships. They leave. We see Asuka getting ready. Up next is The Authors of Pain. 

(Commercial Break)

Returning from break, The Authors of Pain makes their way out alongside Paul Ellering. They face Jesus Burnett and Jonathan Crews (Not sure of the spelling of their names). 

The Authors of Pain vs. Jesus Burnett and Jonathan Crews

Akem and Razar decimate one fo the two boys from the get go. They throw the second one over the top rope. and they their Russian Leg Sweep and Clothesline combo as their finisher and get the three count. 

Your Winners: The Authors of Pain

Post-match, Paul takes to the mic. He says the first chapter was the arrival, and the second is a plethora of pain. He finishes by saying that it is all we need to know. They leave the ring. 

Charlie talks to William Regal. She asks if he has an update on Shinsuke. William says no, Shinsuke is tough to get an answer. She asks about the tag team classics. Blake and Murphy shows up and says it better include them, but they keep fighting. Regal tells them to get their act together. They leave. Back to the ring, Live Morgan makes her way out to the ring. Out comes NXT Women's Champion Asuka to the ring to face the challenger.

NXT Women's Champion Asuka vs. Liv Morgan

The match starts with a tie up. Liv shoves Asuka. Liv also hits a dropkick. Asuka is showing intensity. She lets Liv continue, but then takes her down. She catches Liv in a back armbar. Liv taps nearly immediately.

Your Winner: Asuka

 Post-match, the interviewer asked who is next for Asuka. Asuka answered that no one is ready for her. Her music hits and she walks away. Up next is Hideo Itami vs. Lince Dorado. 

(Commercial Break)

back from break, they announce that Andrade Almas and Cedric Alexander will face the Revival in a Dusty tag Team Classics Qualifier. We go back tot he ring, where Lince Dorado makes his way out to the ring. Hideo follows. 

Hideo Itami vs. Lince Dorado

They shake hands to begin the match and tie up. Lince shows his quickness and hits a high snapmare and a running hurricanrana. He and Itami run around the ring and avoiding each other's moves. Lince goes for a slingshot, but falls into a high kick from Hideo. Hideo hits some knee drops and his trick knee into a back kick. 

Lince tries to get back at Hideo, by hitting a dropkick to a seated Hideo on the turnbuckle, sending him to the floor. Lince follows and hits an Asai moonsault to the outside. We go to a commercial.

(Commercial Break)

 Back from break, Lince has control over Hideo with an arm hold. Hideo gets out, but Lince was able to dropkick him and get a two count. Very loud chop to the chest of Hideo. Hideo catches Lince and goes to hit a tornado DDT but lands the throat of Lince on the ropes and follows up with a flying clothesline. He is getting the momentum, hitting high stiff kicks to Lince. He gets a combo strike. Lince catches Hideo in a Hurricanrana with Pin. Two count only. Lince went for a backflip but Hideo caught him and was looking for the GTS. Lince got up. He took Hideo down and went high risk. He went from the Shooting Star Press but Hideo got out of the way. Hideo rushed him with the running kick to the face, and then running dropkick and ends with the GTS for the three count.

Your Winner: Hideo Itami

Post-match, Austin Ares attacks Hideo Itami from behind. Hideo reverses an Irish whip, and Austin catches himself on the rope and slips out of the ring, taunting Hideo once more before leaving. That ends the show.




It was an alright show. I thought the matches were a bit short overall, but the show itself was good. I will lead immediately in my wins and fails. 

- Tye Dillinger: He needs to get his props. He is a great athlete and awesome talent who has been in the business for a while and needs his shot. 
- Mandy Rose: I expected her to be less experienced. Considering that Tough Enough ended around a year ago, we have yet to see Sara Lee and The Yeti make their debut, but she is already making her presence felt. She definitely has the right look, and she has that aggressiveness in the ring as well. I think she may just be a good one in the long run. 
- Ember Moon: She is still a mystery, but her finisher alone makes her a win. The whole vampire look is alright too. 

- Angelo Dawkins: I don't get him. He has a good look and size, but his mannerisms are horrible. No wonder he lost in such a short time.
- Mandy Rose vs. Ember Moon deserved needed more time: They are both new and unexplored. Asuka said no one is ready. How can anyone show to be ready fighting 5 minute matches.
- Liv Morgan vs. Asuka: I knew it would end up being a one sides match, but I mean wow... 30 seconds!? Couldn't they make Liv look like she might have a shot. 

Well, thank you for reading!! Have a great night!


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