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WWE Smackdown! Live results (27/09)

WWE Smackdown! Live results (27/09)

Hey guys,

I am back for the Live Smackdown! play by play starting at 8 PM. live from Cleveland, Ohio. 


Smackdown! Live Results

 The show begins with Randy Orton makes his way out to the ring. He calls out Bray Wyatt to the ring. The lights flicker and Bray appears on the big screen. He says he lead a trail of breadcrumbs that will lead Randy into the prison of his own mind. He shows an hourglass with the sands going down as he starts singing "He's got the whole world in his hands" and laughs before disappearing. Orton gets out of the ring and walks to the back. They announce it is Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

In the back, Dean Ambrose is asked what is going through his mind. He answers that he has a lot but it's a PG show. He says AJ brags about defeating John Cena, but so did he last week. He walks off. They announce up next is an 8-man tag match between The WWE Smackdown! Tag Team champions Rhyno and Heath Slater teaming with American Alpha to take on the Usos and the Ascension. We go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, The Ascensions, American Alpha and the tag team champions Heath Slater and Rhyno are already in the ring. The Usos make their way out to new music and gear. They remind us that the Usos are the number one contenders' to Heath and Rhyno's titles. 

8-Man Tag Match: (c) Heath Slater & Rhyno and American Alpha vs. The Usos & The Ascension

Jason Jordan and Jimmy Uso are first in the ring. Jason takes Jimmy down and holds onto an armbar and tags in Gable. A quick tag back to Jason. Jimmy chops Jordan and whips him into the turnbuckle but Jason moved out of the way and hits a modified body slam on Jimmy and puts the pressure on his arm again.

They get another tag and both Usos and both American Alpha reverses a double team and hits a double Monkey flip. They are able to get Gable out of the ring and attack his injured knee before we go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

Back to the action, the Ascension double teams Gable. Connor dominates and tags in Jimmy as he continues to pummel on Chad. Uso rushes the turnbuckle to hit that running rump, but Gable moves away to throw Viktor out of the ring. Chad goes to tag in, but the Ascension takes down Jordan from the ring. Rhyno jumps them both outside the ring. Gable is able to get the hot tag to Heath Slater on Jey Uso. He hits a running high knee on Jey, and a jumping leg lariat on Viktor. Connor and Rhyno gets in the ring, and everyone is getting thrown out of the ring. The Usos double team Heath with that big kick to the back of the knee and Jimmy locks in that Tequila Sunrise submission until heath taps out. 

Your Winners: The Usos and the Ascension

Backstage, John Cena is interviewed. They ask him about tonight's match. John says AJ is on top of his game, and Dean loves to run his mouth but he has guts. He says whoever wins, sooner or later, he will be the 16 times champ. Somewhere else, The Miz and Maryse are looking at sports pictures in the arena, and he makes signs to someone, who shows up with a Miz picture, looking to replace one of a basketball player. 

In the darker area of the arena, we get another video glitch of Bray Wyatt, where Randy seems to be looking for him. He finds a fork with a makeshift arrow pointing right, but Orton moves it left and walks off. We see Erick Rowan with a black sheep mask before the video glitches again and we get to a commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, another video glitch, and Bray speaks once more with the hourglass, saying Randy does not follow directions well. That ends the segment, and we are back in the ring with Carmella and Natalya in the ring. Naomi makes he way out, and Nikki Bella followed. 

Nikki Bella & Naomi vs. Natalya & Carmella

Naomi and Carmella starts off the match. Naomi threw her to the turnbuckle but Carmella jumped off and moonwalked and danced in front of Nikki. Naomi tripped her and slapped her behind. Carmella looked mad. Naomi did her trademark buttshake in Carmella face, and was later sent to the outside, as we go to a commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, Natalya is in the ring, but Naomi is on the outside. Natalya goes outside and hits a Michinoku Driver on the floor. She sends Naomi back into the ring and gets a 2 count.  Naomi is showing pain in her leg. Natalya tags in Carmella and they double team Naomi, hitting the Wishbone move. More dancing from Carmella while Natlalya kicks Naomi in the head. 

Carmella hits a Bronco Buster on Naomi, and gets a two count. She tags back to Natalya. Double Northern Lights suplex and another two count. Naomi counters another suplex attempt and goes for a roll up, but only got a one count. Naomi attempted to tag but Natalya sends her back to the opposite post. Naomi fights back, hitting Carmella off the apron, but Natalya drops her in an atomic drop to the mat and hits her running dropkick. Another two count. Naomi was able to reach Nikki Bella for the hot tag.

Nikki takes it to Natalya, hitting a nice Beautiful Disaster kick. Carmella asks for the tag, so Natalya tags her in, but Nikki pulls  her in and takes over. She goes to hit her TKO, but Carmella gets out, and Natalya gets involved. Nikki hits Natalya with a big forearm, but Carmella capitalized with a roll up and got the three count. 

Your Winners: Carmella and Natalya

Back in the arena, Randy still searches for Bray Wyatt. He finds messages all over the place such as "I am a God", "Predator or Pray", and "Choose wisely". He opens the one with God on it, and there is a live size cut-up of Randy. So he makes his way to the predator door and listens in before opening it slowly. Rowan is on the other side, but Orton closes it back up before moving on. We see the handle shake, as if Rowan is not able to open it. later, we get Miz' home celebration.

(Commercial Break)

Returning from break, we get the introduction of The Miz with his wife Maryse. The ring is set up with a red carpet, some photos of The Miz, and while on the turnbuckle posing, there is a huge fireworks show at the entrance. Maryse welcomes the fans in french, before introducing her husband in English afterwards. There is a video package of his career including his earlier years.

After the video, Miz takes off his sunglasses and tells Cleveland that he is home, and the Cavaliers won. He says the people lined the streets when they won, and asks if this is all he gets from them. He says the only good people of Cleveland are his parents and points to them. We see them on camera. He says that Dolph Ziggler's parents are there as well. He says they are probably disappointed because they created a world class loser. Dolph's music hits and he makes his way out. Miz hides behind Maryse. Dolph takes a mic, and says he does not talk to his parents at all, or his city. He congratulates Miz on a tainted title reign. Miz says at least it will say champion in the record books, what will it say for Dolph. He says he almost got to the top but fell so hard and it (his career) makes the Miz sick. He continues by saying everyone from his parents, friends and even Cleveland are ashamed of Dolph and he even feels sorry for Dolph. He continues by saying that Dolph will probably ask for another match but he has nothing to offer tot he Miz so the answer is no. Dolph is in the ring, and calls him Mike before asking him to wait. 

Dolph says he is right. Everything he has is this (pointing to the ring). Dolph says sometimes what he loves most is what doesn't love him back. He says he cannot stop what he is doing it no matter what because that is all he has and that is all he wants. He says put the title on the line one more time, and he will put his career on the line. The Miz repeats everything confirming that he means if he loses, he is gone, not from Smackdown, or from the WWE and goes to NXT. He says if he is done, he retires. Miz agrees that at No Mercy, it is his title for his career. The Miz ends saying if he won't end his career, he will end it for him. Miz leaves with a huge smile on his face. Backstage we see Dean getting himself ready for his match. We go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, we get another Bray Wyatt segment. He says when a door closes another opens, and tells Randy to be careful before it ends. We now get WWE Smackdown! Women's champion Becky Lynch making her way to the ring. Alexa Bliss blindsides her in the entrance. She takes the belt and tells Becky that she deserves the title. Another preview of AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. We then get another Curt Hawkins vignette. He says next week, he makes a big Curt Hawkins announcement. 

(Commercial Break)

 Back from break, the announcers are talking amongst themselves before Bray Wyatt appears once again. He says he is disappointing in Randy and say the Viper has no poison and no fangs. He asks where he is. Randy appears behind Bray with a white sheep mask on, removes it while Brays still yells. When he finally turns around. Randy attacks him and laughs while Bray runs away. He sits down and puts the mask back on and signs the same song as Bray but there seems to be a bug in the video we hear the singing, and laughing, and Bray in silent mode. We go back to the announcers and after we see AJ walking and is stopped by Charlie to interview. AJ says we at at this point because he beat up John Cena, and then beat John Cena. He beat up Dean Ambrose, and then beat Dean Ambrose. So tonight, all we will hear from the announcers is that AJ will retain the championship. We go to the ring for John Cena's entrance. 

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, they announce John Cena and Becky Lynch will be guests on Talking Smack live after Smackdown! on the WWE Network. We now get Dean Ambrose's entrance. Next out, is WWE World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles. 

WWE World Heavyweight Championship matchl: (c) AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose

Both men are announced and the bell rings. Dean takes AJ down immediately and hits with a flurry of fists and then chops to the chest. AJ attempts a clothesline but Dean ducks and sends AJ to the outside. Dean sends AJ to the announcers' table and continues to pummel AJ from the table. Dean rolls back in, and we go to a commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, we get the video package of Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson telling Jericho they are coming for him next week on Raw. We go back to the ring, with AJ now having control of the match. He hit a running Phenomenal Forearm to Dean and locked in a headlock. 

Once Dean fought out of it, they each hit a running clothesline, and both went down. Dean attempts a comeback with some tackles and a strong clothesline. He runs into a kick, and AJ attempts a second rope body press, but Dean catches him and hits him with a swinging backbreaker (resembling the Irish Curse). Dean goes to the top, but jumps over AJ and rolls back to his feet. AJ attempts his submission hold but Dean rolls out of it and locks in the Texas Cloverleaf. AJ is able to reach the ropes to break the hold. Dean blasts AJ with a forearm, sending him flying to the barricade. Dean hits a suicide dive through the ropes onto AJ. 

Dean climbs the top rope and hits his standing flying elbow drop to AJ still on the outside. He connects. We go to another commercial.

(Commercial Break)

Back from commercial, AJ is working on the leg of Dean. They show footage of during the commercial where he hits a calf to knee drop. AJ locks in the Calf Crusher on Dean. Dean fights fight hard to get out of it, including grabbing AJ 's head and smacking it on the mat a bunch of times for AJ to let go of his leg. AJ gets up first and attempts the Styles Clash. Dean tosses him off and attempts Dirty Deeds, but AJ gets out of it and hits him with a flurry of strikes, but Dean takes hold of him and hits a neckbreaker. Both to their feet, they exchange strikes numerous times. Dean grabs AJ in a double chicken wing into a face driver.

Dean sets AJ up on the turnbuckle, and attempts a superplex. AJ slides out and trips Dean, hitting face first in the turnbuckle. AJ grabs him in a Torture Rack, and swung him into a sit down powerbomb and gets a 2 count.

Again, they exchange blows. Dean crotches AJ on the top rope, and Dean goes to the second rope and hits a strong flying clothesline. He gets a two count. Dean finally gets to his feet and tries to grab AJ, but AJ held onto the ropes until he can swing and hit the Pelee Kick. He slingshots himself on the top rope to hit the 450 splash, but Dean rolled away and then hit the top rope flying elbow once again. He gets another 2 count. 

We are in the final minutes of the match, and AJ stumbles to the outside. Dean goes to follow, but AJ dodges Dean's jump over the ropes, and AJ hits a running knee and sends Dean back into the ring. AJ attacks Cena before heading back to the ring. Cena attempts to intervene, and AJ attempts a pinfall. Dean kicks out and rushes to the outside to hit Cena. He goes back in, and AJ catches him into another roll-up, this time getting the three count.

Your Winner (And still champion): AJ Styles

Post-match, John Cena gets in the ring, and into Dean's face. John hits the Attitude Adjustment to Dean Ambrose. AJ is about to attack John from behind, but John catches him and hits another Attitude Adjustment. The end shows John Cena posing for the crowd with the championship in hand. That ends the show. 


I have mixed feelings about this week's episode. I thought that what they had was eventful. The Randy Orton search backstage was different. We don't have that type of story-line anymore. However, it was long, and in the end, it did not give us anything more. 

I am also watching Talking Smack. The first point used is my first fail, and I will go into more details of this episode in my wins/fails. 

- Dolph's passionate speech: I am a big fan of Dolph, and I agree that his career has been a roller coaster of pushes that ended way too soon. This gives him the best material in his promos. That anger, that emotion when he put his career on the line for his last shot at the IC title, that was excellent. 
- The Miz' promo: To counter Dolph, Miz has been one of the best on mic on Smackdown! for a while now, and is even topping some of the top guys on Raw right now. To bash his own home town, the Cavaliers, and the video package was in all, a great promo. This shows the true importance of The Miz in the WWE. He is better than some may think.
- Naomi's improvements: Besides her new awesome entrance, i think that Naomi has evolved in the ring. While we did not see much offence from her tonight, in general she has gotten better. She is becoming a veteran woman on the roster, and needs to be both a star for herself, and star power for others when beaten. Her entrance is epic by the way.

- Only three matches: 120 minutes show, and all we got is about 40 to 50 minutes worth of action. The rest were promos, vignettes, and interviews. I get they need to hype up the introduction to Curt Hawkins, but this is getting pointless cause I have no interest in him right now. Maybe if he wins a match. The Wyatt search was entertaining, but ran long and had no real results. I thought the fight would have been more brutal, or the match would have been set up. 
- No Daniel Bryan. It was the first topic mentioned on Talking Smack. He was there and said that he and Shane have a different philosophy than Stephanie and Mick Foley where they do not need to be there all the time. Agreed. However, when you are more popular than most of the guys on the roster, make a small appearance. Keep the fans interested.
- AJ's Calf Crusher: This move should only be used to win matches. The move is so brutal, that I truly do not see anyone kicking out of it, or getting themselves out of it. Okay, it's a bit of a stretch, but in my opinion, there are some moves that should never be countered or kicked out of. 

Alright well that is all from me for tonight. Thanks for reading! Please remember you can comment me any constructive criticism if you feel it is needed. If its not constructive, well, don't expect a real response. Have a great night guys!!



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