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WWE Raw Results (9/26) Cincinnati, Ohio

WWE Raw Results (9/26) Cincinnati, Ohio


- Roman Reigns vs Alexander Rusev: Double Count Out 

- New Day def. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows 

- Bayley def. Anna Fields

- Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander def. Drew Gulak and Lince Dorago

- Cesaro and Sheamus vs Jay Cutler and Willis Williams

- TJ Perkins def. Anthony Niese

- Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens def. Enzo Amore and Big Cass



Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw and we are live from the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio and we kick things off with championship action as the new US Champion, Roman Reigns, defends his title against Rusev in a rematch from Clash Of Champions


Rusev in control early on with a front facelock but it's Reigns reversing into a hammerlock. Series of shoulderblocks by Reigns and a side headlock takedown

Rusev with a waistlock keeping Reigns grounded. Reigns back to his feet with a headlock but Rusev counters with a suplex. Another suplex by Rusev. Rusev with a series of punches to the lower back and Reigns fires back with a right hand.

Rusev shoves Reigns into the corner. Reigns side steps a charging Rusev and delivers a series of clotheslines. Roll up and a 2 count on Rusev. Rusev with a fallaway slam sending Reigns to the outside as Raw goes to break

-Commercial 8:10pm-

Back live and Rusev in control measuring Reigns with punches. Waistlock on Reigns working on the lower back. Reigns breaks the grip delivering right hands to Rusev. Reigns off the ropes and Rusev connects with a dropkick.

Rusev picks Reigns up and delivers a gutwrench. Second suplex and another nearfall by Rusev. Rusev with mounted punches on Reigns. Rusev with a kick. Rusev off the ropes crushes Reigns as he goes back to the waistlock working on Reigns' lower back. Reigns with an elbow. Rusev whips Reigns into the corner and Reigns explodes with a clothesline

Irish whip by Rusev and Reigns explodes with a series of clotheslines. Reigns with the running clothesline in the corner. Big boot connects and Reigns setting for the Superman Punch but Rusev catches him as both men fall to the outside

-Commercial 8:19pm-

Rusev seats Reigns on the top rope, hooking Reigns up for a suplex but Reigns blocks it trying to fight out of it. Series of punches to Rusev and a headbutt sends Rusev crashing to the mat. Reigns with a clothesline from the second rope. Reigns runs into a boot. Samoan Drop to Rusev

Reigns looking to pick Rusev up. Rusev misses with a kick and Rusev and Reigns trade punches. Rusev with a spin kick. Headbutt to the chest. Rusev going to the top rope and Reigns gets to his feet delivering a right hand sending Rusev to the floor. Rusev and Reigns back in the ring and another kick floors the champion. Rusev misses with a kick, Reigns misses with the Superman Punch. Rusev with a kick to Reigns and another nearfall

Reigns blocks The Accolades and connects with a Superman Punch. Lana on the apron Rusev trying to take advantage of the distraction but it doesn't work. Reigns with a drive-by bouncing Rusev's head off the stairs. Rusev and Reigns fight out into the crowd as the referee counts both men out

The winner of the match: Double Count-Out

-Commercial 8:36pm-

Sheamus and Cesaro are both introduced by Mick Foley. Sheamus protests Foley's decision and begin arguing over who is more dominant. Foley says no one wins and no one loses and they both get a championship opportunity but it will be for the WWE Tag Team Championships

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New Day in control as Big E and Kingston unload with the Unicorn Stampede on Anderson. Gallows with a boot to Big E. Clothesline to Kingston and The Club is in control.

Anderson measuring Kingston and Anderson connects with a kick of his own and throws Kingston back into the ring. Gallows with forearms to the back of the neck

Gallows runs into a pair of boots. Gallows prevents the tag. Kingston with a springboard gets caught into a chokeslam by Gallows.

-Commercial 8:57pm-

anderson with a powerbomb to Kingston. Gallows off the second rope and Kingston gets a boot up. Kingston gets the tag. big E with a belly to belly suplex. Gallows gets clotheslined over the top rope. Big E hits the ring post and Anderson with a boot to Big E

Big E spears Anderson through the second rope. New Day hit the Midnight Hour on Andereson. Gallows looking for the 12 Step and Kingston connects with a knee. Kingston off the ropes but Gallows trips him and pulls him out of the ring throwing him into the ring steps.

Anderson with a neckbreaker to Big. The Club with the Magic Killer on Big E but Kingston breaks up the nearfall. DDT by Kingston to Anderson. Kingston connects with Trouble In Paradise for the three count

The winners of the match: The New Day

Video: Highlights from Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins last night. Followed by WWE.com exclusive of Triple H greeting Stephanie following the conclusion of the pay per view

-Commercial 9:10pm-

Backstage: Cesaro and Sheamus continue arguing over Foley's decision. Foley walks in and tells them he is not joking. They stole the show last night in Match 7 and won't risk losing them by putting them in Match 8


Anna goes after Bayley. Headlock by Anna and Bayley shoves her into the corner. Bayley bounces Fields' head off the turnbucklee. Elbow to the spine and a running clothesline. Bayley drives Fields back into the corner and connects with a clothesline. Bayley with a Bayley to belly for the three count

The winner of the match: Bayley

Post Match: Tom Phillips interviews Bayley and says last night Charlotte and Sasha proved why they hold the measuring stick but this is not the last time they're going to see her and she is on this journey with the WWE Universe and will not stop until she's hugging the Women's Championship

Backstage: Mick Foley is asking Stephanie about the happenings from the final moments of last night's pay per view. Stephanie explains herself to Foley and tells her it's the GM's job to protect the integrity of the referee

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Swann and Dorado starting things off. Headscissors by Dorado. Swann with one of his own and a double dropkick by both men. Face first and Dorado looks for a nearfall. Swann gets launched over the ropes taking out Alexander and Gulak. A moonsault by Dorado takes out Alexander, Gulak and Swann

-Commercial 9:35pm-

Back from break, Gulak was working on Rich Swann with a mat attack. Hot tag to Alexander, who smashed Gulak with a leaping kick to the head. Alexander then climbed to the ring apron to nail a springboard clothesline for a two count. Dorado tried to get involved, but Alexander dropped him with a gasp-inducing Lumbar Check. Gulak responded with a Saito Suplex.

The fast pace continued with Swann smashing Gulak in the face with a swift kick. Swann then rolled up Gulak, bridged over him into a pinning situation, and scored the three count on Gulak. Afterwards, Swann and Alexander celebrated in the ring, then got their hands raised in the ring.

The winners of the match: Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann

-Commercial 9:42-


Cesaro started the match against Nick Cutler, which allowed Cole to get in a Jay Cutler joke. Cesaro showed off with a delayed vertical suplex, then tried to tag in Sheamus, but Sheamus dropped off the ring apron and laughed. Cesaro eventually slap-tagged Sheamus into the match. The other guy, Willis Williams, tagged in and took punishment, which allowed Cole to get in a “Whatcha talking ’bout, Willis?” line.

Cesaro and Sheamus stalled forever before finally knocking down both men and arguing over who should get the win. Cesaro pinned Cutler for the win. Afterward, Cesaro and Sheamus posed in opposite corners trying to one-up each other.

The winners of the match: Cesaro and Sheamus

Backstage: Tom Phillips brought in Perkins to discuss his Raw debut. Perkins said this title is a dream come true. And here is – about to compete on Raw. Perkins said as much as he dreamed about this moment, he never thought that he would see — that. In walked Brian Kendrick. Kendrick asked Perkins whether it feels good to have his dream come true and deprive him of that title. Kendrick claimed the title was resurrected for him. He said he owes him for his career. Perkins wanted to get revenge for Kendrick’s post-match headbutt after Clash of Champions last night. Kendrick told him to calm down, then vowed to make Perkins wake up from his dream next time they meet.

-Commercial 9:56pm-

Charlotte was introduced to the ring along with Dana Brooke. Charlotte declared herself queen of the Women’s Division. Charlotte went on about knocking down each new competitor who comes to Raw. She is not the huggable Bayley or darling Sasha Banks, but the money-maker and face of the division.

Sasha Banks’s music interrupted to bring out The Boss for the rebuttal. Sasha said Charlotte pinned Bayley, not her, last night, so she wants her one-on-one re-match right here, right now. The crowd broke into “Yes!” chants. Charlotte told the peasants to be quiet because she is talking.

Charlotte told Sasha that she is a living legend in her own mind, but she is much better than the superstar she thinks she is. Charlotte paused, then said she will give Sasha what she wants. She will give her the title match. Dana was confused. Charlotte said it will be next week. Oh, haha! Charlotte gave it up for Sasha continuing to come back for more, but next week in Los Angeles — Sasha cut her off and said she will win back the Women’s Title and be the face of the division.

Both Sasha and Charlotte threw down their mics, then Sasha slapped Charlotte across the face. Dana charged Sasha, who put Dana in the Bank Statement. Charlotte broke it up, but Sasha discarded both from the ring. Cole said he hopes Foley makes the title match official for next week at the Staples Center.

-Commercial 10:08pm-


Niese in control early on. Suplex attempt but Perkins lands on his feet. Waistlock takedown and Niese slides to the outside. Superkick to Perkins. Niese launches himself over the top rope onto Perkins

-Commercial 10:19pm-

Niese with an inverted gutwrench suplex. Legdrop to Perkins and a chop by Niese. Irish whip into the corner follows up with a clothesline to Perkins.

Inverted atomic drop by Perkins. Kick by Perkins. Perkins with a gutbuster. Fisherman suplex by Perkins. Perkins goes to the top rope and Niese gets to his feet slaps Perkins.

Perkins blocks a superplex attempt. niese draps Perkins across the top rope hits a running knee to the side of the head. Perkins with a knee to the spine and the wrecking ball dropkick. Perkins locks the knee bar in for the tap out

The winner of the match: TJ Perkins

Video: WWE and Hispanic Heritage Month celebrate WWE Superstar Pedro Morales

-Commercial 10:28pm-


Chris Jericho comes out to the ring for the highlight reel andn says tonight is the biggest highlight reel in raw history and addresses Ashton Kutcher and if he shows up with his friend next week Jericho will put him on Jericho's List of Stupid Idiots and they will not like......it. Seth Rollins is also on the list because Rollins got hurt

Jericho's been here for 17 years and never been hurt meanwhile Rollins is hurt yet again and the man who did it is his best friend Kevin Owens.

This brought out Rollins dressed in street clothes. Agents and security spilled out to restrain Rollins from entering the ring. Adam Pearce and Finlay tried to calm down Rollins as Owens taunted Seth. Rollins walked up the entrance ramp, then stomped away to the back.

Back to Owens and Jericho by themselves. Suddenly, Enzo Amore & Big Cass’s music played. No Sami Zayn here apparently. Enzo and Cass posed on the stage as Owens and Jericho sold annoyance in the ring. Enzo did his standard intro, then Cass called out Owens and Jericho, getting their names on the list.

Cass insulted Jericho’s list being like a lame version of Santa Claus. Jericho got a little carried away and vowed to go sit on their laps!, like Santa, trying to insult them. Big Cass paused, then asked what did he just say? Jericho paused and said he didn’t say anything. They argued over whether Jericho said what he said, then Jericho came up with a new answer that he said he was going to punch Cass in the face. Cass then polled the crowd on whether Jericho said he was going to sit on his lap.

Owens shouted that none of this matters, and he will punch Enzo and Cass right in the face. Jericho backed up Owens, saying he would punch them in the face, too, but they don’t have a match tonight. Cass said that’s funny because they passed Mick Foley in the hallway and he informed them that they have a match. And it’s next right here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

-Commercial 10:47-

Next Monday: TJ Perkins vs.Brian Kendrick for the CruiserWeight Title and Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Title.


The bell sounded back from break, but Jericho paused to slowly remove his scarf and wrestle in his rocker pants and boots with kneepads. Jericho started off against Enzo, who landed an early dropkick and armdrag for a one count. Jericho crawled towards Owens’s lap to find a safe place, then Owens tagged in.

Owens, dressed in a track suit, sauntered over to the face corner and said he wants to face Cass. So, Cass tagged in and quickly discarded Owens to the floor. Cass then tossed a charging Jericho out of the ring. Cass followed up by press-slamming Enzo over the top rope to splash the heels on the floor.

Back in the ring, Jericho and Cass traded control of the match. Jericho then slipped Cass to the floor and Owens bounced Cass’s head off the ringpost. Raw cut to its final break with the heels in control.

-Commercial Break 10:56-

Back from break, the heels isolated Enzo and wore him down while talking trash to Cass, the crowd, and anyone else who would listen. Owens mixed in a Running Man dance to mock Enzo.

The crowd became restless as the heels continued to wear down Enzo. Owens delivered a running senton splash to Enzo’s mid-section to score a two count. Owens yelled at the ref for it not being a three count, then went back to wearing down Enzo. Jericho tagged back in and tried to wake up the crowd with some trash-talk.

Hot tag to Cass, who cleaned house. Big boot to a flying Jericho, then a bodyslam to Owens. Empire Elbow to Owens. Cass missed a Stinger Splash on Owens, though, and Owens nailed him with a superkick. But, Cass responded with a big boot to the face. Cass tried to launch Enzo off the top rope, but Jericho cut him off. Cass and Jericho then went spilling to the floor.

It was down to Owens and Cass, who scored a close two count on a flying DDT. Owens, angered, scooped up Enzo for a massive powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Owens pinned Enzo for the win.

The winners of the match: Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens

Post Match: the trademarks quickly flashed on the screen. No sign of Seth Rollins. Owens stood tall with the title belt and celebrated with Jericho before walking across Enzo’s chest. Raw signed off nine minutes past the top of the hour with a shot of Owens and Jericho the victors in the ring.

--END SH0W--


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