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WWE NXT Results (21/09)

WWE NXT Results (21/09)

Hey guys, TJ Clair back for the NXT live play by play. I cannot wait for this show, since the build-up between Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe is great so far. 


NXT Live!


The show starts with a video recap of Samoa Joe's speech and attack on Shinsuke Nakamura. We are then welcomed to NXT by Tom Phillips as Samoa Joe makes his way out to the ring with a smirk on his face. He grabs a mic to speak. 

He says he needs to talk about the altercations between him and Shinsuke. He says he is such a bad person, he persuated the medical team to get his medical report. He reads out what his situation is, listing his injuries. He says he won't need surgery but Nakamura needs 6 to 8 weeks to recover. He says he is not a virtuous man, and wants what is his, and wont wait 6 weeks. He calls out William Regal. Out comes the NXT General Manager. 

Regal says what the paper says is true, but hasn't confirmed anything with Shinsuke. He said he now has to deal with the problem that Samoa Joe caused. Samoa Joe leaves the ring to threaten William Regal that if he doesn't have the title, everyone will be in the same condition as Shinsuke Nakamura. His music hits and he walks off. 

We get a recap of the Cruiserweight Classics match between Cedric Alexander and Kota Ibushi. Cedric is now on NXT as he faces Andrade Almas in his debut match. He is interviewed and says He worked for 7 years to make it here and he will prove to Andrade that he is as good as he says he is. Up next is Austin Ares vs. Oney Lorcan.

(Commercial Break)

Returning from break, we get the Connor's Cure explanation. Next we get an interview with Liv Morgan. She says she is not here to bow down to Asuka or any other chick. Asuka appears and Liv throws down her hat. Asuka says if she thinks she is ready, they will find out. Oney makes his way out. Austin Ares follows.

Austin Ares vs. Oney Lorcan

There is an "Oney" chant at the start of the match. They tie up, and Austin holds a headlock on Oney. Austin lays on the ropes in front of Oney to taunt him. Oney slaps him hard in the face. He puts on a headlock. Austin shoves him and attempts to rush him and tackle him from between the ropes, but Oney dodged and caught him into another headlock through the ropes. Austin pushes him and Oney runs and catches Ares into another headlock. Austin slaps him in the face, Oney hits one to follow. Austin sends Lorcan out of the ring and we go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, Austin has control, and hits a double stomp to the face of Lorcan. He gets a two count. Austin hits a double slap on Lorcan and then hits a very loud chop. Oney does this odd sound and goes on the attack and hits his own knife edge chops. He tosses Austin to the turnbuckle and lunges himself twice on Ares. He missed the third time, and Ares sends Oney out of the ring. Jumps off the top to Lorcan. He sends Oney back in, but Lorcan hits a huge europeen uppercut, and a second running uppercut. He gets a two count. He went for a blockbuster off the second rope but Austin dodges, hits a runnign dropkick, and then goes for a suplex turned into a knee buster, and then puts on the Last Chancery for the tap out.

Your Winner: Austin Ares

Post-match, Austin takes to the mic and says Hideo wants to put him to sleep. He makes people tap out. He says last week wasn't about Hideo, or Shinsuke, or Joe, it was all about where Austin Ares was. He says I was home taking some much deserved time off. He says now, he is here like a man, and he calls out Hideo Itami. He says we all know he won't show up. Hideo's music hits and he makes his way out. Austin gestures him to come up to the ring. As Hideo enters the ring, Austin rushes out and laughs as he walks away. 

The we get a video package of the NXT Performance Center's newest signy... Dan Matha. He arrives in two weeks. Later tonight, they announce Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade Almas. 

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, we see an interview on WWE.com with Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa after their win at the Cruiserweight Classics finale. The Tag Champsshow up and they brawl until other employees stops them. Aliyah makes her way out to the ring. Her opponent is Billie Kay.

Aliyah vs. Billie Kay

Kay takes offense right from the bell by taking down Aliyah and puts on an armbar. Aliyah counters with a running forearm, and a runnign turnbuckle body press. She put her in am inverted headscissors through the ropes on Kay. Aliyah hits a top rope leg drop and gets a two count. She puts on a full nelson on Kay. Billie gets out and hits a body slam into a knee buster and a hard forearm. She stmps her from the turnbuckle and gets a two count. She puts Aliyah in a Torture Rack. Aliyah tries to fight off but Billie throws her into the turnbuckle. She goes for her Big Boot but Aliyah dodges and hits a flip Neckbreaker and gets a two count. She runs to the ropes but Billie catches her with a Big Boot for the 3 count.

Your Winner: Billie Kay

Up next is the main even between Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, we have another interview, this time with Mandy Rose. She has comments about Ember Moon not being the right mold for NXT. She says when she faces Ember Moon she will be eclipsed. Next week, Liv Morgan faces the NXT Women's Champion, Asuka. Cedric Alexander makes his way out. Tom Phillips talk about the social media request of signing Cedric. Andrade now makes his way out for the main event.

Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas

They shake hands before the match and tie up. Almas flips way out of an arm hold. Cedric does the same and grabs Andrade in a headlock. Andrade reverses and puts on a headscissor. Cedric kicks up to get out. They reverse each others moves and attempted pinfalls. Hurricanrana from Alomas, but Cedric rolls out and attempts some more moves and Almas reverses as well. More flips and armbars. Cedric throws Almas to the ropes but he catches himself and Cedric tries to attack goes to the outside. Andrade jumps to the second rope and hits a Corkscrew splash onto Cedric. We go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

As we return from break, Andrade has Cedric in a headlock, Cedric tries to take him off and hits a jawbreaker. He hits a chop and an uppercut. He hits a flip into the ropes and turns it into a spinning jump kick. Almas goes to the outside. Cedric flies over the rope and hits a Tobehandilo? (Standing Swanton Bomb). They go back to the ring. He gets a two count. Huge "Alexander" chant. Almas reverses him and lifts Cedric in a one armed Powerbomb. Two count. They exchange blows until Almas tries to hit a move, but Cedric lifts him and sits him on the tunbuckle but Andrade shoves him off. He goes for a moonsault, but Cedric rolls and Andrade hits a second standing moonsault. Two count. He went to hit his runnign double knees, but Cedric caught him into a backsuplex into a modified backstabber move and gets the three count.

Your Winner: Cedric Alexander

 They recap the highlights of the match, and we see shake hands once more. Andrade pulls hi back and hugs him. He raises Cedric's hand. The show ends.



That was a great show. Two amazing matches, a few interview to give chances to the up-and-comers of the show. Here are my wins and fails.


- Oney Lorcan vs. Austin Ares: I do not know who they Lorcan is, but he reminds me a lot of Cesaro. Similar look and style, and I thought he did a good job in the ring with a veteran Ares, who as always is great. 
- Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade Almas: That was so awesome! Cedric is a future main eventer in my opinion, and he is a great addition to the NXT roster. 
- Aliyah: Being that she started at The Performance Center, by watching Breaking Ground, she has definitely improved and should be a great member of the women's roster.


- Billie Kay: She does not impress. Her in-ring abilities is not the best in my opinion. Almost lazy. She tries too hard to look good and glamorous, than actually having a good match. Her opponent looked much better than she did. 
- Liv Morgan faces Asuka. Liv is good, but she won maybe 2 or 3 matches and already facing the champion. It does not make sense to me. 
- No fallout from Samoa Joe's threat, I thought they missed the mark by not having him attack someone, even if backstage. 

Well that is all for tonight. Thanks for reading!



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