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WWE Raw Results (9/19) Memphis, Tennessee

WWE Raw Results (9/19) Memphis, Tennessee


- Seth Rollins vs Rusev; Double Count-out

- Braun Strowman def. Sin Cara

- Charlotte and Dana Brooke def. Sasha Banks and Bayley

- Bo Dallas def. Gary Graham

- Cesaro def. Sheamus; Match 6 of 7

- New Day, Enzo and Cass and Sami Zayn def. The Club, The Shining Stars and Chris Jericho

- Brian Kendrick def. Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik

- Roman Reigns def. Kevin Owens




Last Week: Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns

Welcome to Monday Night Raw. This week Raw is live from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee and we kick things off with Roman Reigns coming out to the ring

Reigns takes the mic and goes to speak but is interrupted by Stephanie McMahon who tells Reigns she knows Reigns wants to carve out a path for himself on Raw but she has a show to run and has been talking to Mick Foley

Foley comes out. We get a Foley chant and Foley says he let the show get away from him due to to outside interference so he will take the two perpetrators from last week and put Seth Rollins against Rusev. Reigns asks what that does for him

Foley says in 6 days, Reigns will get a shot at the United States Championship against Rusev. Foley says Reigns' match against Kevin Owens a thing of beauty and asks how fans can boo Roman Reigns yet they still find a way.

Foley says they are in ratings war against Smackdown Live and if things don't go right he's out of a job. Stephanie asks Foley what he's going to do to make things right and he says he's signing Reigns to a rematch against Kevin Owens. That brings Owens out.

Owens asks Foley if he's serious. That decision makes no sense. He beat Foley twice and should be preparing to defend his Universal Championship against Seth Rollins. Stephanie says it will be a non-title match tonight and Foley adds the stipulation that it will be held inside a steel cage

-Commercial 8:14pm-

Backstage: Stephanie questions Foley's decision. Rusev storms in demanding to know why Foley is giving Reigns a shot at his US Championship. Foley says he didn't want interference. Rusev says he doesn't care what Foley wants and says Foley is jealous of the Rusev Family. Foley tells Rusev Reigns has a US Championship match this Sunday and Rusev has a match right now against Seth Rollins


Right hands by Rollins as he backs Rusev in the corner. Rollins unloads on Rusev before the referee steps in. Rusev with kicks to Rollins. Fallaway slam countered by Rollins who delivers a blockbuster. Rollins with a dropkick sending Rusev to the outside

Rollins gets driven spine first into the ring post amd Rusev throws Rollins back into the ring. Axe handle to the lower back. Power slam by Rusev. Rusev off the ropes with a headbutt

Irish whip across the ring and Rollins hits the turnbuckle hard. Rollins fires back with a right hand. Rollins building some steam but Rusev with a slam goes for another headbutt but Rollins moves out of the way.

Irish whip reversed by Rusev and Rollins with a kick. Rollins with a forearm climbs to the top rope but Rusev cuts him off slamming Rollins off the top rope

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Waistlock by Rusev, Rollins gets to his feet delivering an elbow to the head. Right hand by Rollins and Rusev connects with a clothesline. Enziguri from Rollins brings Rusev down to one knee

Rusev gets sent face first into the turnbuckle. Sling blade by Rollins. Running forearms into the corner. Rollins hooks Rusev up for a suplex but Rusev blocks it. Rusev goes for one of his own but Rollins counters and delivers a Falconero

Kick by Rollins blocked by Rusev. Knee to the midsection and kick to the shoulder by Rusev for a nearfall as Lana looks on. The crowd starts a "Let's Go Rollins" chant. Rusev goes for the stomp but Rollins rolls out of the way.

Rollins snaps Rusev's neck off the top rope. Kick catches Rusev and Rollins with a knee to the side of the face. Rollins off the top rope and Rusev rolls to the outside. Suicide dive by Rollins. Back in the ring, Rollins pulls down the rope sending Rusev to the outside and another suicide dive onto Rusev

Rollins and Rusev fight up the ramp as the official counts both men out

The winner of the match: Double Count Out

Post Match: Rusev looks to plant Rollins but Rollins counters and sends Rusev crashing off the stage. Rollins tears up the announce table and connects with a crossbody onto Rusev

Backstage: Charlotte and Dana are disputing the winner of last week's #1 Contenders match for the Women's Championship. Dana suggests Foley cancels the tag match tonight and have Sasha and Bayley fight each other. Foley telsl Charlotte she doesn't give Dana enough credit because she just gave him a good idea. Sunday it will be Charlotte vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks in a triple threat for the Raw Women's Championship. A furious Charlotte then pushes Dana down

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Video: The Cruiserweights


Strowman looked down at Sin Cara once the bell sounded. Strowman punished Sin Cara, who tried to come back with a springboard moonsault, but Strowman caught Cara in mid-air. Strowman followed with a running powerslam for the pin and the win.

The winner of the match: Braun Strowman

Backstage: Sasha and Bayley are talking and arguing over who beat who last week and it's going to be a triple threat match with one of them becoming the new Women's Champion but tonight they're going to show Charlotte and Dana how it's done

-Commercial 8:47pm-


Sasha was wrestling with taped ribs to sell her injured back. Early on, Charlotte accidentally collided with Dana on the ring apron. That’s not going to end well. Bayley then dumped Dana out of the ring as Charlotte held her jaw selling pain. Raw cut to break with Bayley about to lock up with Charlotte.

-Commercial 8:56pm-

Back from break, Charlotte was in control of the match against Bayley. Charlotte continued to wear her down, but then she got over-confident, giving Bayley an opening to make her comeback.

Tag to Sasha and a tag to Dana, who promptly cut off Sasha to try to prove her merit to the champ. Dana and Charlotte then isolated Sasha in their corner, targeting the back injury.

Tag to Bayley, who dropped Charlotte with a spinning elbow from the top rope. She tried the Bayley-to-Belly on Charlotte, but Dana grabbed her foot from behind. Bayley kicked free, then Sasha pounded Dana on the floor. Back in the ring, Bayley turned around to take a kick to the head. Charlotte pinned Bayley for the win.

The winners of the match: Charlotte and Dana Brooke

Post Match: Sasha sold frustration with the situation as Bayley recovered from getting kicked in the face. On the floor, Charlotte and Dana bragged about getting the win.

Backstage: Seth Rollins walked into Stephanie McMahon’s office with a smile on his face. Rollins blames Triple H and tells Stephanie maybe he'll be a Universal Champion she can't control. Stephanie tells him not to threaten her and blames Rollins for the WWE Championship going to Smackdown. She says she had no idea what Triple H was going to do but right now she wishes she had and that maybe Owens has replaced Rollins as the man.

Smackdown announcement: John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose and The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler for the IC Title tomorrow night.

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Dallas quickly goes on the attack unloading on Graham. The crowd starts chanting "Let's Go Jobber". Dallas hooks Graham up and plants him with a reverse DDT for the three count

The winner of the match: Bo Dallas

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Video: The Cruiserweights Arrive Tonight


Sheamus unloads on Cesaro out of the gate. Sheamus with a suplex to Cesaro and a nearfall. Backbreaker to Cesaro. Uppercut by Sheamus and Cesaro firing back with his own. Irish whip by Sheamus. Cesaro with a kick. Irish Curse countered, Neutralizer countered. Cesaro goes for the sharpshooter but Sheamus sends Cesaro crashing to the outside as Raw goes to break

-Commercial 9:30pm-

Sheamus on the top rope looking for White Noise. Cesaro with a kick sends Sheamus crashing to the floor. Cesaro charges at Sheamus with a running uppercut sending him over the barricade. Sheamus misses with a right hand and Cesaro connects with a springboard uppercut.

Cesaro hooks Sheamus up looking for a suplex but Sheamus counters delivering White Noise on the apron. Sheamus calling for a Brogue Kick but Cesaro counters into a nearfall. Sharpshooter countered and Sheamus with the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus with a Celtic Cross into the backbreaker and Sheamus locks The Cloverleaf in as Cesaro inches his way to the ropes. Cesaro rolls through into a small package. Sheamus with a roll up for the three count but using the ropes for leverage only to get caught. Neutralizer blocked. Brogue Kick misses its mark and Cesaro attempts a successful Neutralizer for the three count and the series is all tied up at 3

The winner of the match: Cesaro

Sheamus 3 Cesaro 3

Backstage: Chris Jericho walks in and tells Foley he's doing a terrible job and messing with his best friend Kevin Owens and now Foley is messing with Jericho. Jericho introduces his List Of Jericho

-Commercial 9:43pm-


Chris Jericho is in the ring and says for the last few months Mick Foley has been doing a terrible job of running the show and has a list of grievances he is going to read off from the List Of Jericho

Jericho is then interrupted by Enzo and Big Cass. Enzo says the GPS has an issue to address and says Jericho is not best friends with Kevin Owens because a best friend wouldnt let Jericho walk out wearing a vest and ridiculous looking scarf

The Shining Stars then come out. Saying Enzo and Cass look so angry and stressed and offer them a vacation in the Carribbean. The New Day then come out. Jericho asks why New Day is out here

Big E says they have nothing better to do. Xavier Woods plugs his youtube channel and giving away two iphone 7 and this Sunday they're going to beat Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to remain the WWE World Tag Team Champions

Anderson and Gallows walk out and say last week they beat New Day in the middle of the ring and they're response is plugging their youtube channel, talking about real estate scam and New Day is always talking about their stupid cereal

Jericho says originally this was the List Of Jericho but he's starting a new list. The List Of Idiots. Sami Zayn runs out and throws Jericho into the ring where a brawl breaks out as Raw goes to commercial

-Commercial 9:55pm-


Jericho with a shoulderblock to Kingston. Leapfrog by Kingston and a dropkick to Jericho. Flying crossbody onto Jericho. Sami Zayn with deep armdrags to Epico. Big E in with an abdominal stretch on Epico. Shoulder tackle and Kingston with a splash

Irish whip reversed by Epico. Gallows with a clotheslne to Kingston. Kingston in the wrong corner as Gallows unloads on Kingston. Slam by Anderson follows with a kneedrop. Chinlock on Kingston. Anderson with a spinebuster and Primo in with punches. Cass tags in hitting the fallaway slam and Stinger Splash. Empire Elbow for a 2 count and Enzo sends Epico to the outside. Cass with a big boot. Gallows with a big boot to Cass and Kingston goes airbourne taking everyone out. Zayn unloads on Jericho

DDT by Zayn. Helliuva Kick connects with Primo and Enzo hits the Badaboom Shaka Laka for the three count

The winners of the match: New Day, Enzo and Big Cass and Sami Zayn

Video: Cruiserweights Highlighted

Up Next: The Cruiserweight Division debuts

-Commercial 10:09pm-

Video: Heritage Hispanic Month celebrates the late great Eddie Guerrero

Mick Foley is out and he quotes Mark Twain. It's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog and the Cruiserweights are no different and gives a brief timeline of the CruiserWeight Classic.

32 athletes and 4 are here tonight for the inaugural matches and introdcues the first Cruiserweight Rich Swann out next is Lucha Libre star from Guadalajara, Mexico Gran Metalik

The final two cruiserweights are introduced next. First up, Cedric Alexander and the final cruiserweight Brian Kendrick. Foley says at Clash Of Champions every title will be defended and that includes TJ Perkins' Cruiserweight Championship and it will be against the winner of this next Fatal Four Way match which is coming up next

-Commercial 10:23pm-


Dropkick by Swann to Metalik and Kendrick in with an elbow sends Swann to the outside. Running forearm to Metalik. Running forearm but Alexander blocks it

Chops by Alexander and an irish whip to Kendrick who slides to the outside. Roll up by Alexander on Metalik. Uppercut by Alexander and a chop. Irish whip and Metalik counters connecting with a springboard elbow.

Swann back in with a snapmare. Dragon Sleeper on Alexander and Alexander back to his feet delivers a chop and elbow to the back of the neck. Straight right hand by Swann after a spinning headscissors into a handstand by Alexander. Headscissors sends Swann to the outside

Metalik with a right hand senton by Alexander, senton by Metalik. Metalik looks for a springboard move but Kendrick pulls him off the apron. Swann gets sent into the barricade and ring steps

-Commercial 10:33pm-

Alexander hooks Swann Up, irish whip, Swann with a leapfrog and waistlock on Alexander. Elbow by Alexander and a springboard enziguri for a nearfall. Right hand to Kendrick. Kendrick sends Alexander to the outside. Metalik stops Sliced Bread and Kendrick with a DDT to Metalik.

Running knee to Kendrick by Alexander. Swann with a kick to the face. Swann with a 450 on Alexander. Kendrick with the Captain's Hook but Metalik breaks it up

Kendrick back in with the Captain's Hook locked in on Alexander for the tap out

The winner of the match by submission: Brian Kendrick

Last Week: Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox

-Commercial 10;45pm-


As the bell sounded, Cole endorsed Foley’s hot-shot booking trying to outpace Smackdown in the TV Ratings battle. Owens and Reigns circled each other inside the cage, then Owens bolted for the cage door. Reigns cut him off, though. Owens finally decided to fight and nailed a superkick for a two count. Cole sent Raw to break with Reigns selling and Owens gasping for air.

-Commercial 10:55pm-

Reigns with a series of clotheslines to Owens. Big clothesline to Owens and Reigns gets in position. Owens looking to escape through the door gets pulled back in by Reigns

Samoan Drop to Owens. Series of clotheslines in the corner by Reigns. Reigns with a big boot gets caught by Owens who executes a suplex. Cannonball by Owens. Owens again looking to escape through the door but Reigns stops him

Senton by Owens but Reigns gets the knees up. Reigns looking for the escape through the door gets stopped by Owens. Reigns and Owens trade punches. Reigns with a kick and right hand.

Owens runs into a high elbow. Another exchange of punches. Owens with a superkick. Owens looks for the Pop up Powerbomb but Reigns counters with a Superman Punch. Reigns goes for a spear but runs into Owens who delivers The Pop Up Powerbomb

Owens gets to his feet and scales the cage looking for the escape but Reigns quickly gets to his feet grabs the ankle pulling Owens back in. Headbutt from Owens. Owens bounces Reigns' face off the cage. Reigns with a Superman Punch to the back of the head. Reigns scales the cage and drops to the floor to pick up the victory seconds before Owens crawls through the door to the floor

The winner of the match: Roman Reigns

Post Match: Rusev attacks Reigns but Reigns turns the tables unloading on Rusev before Owens kicks the door into Reigns' head. Rusev throws Reigns back into the ring and locks the door. Owens holds Reigns in place as Rusev unloads with kicks and punches. Rusev with the big stomp on Reigns locking in The Accolades. Seth Rollins runs out and scales the cage. Owens and Rusev meeting him but Rollins fights them off and Rollins perched up on the cage connects with a crossbody onto Rusev and Owens as Raw goes off the air

--END SHOW 11:13pm--





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