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Terry Funk Had Became Exhausted Due To Hectic Weekend

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Sep 19, 2016

Terry Funk Had Became Exhausted Due To Hectic Weekend

Funk was scheduled to be at House of Hardcore, and he did arrive, but he was reportedly too dizzy to actually stay in Dreamer's corner during the main event where Tommy Dreamer took on "Broken" Matt Hardy. 

According to F4W after the show he drove to Philly and did not get to sleep til 4AM that night. He was signing autographs all day long at the convention center and was worn out by the time the show started. 

Funk went to go ask Dreamer if he could just go home and leave early as by that time he was just too exhausted. That was when they did the interview segment early in the show. Funk then caught a flight home finally.

We did also report on the rumor that he wasn't feeling well, which had to do with the exhaustion and the fact he wasn't physically ready to even travel, Funk also says that he didn't want to miss a booking for Dreamer's show. 



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