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WWE NXT Results (14/09)

WWE NXT Results (14/09)

Hey guys and gals,

Welcome once again to my NXT Play-by-play! I am TJ Clair bringing you the live coverage, and end with my final analysis. I hope you enjoy!

WWE NXT Live from Full Sail University

The show begins with the entrance of former NXT Champion, Samoa Joe. Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show and asks what Joe has to say since his new attitude. Cory Graves say Samoa Joe will destroy anything in his path to get what he wants, but showed a different demeanor last week. Joe takes to the mic.

He says he is a man who knows when to admit he is wrong and went too far. He says he was a disgrace as Champion. He says he ran wild and beat up people and even ruin friendship all to become champion, so he admits to be wrong but won't apologize for it. He says as a man, he calls out Shinsuke Nakamura to the ring so he can tell him to his face. The lights go out, as "Rising Sun" blares in the arena, and our NXT Champion makes his way out.

Joe says he called him to tell him to his face. He says everything he said he meant, including that he was an undeserving contender. But he says he is a worthy contender, and a worthy Champion. He says he wants to tell him, not Regal, that he is guaranteed a rematch and he wants it once he is able to. Nakamura pretends to think of a response for a long while, leading on the crowd, before answering that Joe is on. His music hits but suddenly stops as Joe extends his hand to shake. Nakamura shakes and Joe leaves the ring. Nakamura's music hits once more as Nakamura poses for the crowd before leaving the ring. As Nakamura bows down to the crowd, Samoa Joe rushes back and attack him from behind. He brings him ringside and throws the champion into the steel steps and hits the Rock Bottom-like move onto the steps. They replay the move a few times and then we see Medical experts place him onto a stretcher. William Regal makes his way out to check on Nakamura, and Corey Graves follows. The crowd cheer and clap for Nakamura as he is stretchered out and we go to a commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, Tom Phillips and the returning Corey Graves discuss the attack and Corey saves he has never seen pain the face of Nakamura like that before. Going backstage, Regal looks for Joe as he was speeding out of the parking lot with a Seething Regal watching on. We are sent back to the ring for the entrance of Liv Morgan. She faces Rachel Fazio. 

Liv Morgan vs. Rachel Fazio

We start with a tie up, and a few attempted moves reversed, with Morgan catching a pinfall for a 1 count, and twirling her sunset pin position around in a circle. Liv takes rachel down and does a cartwheel and taunts Rachel. This gives Rachel a chance to take control for a short amount of time, but Morgan reverses her and grabs into a front headlock with body scissors, resembling a DDT hold and Rachel taps out.

Your Winner: Liv Morgan

Post-match: Liv Morgan takes to the mic, and she says no offense to rachel but she "tapped The Hell Out". She says the women's division was cleared out so there is no one to face Asuka for the NXT Women's Champion. She says she is here to fight and she wants to face Asuka. She ends by saying she is coming for Asuka. Her music hits as she poses for the crowd before leaving the ring. 

Up Next, we are graced by the precense of Bobby Roode as he faces No Way Jose. We go to a commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

We come back to the entrance of Drew Gulak. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves updates us that Nakamura has been sent to the nearest medical center and he has feeling in all of his extremities. He welcome Hideo Itami to the ring to face Drew.

Hideo Itami vs. Drew Gulak

Before the bell Gulak gets in Hideo's face. he rushes him once the bell rings, but Hideo shows his quickness and gets out of the way. They tie up, and Drew smacks Hideo in the facwe hard. Hideo reciprocates. Running knee to the gut of Gulak. More than once. Hideo kicks Drew hard in the chest. Hideo goes for that fake jumping knee into a small back kick. Gulak got a kick in, Hideo gives him one and Drew hits a nice dropkick and goes into some offense, and a pinfall for a two count. 

Gulak works on the leg of Hideo with a wrenching hold, and then a surfboard. He hits a Back suplex and gets a 2 count. He smacks Hideo multiple times as Hideo stands up and showing intensity. Hideo comes back with some stiff kicks and slaps. He hits his trademark corner dropkick. He finishes with the Go To Sleep, and gets the three count and the win. 

Your Winner: Hideo Itami

Post-match, he posed for the crowd. Up next are the Authors of Pain.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, we get Paul Ellering coming out, followed by the Authors of Pain. I think I heard the announcers call them Takka and Razar, similar characters of the TMNT franchise. They face enhancement talent. 

The Authors of Pain vs. Un-named Enhancement talent

Quick offense from Razar, but one of the Enhancement guys smacked both guys, before he got thrashed. Razar grabs his partner and sends him in the ring. Assisted Strong Powerbomb to thwe guy wearing black. They hit their finisher, a Russian Leg Sweep and Clothesline combo to the guy in white and gets the 3 count. 

Your Winners: The Authors of Pain

After the match, we get a backstage interview with Tye Dillinger. He says he had lots of lows but he is getting highs again, with a few victories, so victory is in the air and he is and always be a perfect 10. Up next is Bobby Roode vs. No Way Jose.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, we are once again explained about Connor's Cure before No Way Jose makes his way out. Next up, is the Glorious One, Bobby Roode. The crowd is chanting his theme as he stands on a pedestal that turns him around for his entrance. Pretty cool entrance.

Bobby Roode vs. No Way Jose

They tie up and Bobby hits a Snapmare and yells "Glorious". The crowd starts singing his theme again. A second tie up, He gets a headlock and a tackle. No Way stops him from continuing and hits a few hiptosses and a body slam. They exchange knife edge chops. Jose sends him out to the floor. He jumsp out and hits an axe handle, before we go to break.

(Commercial Break)

 Back from break, Roode has control, even while Jose gives him a kick, but Roode catches him in a Spinebuster. He takes control of Jose and chokes Jose on the second rope. He hits a nice Stalling Suplex to No Way Jose. He yells "Glorious" again. Jose attempts a comeback and hits a running body press, and gets a two count. Bobby catches him in a back suplex and gets a two count on his own. Another headlock. Bobby tries a second Stalling Suplex, but Jose reverses and starts hitting Bobby. He takes the comeback and hits an Airplane Spin and a TKO. Two count only. He gets that Pitching fist but Bobby reverses him into a neckbreaker. He grabs Jose, yells "Glorious" again, and hits an Impaler DDT and gets the three count.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode


Awesome show this week! We had Nakamura, Roode, Itami, Jose, The Authors of Pain, and a women trying to make a name for herself. 

That opening segment was great but very long. It ran for 21 minutes on an hour show. I thought we would not have great matches, but I was wrong. Hideo Itami versus Drew Gulak was good. I did not know Drew, but I will remember him now. I liked his intensity. Liv is stepping up the right way, but she has a way to go to be anywhere near the level of Asuka. Roode and Jose delivered an awesome match. Jose is still new and learning every week. He is becoming a quick top guy in NXT. Bobby is no surprise a veteran, and shouldn't be on NXT for long. He will be main roster-bound soon enough. 

Here we go for the 3 Wins and Fails of the week: 

Top 3 Wins:
- Liv Morgan. We needed a woman to step up and become a challenger for Asuka. She is still new and a tad green, but she is quickly showing improvement. I have faith she will deliver in time.
- Hideo Itai vs. Drew Gulak. The match was good, and while I did not know Drew, I thought both guys showed great intensity that is sometimes missing from matches and wrestlers.
- Bobby Roode versus No Way Jose. It truly was Glorious! Bobby's entrance is awesome. 

Top 3 Fails:
- The opening segment. It was good but way too long for an one hour show.
- Commercials. This might be a fail each win simply because I don't have three things to complain about on NXT. 
- No Austin Ares. Can't have everyone, but he is too good not to have on the show.

Well guys, thank you for reading, and again, I appreciate all comments. Have a great night!



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