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Checkout @RingOFHonor Episode #260 Results

Posted By: Manny Sehmi on Sep 13, 2016

Checkout @RingOFHonor Episode #260 Results

Match 1 :

Jay Lethal, Michael Elgin, Kyle O'Riley Def  Adam Page, Adam Cole and Takahashi ( Bullet Club ) - The match was originally Naito and Evil teaming with Lethal, however, during the match Naito refused to tag in Lethal which resulted in Lethal tagging in himself to the anger of Naito. This led to Naito pulling his arm away from Lethal when Lethal attempted to make the tag which was followed by an exchange of words between the two which resulted in Naito and Evil walking away to the back. 

After Cole began mocking Lethal due him being unable to tag anybody in, Elgin's music suddenly played, which ended up with Elgin being injected into the match after match maker Nigel Guinness allowed the substitution to be made. Kyle O'Riley eventually comes out after the Takahashi and Page attack Elgin. 

Lethal gets the win after hitting an Lethal Injection on Takahashi. 


Match Announcement for All Star Extravaganza

After the match, Lethal states to Kevin Kelly that ' Its one thing when you've got to watch your back because your enemies are everywhere, but its another thing when your friends stab you in your back ', Lethal goes onto state that Naito has made the biggest mistake of his life. Lethal says him and Naito will settle this sooner rather than later, Nigel Guinness then interrupts and states that Naito will face Lethal at All Star Extravaganza. 


Main Event : 

Bobby Fish Def Shibata to retain the ROH Televeision Title - Fish picks up the victory with a roll up pin after breaking out of a cross arm breaker from Shibatata 




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